Pompeii: The sequel

Two posts ago I advised my readers to refrain from feeding the propaganda machine by avoiding the movie Pompeii. I made some predictions regarding the black character that appears in the official trailer.

Naturally I was curious to see how accurate my predictions were – but being a man of the highest moral fiber, and of impeccable ethics, I would never stoop to the hypocrisy required to watch the movie myself. Instead, I had one of my slaves watch it.

He informed me that my predictions, regarding the black character, were almost 100% spot on. He was a sympathetic character, he did play a secondary role, he did aid the main (white) characters and he did die a martyr. It’s pretty pathetic when an outsider to the movie industry, such as myself, can so accurately foretell such things. It shows how predictable today’s mainstream movie industry is. It shows how its creativity is compromised by its need to follow predetermined scripts.

My slave also informed me that, as far as he could tell, the movie did not present Jews as a visible minority within Pompeii. If Pompeii was, indeed, home to a minority composed of “people of color,” that minority was likely to have been Jews. The Jewish Virtual Library lists several hints of a Jewish presence in Pompeii. In contrast, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of blacks (at least of the Congoid variety) in Pompeii.

From a historic perspective, it would have made more sense for the producers of Pompeii to depict Jews as their chosen “people of color” rather than a black. As a Jew, I’m insulted that they ignored my own people (who were likely a real minority in Pompeii) in favor of a black African.

Jews should boycott this movie.


About jewamongyou

I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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45 Responses to Pompeii: The sequel

  1. I am writing a series of posts about Thilo Sarrazin.

    Politicians and press disqualify him, while his books make it to the #1 on bestseller lists. Jews attack him slightly, for singling out Jews as POSITIVE but different! HBD people ought to strive to get his books translated.

    His new book is about PC terror: I don’t need to disprove your data, if I can call you racist (or sexist)

    • SFG says:

      I’m so sick of Jewish liberalism. I know every general fights the last war, but it’s really stupid to attack philo-Semites instead of forming alliances. What can I do? I’d offer my condolences to Sarrazin, but I doubt he’s got a public email at this point and I don’t speak German.

      • Zimriel says:

        Sarrazin might be able to handle French. The name clusters around the Alps and southern France; apparently some invading Moors got stranded there and converted to Catholicism.

    • celebratehomogeneity says:

      Human2: with respect, your website would be FAR easier to read if you used black print rather than grey. Thanks very much.

  2. some guy says:

    From a historical perspective, the accurate depiction of an oppressed minority in Popmeii would be …


    Because they were there; they were a minority; and they were persecuted.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, no doubt. But were they a VISIBLE minority? Probably not so much. Hence, it would have been difficult to depict them in the movie without detracting from the plot.

      • M. L. says:

        Jews wouldn’t have been a visible minority either, unless by way of distinctive clothing. Jews are hardly “people of color” and at that point in time, prior to subsequent mixing heavily with central Europeans, would have been virtually indistinguishable from Italians. Even today if you’ve ever been to NYC, where there are large numbers of Jews and Italians, the two groups are often indistinguishable and when they are it’s usually because Jews are generally paler than Italians.

    • Zimriel says:

      Also keep in mind that in the earliest days of Christianity, which are the days dealt with here, most Christians were Jewish.

      The Gospel of Matthew (written about that time, the 70s-80s) simply doesn’t make sense unless you read it as one Jewish sect claiming that it’s the real Israel against all the other Jewish sects. Gentiles barely even feature in the book, except as outsiders.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Yes. Good point.

      • Aaron says:

        Not only that, Jews were actually one of the largest minorities in Rome, making up to 10% of the total population at that time. Jewish religion mixed with Roman and Greek philosophy ended up creating Christianity. Christianity is can actually be viewed as a divergent sect of Judaism.

  3. some guy says:

    Missed this, sorry.

    You say Jews were “hinted at” in the Jewish Virtual Library.

    In contrast, crosses and icons were actual found at Pompeii, the majority of them hidden. So there is actual, physical evidence, on the site, of Christian presence in Pompeii.

  4. Aaron says:

    Slave? That’s a joke, right?

    I have Asperger’s so I tend to take everything literally.

