Human Stupidity (he sends me a lot of stuff) recently sent me an article that deals with the frequent incompatibility between feminism, which asserts equality between the sexes, and human sexuality, which often favors inequality between the sexes. The Psychology Today article tells us:

Twice as many women as men report trouble getting turned on. Health professionals report that low desire is the most common sexual complaint they hear from women. Though several factors specific to the design of the female brain contribute to this problem, there is one important psychological factor that may be unique to modern democracies. This factor is one of the unmentionables of sexual science, but since our book is filled with unmentionables, we’ll whisper it here:

Gender equality inhibits arousal…

The majority of women have submission fantasies. From classic romance The Flame and The Flower to classic erotica The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty to Twilight BDSM fan fiction, submission themes are immensely popular in cross-cultural female erotica. The fact of the matter is that most heterosexual women are wired to find sexual submission arousing–and so are most female mammals…

Almost every quality of dominant males triggers arousal in the female brain: dominant scents, dominant gaits, deep voices, height, displays of wealth. Romance heroes are almost always high status alpha males—billionaires, barons, surgeons, sheriffs. Avon Books and Ellora’s Cave feature no heroes who are kindergarten teachers, accountants, or plumbers. Even though there’s been a trend away from the conspicuously rapey bodice-rippers of the seventies and eighties, women still want strong, dominant men.

“I think this is one of the problems we’re having in romance in general right now: our heroes have gotten a little too PC. We’re portraying men the way feminist ideals say they should be—respectful and consensus-building,” muses erotic romance (EroRom) author Angela Knight. “Yet women like bad boys. I suspect that’s because our inner cavewoman knows Doormat Man would become Sabertooth Tiger Lunch in short order. In fact, this may be one reason why EroRom is gaining popularity so fast–writers feel free to write dominant heroes with more of an edge.”

How many times have we wondered why liberals, who claim to support women’s rights, are so fond of Muslims and Africans? Both groups are well-known for their rape-cultures. For example, here and here. The facts are out there, and they’re not difficult to find – and yet a vast majority of the liberal establishment supports massive immigration from Muslim and African lands. No matter how many times we remind them that such immigration is bad for women’s rights (and gay rights), they pay no heed, their only response being yet more shrill cries of “racist!”

I believe that both liberal men and women are submissive. On a subconscious level, they actually WANT those rapes to occur. Just as so many women prefer a “bad-boy” over one who will treat them as ladies, so too do liberals prefer the bad-boy cultures of Islam and Africa. This is their way of living out their submissive fantasies – except that they don’t usually want the rapes to happen to them, or to their own daughters. Instead, they want them to happen to other people’s daughters. In this way, they can live out their fantasies in relative safety.

If we want to sway public opinion, and drive home the dangers of mass immigration from African and Muslim lands, we must learn to appeal to the emotional, subconscious, side of our audience. Reasoned arguments will have little effect, any more so than reasoned arguments will prevent a woman from preferring a bad-boy over a gentleman.  What they say and what they really want are two entirely different things. Like the old adage goes, “when she says ‘no’, she means ‘yes.'” When liberals say “No” to rape, what they really mean is “Yes.” We need to treat liberals as women, even the ones who are biologically men. Women respect assertiveness and force. In recent history, pro-white groups have displayed little of each. While the suit-and-tie pro-white activists may appeal to some, I don’t think their effect will be a large one. There’s something to be said of tattoos and belligerence – or better yet, act as the Muslims: Good cop, bad cop.