I found this on alarabiya:

Ad depicting U.S. soldier and Muslim wife met with mixed reactions

soldier with muslim

Paul Crompton, Al Arabiya

An advertisement picturing a U.S. solider and a fully-veiled Muslim woman in an embrace has provoked mixed reactions on the internet.

The billboard promotes sleeping aid brand SnoreStop and aims to show how its medication can benefit couples by enabling them to have a tranquil, snore-free night’s sleep.

Muslims concerned that the ad promotes the message of a couple sleeping together outside of wedlock need not be worried – the ad shows the woman wearing a wedding ring…

Social media users responding to the ad’s twitter hashtag #betogether had mixed feelings about the billboard, with many praising its message of equality and diversity while retaining its shock value.

“What an amazing ad. I wish more companies represented couples like this,” wrote twitter user Hooverr1.

Another twitter user, @Shahkaal said that it was “great to see diversity in Ads” while @KarimiScreamy wrote that the ad was a “good sign of tolerance.”

However, some individuals felt that the ad was “bigot-baiting” and “ignorant.”

Facebook user Debbie Herrera wrote that she liked the ad’s “diversity but… I also think this is in poor taste… I would think this would be offensive to Muslim’s [sic].”

Twitter user @uncolonisedmind wrote that the ad’s usage of a niqabi (a women who wears a face-covering veil) was “ignorant and stereotypical.”

Muslims do not form a major power bloc in the Los Angeles area. At least they’re not powerful enough to demand that infidels stay away from their women, while they act with impunity toward non-Muslim women. But this is not the case in much of Western Europe. It seems to me that such a billboard, if erected in a place like France, for example, would elicit immediate negative reactions. It would be taken down within days.

Various reasons for the outrage would be given – but few would come out and state the real reason: Underdogs contribute the females, while overlords contribute the males. European Muslims feel entitled to native women because they are allowed to be the overlords while the native population is subjugated. A billboard such as this implies the opposite. As such, it would be considered offensive. In fact, it would probably even be illegal.