    Re. Jews in Pompeii–why not? There were Jews all over Roman cities. This is well documented. Why do you think an offshoot of Judaism (Christianity) merged with Greek and Roman philosophy and then became ‘Roman’ Catholicism? Jews were very influential culturally at that time and still are.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes Aaron, it’s a joke :)

    • Paulie Boy says:

      Many historians argue that within the first generation after the Crucifixion most adherents were Gentiles. Christianity is most heavily influenced by neo-Platonic thought. I heard a Jewish anthropologist and rabbi make the argument that the reason there never had and never will be large numbers of Jewish concerts is because the idea of Yahweh sacrificing Himself for mankind is incomprehensible to Jews.

  5. icareviews says:

    Is your movie-viewing slave a black or some other breed of goy cattle?

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s hard to get a black slave these days; most of them are already owned by the liberal plantation. This one’s a run-of-the-mill goy. I wouldn’t call him “cattle.” Calling him a “slave” was just in jest.

    • SFG says:

      Those are mostly silly anti-Semites; read any Jewish publication and they’re constantly agonizing over the 50% intermarriage rate.

    • oogenhand says:

      Why Jewish men can’t get laid….
      You should direct your sexual strength. Just like gentile whites should not waste their seed in East-Asians, Jewish men are well advised to direct their virile energies to darker ladies, and cockblock that rap star right back.

      Compared to the Goldsmith-Rothschild couple, I look like belonging to the Arbushim.

      • SFG says:

        Actually, the outbreeding tends to happen with high-IQ whites and other high-IQ groups like East Asians and upper-caste South Asians at prestigious colleges.

        We may, ironically, be creating a new master race over there, if you call test-taking ability the mark of a master race…

      • BX says:

        It’s true there is some small level of high IQ interracial breeding going on in Britain. But the south Asians (Indians) do not tend to interbreed much, as their parents, very quick to cry ‘racist’ every time someone does anything less than bend over backwards for them, are most certainly racist enough themselves, to give their daughters a hard time at best, and disassociate them from the family at worst, should they dare shack up with an ‘English person’. East Asians are another matter and more likely to interbreed with English people (god forbid, since they did get up and choose to move to England). But it’s pretty low-level breeding when compared to the Afro-caribbean and African immigrant hoards, not to mention white trash scum, doing most of the breeding – usually with no idea who the father is!

      • Aaron says:

        I read this article, and I think the idea of White men mixing is not going to work. Sperm is cheap, however, most White families need a male breadwinner to support the family. This idea essentially promotes the Negro family ideal: the man runs around pollinating different women, supporting none of them. This won’t work.

        If a White man becomes an anonymous sperm donor to lighten the other races, I can see the argument in that (I still find it repulsive).

        But if a White man actually marries a non-White he should be deported to her non-White region of origin.

        Likewise, I would never allow my sisters to be with a former race-mixing White man. He is just too much of a potential problem.

        I think one idea could be to have Whites save their gametes (freeze some of their sperm and eggs) generate embryos and create the smartest, most attractive offspring with these embryos. Within a few generations this could revamp the White race. After all, what is the point of scientific achievement if we don’t use it for the biggest problem facing us today?

    • BX says:

      What a sad, pathetic jewess. Shame she didn’t meet Amy Winehouse before she drugged herself to death. Why can this high IQ’d race be so debased at times?

      • Aaron says:

        They don’t all have high IQs, that is only the Ashkenazim, and the tests were only done on a subset of this group.

        And who cares about Jewish IQ? Jews (such as Ashkenazim and Sephardim) are genetically White–the mitochondrial DNA of the Ashkenazim (“Germans” in Hebrew) is from….Western Europe (!). This is because Jewish men married European women (see genetic analysis in Nature: http://bit.ly/1f9X1xR).

        But I digress…what counts is that they are White, a high IQ is just a bonus. And on that note, since they are White, they should not be mixing with non-Whites.

        Anyway, you may as well ask why would high-IQ Germany or Great Britain allow tons of poor, ill-behaved and unfriendly immigrants invade their country?

        The bottom line is that if you allow mingling of huge numbers of non-Whites, even rich, upper class Whites will fall into the race-mixing trap.

  6. oogenhand says:

    Aaron, would you consider upper-class Gulf-Arabs to be White? They likely have considerable European maternal ancestry as well.

    And Chechens of course:


    As Judaism is officially matrilinear, and many men do not bother to convert their non-Jewish wives, the injunctions against JM/GF among Whites can be relaxed. As an extreme case, my surname, “Winkel”, might be Ashkenazic, however, the father of my father (paternal grandfather) claimed to be victimized by fraudulent Jews. If true, did they “takfeer” on my paternal line?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I saw that thread on dailystormer oogenhand – and how they treat you like dirt. Why do you even post there? Some of them seem like a bunch of schoolyard bullies. It seems to me that if you’re trying to sway people to your views, the best way to do it is to act civilized – at least online.

