A black race-realist finds his way

Robert Lindsay thought there might be some mutual benefit to be had if I corresponded with a certain acquaintance of his. He’s a race-realist who happens to be black. I’ve always said that the Truth is in the public domain. No race, or ethnicity, holds a monopoly on race-realism. Obviously, a black American must overcome more barriers than would an Asian or white American. So any black American who does so has my encouragement – even more so than usual. He also has my respect if he uses this knowledge to make a positive impact on the world – even more so than usual. This is what “overcoming” should really be about.

So now I present to you Phil’s introductory post. I did help with the editing.

Hello, my name is Phil. I’m a friend of Blogger Robert Lindsay and I study Sub-Saharan African History and Anthropology.

Originally, I’d pretty much belong in the crowd of African-Americans who, while not hating themselves, acknowledge Black traits that hold us back. This knowledge and understanding I owe much to my father.

My father, a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, once told us about magazines at the fraternity that asked, “Why are ‘we’ so behind?” They pointed to internal issues in the Black population. He explained to me, even as he lived a somewhat thuggish life, that “they start taking your beer, your dope, and you realize that they want people to just GIVE them something.” Another lesson he taught me was that you couldn’t help those who won’t help themselves. He told me that you need to focus on people who have the potential to help themselves, whether they’re Black or White. Still, he told me I can acknowledge those who don’t fit that description, and animosity isn’t necessary.

However, one lesson that he taught me, which is my sole mission, is that my brother and I should bring one “with us.” He said we didn’t need to stop at one, but one was the mission. The working idea is that if enough progressive Blacks do this, we could have a huge effect, bearing in mind the previous lessons regarding people’s character.

Later, around the beginning of this year, I actually did research and learned about racial differences, such as IQ and Testosterone. To be honest, the fact that we were different didn’t shock me; it was what Blacks were doing that had hurt me because I had a subconscious habit of comparing myself with other blacks who were deviants.

However after a period of denial, I learned that there is no point in denying it by citing claims about Sub-Saharan Africa, or by “debunking” HBD. What helped though was understanding averages and accepting that while I do have impulses like many Blacks, I’m not like the many of the others, who are criminals. Especially since the ability to control one’s impulses correlates with higher intelligence.

Regarding my politics on race, I want to eliminate Affirmative Action. At least have a system that isn’t biased against whites. Additionally, we must do away with biased reporting, screen all immigrants, and acknowledge racial differences.

I often find criticism of Blacks to be accurate, despite the disparaging attitude that many, but not all, have. I came to the conclusion that I should separate the message from the messenger, because the facts they bring up are clouded by emotion. While this is understandable and natural, it doesn’t lend itself to efficient communication.

The biggest flaw that I find with them however, is the tendency to personify the problem on the level of a religious principle rather than a scientific one. I understand the act of presenting a common trend as an immutable law of nature, but it compromises any objective attempts to find root causes.

For example, I had a friend who is a passionate critic of pathological groups, especially blacks, but he honestly feels that many have potential, and understands that there are good Blacks and Bad whites.

When we first started talking, he thought that the distinction between savages and the civilized could be IQ. He asked me if I had any other metrics to distinguish between the two. I actually did, which was that it should be by behavior rather than simply IQ.

I’ve seen Blacks who were clearly of a different IQ than surrounding whites, but they weren’t all necessarily thugs. It could be that some are maybe closer to 90 than others, but it still suggests that an IQ that is equal to that of Whites isn’t necessary to be functional amongst whites. Rather, a lower IQ is a risk factor for falling behind economically.

A deeper line of investigation would be to examine the Baltimore riots, and how Jamal Bryant’s group managed to stay organized during the chaos, and tried to cool down “hot spots.” That led me to the conclusion that churches could work as a decent filter towards favorable Black traits.

One could utilize this by inspiring a culture of separation, speaking “their language” as a man of the people to uplift black people by steering them away from crime, at least those who can be receptive of the message. I explained this to my friend, that while Black crime would still be an issue, the public doesn’t have to worry about the Black community defending Black criminals on a massive scale. This way, the police could do their job. He thought it was a good idea. I’ve also read about more primitive societies having forms of self-help through community efforts.  I believe that those affiliated with churches could become a valuable tool to solve problems in the Black community. In Africa, while backward in may ways, certain populations were capable of disassociating with criminals and upholding justice. While problematic, US Blacks are among the cream of the crop, so if less advanced Blacks could do so, why not more advanced Blacks?

