A while ago I published an example of racial indoctrination from the Portland MAX. I wanted to follow up with a couple more examples. All told, there were only a few signs posted in the train, and the ONLY people depicted in positions of authority, or wearing suits and ties, were black. Here they are:


The creators of the second one made their intentions quite obvious. Their choice of white people, standing next to the black man, is telling. Directly to his right, as if bowing to his superior status and sexual prowess, is the pretty white female. To his left is the low-status white man, wearing shorts and a tank-top and standing by his bicycle.  He rides the MAX because it’s his only option. The black man, dressed in business attire, does so out of a sense of social responsibility and concern for the environment; he can clearly afford a car. Seated near this poster was an actual black man – looking mean and with most of his boxers showing.