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Social Bias Within The Academic and Political Establishment

Why do we refuse to recognize the obvious and how do popularity and gender fit into this? Robert Jinman does a great job tying it all together. Highly recommended:  Social Bias Within The Academic and Political Establishment

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Afros and transport, today and yesterday

Today and tomorrow I’ll be reblogging a couple of recent articles that impressed me. Tonight’s reblog is from “Those Who Can See”. She never disappoints and her research is top-notch. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this post as much as I … Continue reading

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Happy “Thanksgivukkah”

For the first time in history, and likely the last, the first day of Hannukah falls on Thanksgiving. According to Livescience: By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer It’s a once in more than 70,000-year event: The first day of Hanukkah this … Continue reading

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Progressive Professor Urges White Male Students to Commit Suicide During Class

Progressive Professor Urges White Male Students to Commit Suicide During Class.

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The far-reaching effects of climate-change

A recent Examiner article describes the urgency of global action regarding climate change: On the eve of international climate negotiations in Warsaw, Poland, Typhoon Haiyan became the second extreme weather event to devastate the Philippines in 12 months. Filipino delegate … Continue reading

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A couple more MAX racial indoctrination examples

A while ago I published an example of racial indoctrination from the Portland MAX. I wanted to follow up with a couple more examples. All told, there were only a few signs posted in the train, and the ONLY people … Continue reading

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“White Supremacist Exposed as Part African on Talk Show”

Some of y’all may remember a story, published in American Renaissance last month, about a small group of people trying to establish an all-white town in North Dakota. Black supremacists can take over Jackson, Mississippi and the corporate-owned media is … Continue reading

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Was he his own worst enema?

Most of y’all have probably already read about the recent horrific case in New Mexico. To summarize: The incident began on Jan. 2 as David Eckert was leaving the local Walmart in Deming, N.M. He reportedly failed to make a … Continue reading

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The insidious advance of “hate-speech” laws in the U.S.

Two recent incidents illustrate how the enemies of liberty on the left work to deny us our freedom of speech. In the first incident, a woman was fired from her (presumably private sector) job due to leftist/black activism against an … Continue reading

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What would be the reaction in France?

I found this on alarabiya: Ad depicting U.S. soldier and Muslim wife met with mixed reactions Paul Crompton, Al Arabiya An advertisement picturing a U.S. solider and a fully-veiled Muslim woman in an embrace has provoked mixed reactions on the … Continue reading

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