    • Aaron says:

      The first picture: Yes. However he needs to not wear that hideous bag on his head. He is a “fallen White.”

      The second picture: Yes. And don’t judge everyone from that region. I am guessing from your handle you are Dutch. Did you know that the neighbors of the Chechens (Georgians) are offering land to Afrikaners that are being displaced by the Congoids in South Africa?


      What has Holland offered to displaced Afrikaners?

      It could be because Saakashvili (current Georgian PM) is married to a beautiful Dutch woman:


      Saakashvili is much more White than the Arabs, Asians and Congoids that degenerate Euro women seem to like. I see much more race realism and racial pride from Slavs, Southern Euros and dare I say White Israelis than many Northern Euros.

      The third picture: NO NO NO. He is obviously an early Arab (African and Asian genetics). You can also tell by the low level of intellect–he can only think of crime.

      It can get so utterly complicated because the Middle East is so race-mixed. However, I have studied Middle Eastern history and genetics extensively, and based on these analyses I actually would consider many Middle Eastern people, people from Central Asia and some of the people from North Africa to be White.

      I think some of their cultures are disgusting (e.g. Islam or more properly “Shitslam”), but that does not mean that some of these people are genetically not White. Based on historical and genetic evidence, I believe many of these Whites to be the victims of non-White tyranny, genocide, and massive miscegenation. As if that is not enough, the Arabs of this region enslaved millions of Whites:


      [As a note of clarification, the Arabs of yesterday were a mix of Asian and African genetics. I obviously do not consider these Arabs from centuries ago to be White. The Arabs of today, however, might have some White genetics or even be White because “Arab” is now a panethnic term for people in a region. E.g. today Arab includes Saudi sex slaves trafficked from Holland, or the descendants of English galley slaves.]

      I also think White should include Jews of European ancestry. I think White should include Afrikaners, and people of European ancestry who live in the Americas. I don’t buy the “one drop rule.” My definition is more inclusive (and in my opinion more scientifically and historically robust) than the typical Stormfront definition of White.

      Anyway Oogenhand, I am surprised you’re an Aspie. Most of use are a bit calmer than you seem to be.

      How is race consciousness in Holland these days? Still dismal?

      • oogenhand says:

        I am not just an Aspie, I also suffer from ADHD. A deadly combo, it has to be said.

        As you know, I do not look Northern Euro, so I completely agree with you on Islam and the race of Chechens and many Arabs.

        If we both want to keep Muslim men away from our women, genetics is not enough. We have to use, ironically, the Cultural Marxist idea of privilege.

        Men with certain looks are assumed automatically to be Muslims by mosques etc, and can enter mosques regardless of clothing. I call this beardless mosque privilege, Muslim privilege, or swarty privilege.


        “It is exactly the “almost-white” groups like Chechens, Albanians, Ashkenazics and Khalijeen(Gulf Arabs) that are most eager to acquire white women, while vigorously keeping their “almost-white” women away from white men …

        … It is exactly these groups that should be targeted by my strategy, not the Alek Wek type Nilotics and such. It is exactly the “almost-whites” who started out fully non-white, but whitened themselves by using the patrilinear strategy.”


        To neutralize their double standard, which specifically creates Male-Muslim privilege (intersectionality of Male and Muslim privilege), it is precisely these white Muslim cultures, that should be targeted with a tit-for-tat.

        E.g. Ashkenazic men should be allowed to have intercourse with Chechen women, but not the other way around. Children of e.g. Vyatcheslav Moshe Kantor and Makka Sagaipova are simply white Jews.

        The only site in the Netherlands with a strong race consciousness is the extremely anti-semitic http://www.anderekijk.info.(Warning: SHOCKING!!!)

      • Aaron says:

        This is a reply to your newest reply. Sorry the comments don’t really set up in a simple manner.

        Is that really the only racially aware website in Holland? I am disgusted. One site?

        I mean, the Dutch people are being brutalized and annihilated in their own land and one freaking site? Any Dutch people want to immigrate to the US? We need more Whites.

        Anyway, be sure to check out the following:

        jewamongyou (of course)
        amren: sort of pro-White. I still think that they need to strengthen their message, but it is an entertaining blog.
        stormfront: for entertainment, sometimes there is good foreign news from posters. there is unfortunately some anti-Semitism and anti-Middle Eastern sentiment on this site. E.g. some think ME people are White, some do not, etc.

