Some of y’all may remember a story, published in American Renaissance last month, about a small group of people trying to establish an all-white town in North Dakota. Black supremacists can take over Jackson, Mississippi and the corporate-owned media is silent about it, but when a handful of whites want to stake out a place of their own, all hell breaks lose.

The leader of that white group, Paul Craig Cobb, was recently interviewed on the Trisha show. This is what Opposing Views had to say about it:

Craig Cobb may be planning to open an all-Caucasian village in North Dakota, but after a DNA test on a talk show exposed him as part black, he may be excluded from his own property.

Cobb was a guest on the “Trisha Show,” and had agreed to submit a DNA test. Host Trisha Goddard, who is African-American, announced the results onstage.

According to the test, Cobb is 14 percent sub-Saharan African. However, he dismissed the results as just “statistical noise.”

Watch the video there. Both the host, and her leftist audience, got some jollies from Cobb’s DNA results. Cobb could have handled it much better. He could have clapped his hands with joy, accepted Trish’s “high five” and announced that now he can get into a college of his choice with a full scholarship, enjoy preferential treatment in the job market, qualify for government set-asides and even have his choice of hot mudsharks to date (should he be so inclined). That would have been my reaction.

But back to the black supremacist mayor of Jackson, Mississippi. This is what he looks like:


He sure doesn’t look 100% African to me. As a matter of fact, I’d say he’s at least 50% European. When will we be treated to an interview with him – exposing his non-African heritage?

Incidentally, I recently got my own results back. Apparently I have no negro blood in me. I’ll be honest; I was a bit disappointed. Ashkenazic Jews are supposed to have from 3-5% African blood. I was looking forward to proving this, then running with it. Alas, I’m 93% “European Jew” (whatever that means), 4% Eastern European and a tiny bit British and Italian. No African. I feel cheated!