… and then the black boy gets rescued by a former marine. My initial impression is that there is more to this story than we’re being told. ABC news reports:

Jones’ instinct to protect kicked into overdrive when he stumbled upon three men bullying 14-year-old Zion Wright on Florida’s Juno Beach.

“Everything kind of escalated very quickly and all of a sudden I was kind of in the middle of a melee,” said Jones. “It was not just a situation i could just walk past.”

Wright’s own father said he tried to help.

“I see that these guys were not backing down, and I literally had to keep them at bay, and then I looked up and here was Mr. Jones,” Wright’s father, Leroy Wright.

Watch the video at the link above. It’s astounding that, apparently, no hate-crime charges are being considered. However, all three men are being charged with felonies. It’s possible that the three perps are just low-life scumbags with nothing better to do than beat up on a random 14-year-old boy. However, it’s also possible that something else was going on here. Something neither the authorities nor the media want us to know. A 14-year-old black boy is typically not like a 14-year-old white or Asian. Blacks mature faster, tend to be larger and more charged with testosterone. At this point, we can only guess what might have prompted such an attack.