        Try to get at least a couple of other Dutch people to read these sites. Then maybe they will get others to read them, etc.

        As far as you not looking N. European–if that is your picture, you look British. Like a pissed-off British person. Try to smile more.

        Feminists and their love affair with Islam: I don’t actually think they do have a love affair with Islam. And I don’t think women like violent men (except for the nutty/slutty women). I think there are weak-minded women who are young and silly and ascribe to various stupid political ideals without really understanding them. They usually grow out of it by their 40s when they actually have to earn a living and raise kids.

        Whitening the people: Regarding your “strategy”: Are there many Dutch women who like those ugly brown men? Brown men are very aggressive, like the blacks. I know many women who are “liberal” on the outside, but absolutely none have even dated a brown man (let alone an Asian or black). I would be surprised if beautiful Dutch women would lower themselves to such a thing.

        Marxist Privilege Parlance: I see another angle on this. I say a bunch of Dutch people (real Dutch people, as in White) go to mosques and whine very loudly about brown privilege. Whine about how you aren’t let into the mosque. Whine about how hurt you are that you can’t go to their areas, and about how your feelings are soooooo hurt by the brown privilege. Whine loudly and proudly. Hold demonstrations. That would be hilarious.

        Aspie + ADD: I have the same thing and I control it with coconut oil and training my brain on really difficult math problems. It is the only thing that calms me. ADD can be comorbid with a number of issues, including insulin resistance. Coconut oil gets MCTs (ketones) into the brain, giving the brain ample fuel, resulting in clear thinking.

        “E.g. Ashkenazic men should be allowed to have intercourse with Chechen women”: If you mean donate sperm, fine. If you mean marry, then that is a problem. Ashkenazi men should marry Ashkenazi women and have like 5 kids.

        As far as whitening the world, it could be a combo of the following:

        (1) free birth control, abortion, vasectomies and tubal ligations for the non-Whites;
        (2) securing and safe storage of gametes of high-IQ Whites;
        (3) incentivize producing offspring with these gametes (via fertility treatments and distribution to less White groups).
        (4) Huge incentives and subsidies for White families (in the form of good education, healthcare, and small business loans–not welfare).

        The trajectory of the non-White births needs to plummet, while the trajectory of the White births needs to increase.

        In addition:
        (1) For Whites, smoking, drinking to excess, and drug use should be absolutely discouraged (no more pot cafes, huge cigarette and alcohol taxes).
        (2) Lives of older White people should be extended so that they can serve as a support system for White children and young adults.

        Get some demographic tables and play around with growth rates over time. This will give you an idea of things to think about.

      • M. L. says:

        A lot of the people on this site seem to imagine there is an International Race Line where Europe meets Asia; there isn’t. They certainly have a very poor grasp of the history and genetics of Arabs and other Middle Eastern peoples.

        The indigenous population of the Middle East and North Africa is Caucasian and where there has not been significant admixture they tend to look very similar to Southern Europeans. They don’t need to be decended in part from Europeans to be white.

        Moreover, most of the black African admixture in Arabs is a consequence of their involvement in the slave trade (which they were involved in long before and long after the nations of Europe), so the “Arabs of yesteryear” would actually have been whiter since they’d not yet had signifcant interaction with black Africans.

        Even where there has been significant admixture Middle Easterners rarely look like black; they tend more to look like swarthy Caucasians.

  7. BX says:

    Regarding Jews having non-Jewish local mitochondrial DNA, yes it’s a fact that wherever Jews are in the world, they have the male Y chromosome but not the women’s mitochondrial DNA. Meaning that the local (Gentile) women are, originally, the fore-mothers of Jews everywhere. Doesn’t this go against the “traditional” definition of a Jew? But of course, when dealing with religion we should not expect reason or logic.

    This is why Ashkenazi Jews look whiter than Iraqi or Yemeni Jews. Because they *are* whiter. At least half white. Also, yes it’s the Ashkenazi (gotta love the 3rd and 4th syllables of this term) Jews that have the high IQ’s, but the two women I was talking about are both Ashkenazi Jews (as far as I know) hence the high IQ comment referred to them in that context.

    To digress, it’s really strange (in my experiences) when talking to non-Ashkenazi Jews, just how plain and ordinary their IQ’s and mindset really are.

  8. oogenhand says:


    If Israelis make sure I get access to Palestinian women, I won’t interfere with Jewish men chasing non-Jewish women.

    • Aaron says:

      To me it depends on race. I don’t care too much if White men merely donate sperm to non-White women. I care about White men marrying non-White women and creating commitments with them.

      If you are a mere sperm donor to Palestinian women, fine. If you marry one of the ugly b**ches, then it is a problem because then you cannot marry a White woman and help raise White children.

      Do you see the distinction?

      Perhaps White men should fill up sperm banks and ensure that their gametes are distributed to the 3rd world. This would lighten them up.

      I also think that there should be funding for all White women (esp. those with high IQs) to freeze their eggs. This way the superior White women can ensure that they reproduce.

      Likewise, full birth control and abortion should be available to third worlders free-of-charge starting from early ages without parental consent. Free vasectomies for Muzzie men, free tubal ligations for Muzzie women. Free tickets back to their home country (one way).

  9. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Many comments, good discussion.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks! BTW, when I wrote (above) that “you” should be civilized when trying to debate people online, I wasn’t referring to you personally. As a matter of fact, I was referring to others on that board. The ones who were calling you names.

  10. oogenhand says:

    “Get some demographic tables and play around with growth rates over time. This will give you an idea of things to think about.”

    That is why I have given up on local activism in the Netherlands. Islam can only be defeated on a wglobal scale, by spreading a new religion.

    As regards marrying enemy women, that is actually part of the strategy. In your e-book, you mentioned Barniki. It is exactly that strategy that Muslims use against us.

    • Aaron says:

      Meh. There is a shortage of White men, and they should not be spent on brown women. If there were billions of White men, then Brown-White marriages would be fine. But there aren’t. I’d prefer White men just donate sperm, then focus their energies on supporting their White family. To retain power Whites must have large enough numbers and have money and power. This is not easily achieved with single-parent families.

      One other thing–the Israelis have a great program where they try to educate their women about the dangers of Arab men. Perhaps Holland should copy this model. I think Jewamongyou is from Israel so he might know about it.

      In your opinion, why are Western countries allowing so much immigration? It really defies logic. Is it a real invasion? Did the West lose a silent war? I am baffled by the whole thing.

      • oogenhand says:

        You know the Eurabia hypothesis. And there are people like Barbara Spectre and George Soros who play off Leftist Jews against Rightist Jews, while aiming for a limited Zionism (Labor Zionism as opposed to Revisionist Zionism), combined with a ruthless globalism against all non-Muslim cultures. Think of the homosexualist intervention in Uganda.

        I think educating women won’t be really succesful. Hypergamy combined with accusations of “racism” and “islamophobia” will make many women forget what you tell them, and people like Eric Krebbers and Gerrit de Wit (real name: Arjan Pont) will make sure these structures stay in place.

        I think the memeplex of Islam should be deconstructed by persistent warnings of eternal damnation.

  11. Aaron says:

    “I think the memeplex of Islam should be deconstructed by persistent warnings of eternal damnation.”

    An example of this would be?

    • oogenhand says:

      I could say,check my site. But the most obvious is the self-destruction in Syria. Rub in this fact, combined with warnings of hell and damnation in the Afterlife.

  12. jewamongyou says:

    Re: M.L.,

    Ancient Jews described themselves as “not black and not white.” I do agree with you that there was no clear line between southern Europe and the Middle East. However, if you took a hundred ancient Jews, and a hundred ancient Romans, most people would be able to distinguish between the two groups even if they were dressed identically. I can’t prove this, but it would make sense that southern regions would contain more swarthy people. Not all dark skin, in the Middle East, has its origins in negro admixture.

    • M. L. says:

      “Not all dark skin, in the Middle East, has its origins in negro admixture.”

      I never said dark skin in the Middle East has its origins in negro admixture. Caucasians are paler in the northern latitudes and darker in the southern latitudes regardless of admixture.

    • M. L. says:

      “However, if you took a hundred ancient Jews, and a hundred ancient Romans, most people would be able to distinguish between the two groups even if they were dressed identically.”

      Nonsense. Even today you’d be hard pressed to distinguish between a person from the Levant and a person from Italy, if neither had non-Mediterranean admixture. Just look at Syria’s Badhar Assad (who has blue eyes and looks more Nordic than Robert DeNiro, who is mostly Irish!).

      Without admixture, North Africans and Middle Easterners are just an extension of Europe. They’re swarthy whites, not “people of color”.

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