I have studied Sub-Saharan documentation and cultures, and I found a lot of trends that correlate with New World ones as well. These similarities could be key to form solutions. Polygamy was a common practice amongst African cultures, and it was known that the father wasn’t around very often. So the mother did most of the work while extended family helped only with the children. Focusing on mothers who ARE working, and stricter laws toward child-support on the father’s end, could be a start to finding a solution to the single mothers issue for US Blacks.

I have a few more thoughts that I have towards education and poverty but I’ll just leave it at that for now – until anyone is interested in more of my thoughts.


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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The biggest problem with having people acknowledge racial differences is that the left half of the bell curve has trouble understanding the concept of a bell curve. This is why I believe that although racial differences exist, the truth about race has negative utility.

    The only people who can reliably understand the below statement are the ones whose IQs are 115+. People in the 100-115 group may or may not understand it. I certainly don’t expect many people in the sub-100 group to understand it.

    “group A has mean X, and standard deviation F and group B has mean Y and standard deviation G. even though group B has a lower mean IQ than group A, there are still a significant number of individuals from group B whose IQs are higher than X.”

    In a world where the truth about racial differences is widely disseminated, you’re going to have a large group of low IQ whites who insist that their IQs are 100 just because they are white. You also might have jealousy fueled racism. You might have a bunch of whites trying to mass-murder jews because jews are standing in their way of being the race with the highest mean IQ.

    • Phil says:

      Another thing is heritability of IQ which can still restrict the extinct of mean expression despite eugenic efforts.

      I think it’s somewhat possible to explain the concept at least depending on how you explain it to other people, but it may depend on how emotional they are with it.

      Keep in mind when I said “their language” in my article. Basically it my method of getting things straight while NOT doing what Watson did (not to say he was invalid but he need specialize oration skills).

      Essentially how I would not necessarily address the IQ situation directly but explain how people in Africa had methods in which we could fix those problems with our own ability “self help”.

      Also, keep in mind, I dealing with the cream of the crop rather than the general population so my chances may fair better.

      What will be a problem though is explaining how we are different.

  2. missattempts says:

    I agree. Segreation IS the only hope. Blacks have not demonstrated any ability to
    florish in an intergrated society. The black I.Q. is substantially lower then the white.
    This is why blacks feel marginalized, and blame their failures on racism. They
    compensate by committing their crimes in teams, to get back at “whitey,” who after all,
    exploited blacks to get were he is. The hapless victim is permitted to do anything in the
    name of “equality,” “fairness,” and “justice.” There will never be a statuate of limitations
    on what is owed black people, because their failures are always someone else’s fault.
    A few cases in point: We are in the midst of the Philip Chism trial. Philip is a 16 year
    old bi-racial boy, who snuck behind his 24 year old 9th grade white math teacher as she
    entered the girl’s bathroom. It’s captured on film if you care to look. The poor unsuspecting
    teacher, doesn’t have a care in the world. He enters in behind her. 11 minutes later, he
    emerges with her bloody clothing clothing. He had raped her and slashed her throat.
    He put her in a barrel and dragged her to the back of the school, where he positioned the
    body, and shoved a 3 ft. tree branch up her vagina. He took her wallet, cell phone, and
    credit cards. He causally took in dinner and a movie. He was picked up by cops at 12 AM.
    They found the teacher’s effect’s on him, including her underwear.
    Or, the rape and murder of the pregnant minister’s wife in Indianapolis. That was done by a
    “team” who commited many simular crimes in the past. Or, the incident in New Orleans
    where the perpatrator attempted to drag off a woman.A heroic medical student interceeded
    on the woman’s behalf and was shoot in the stomach. The animal then tried to shoot him
    in the head, twice point blank. He must have used a cheap gun, because it jammed
    both times. If these events where white on black? Every city would be on fire.
    Satanic media. Satanic schools. Satanic politicans. Wicked criminals. Prostitute politicans
    and radical anarchist pressure groups.
    What is there to be optamistic about? Who’s going to change it? They will shortly
    out number us. This nation is TERMINAL.

    • Phil says:

      segregation for whom exactly? My point was for that to be done with certain blacks from other rather than with races in general.

      Also what you have described were two horrible stories, and I can understand your frustration, but they are anecdotes of how far Blacks can go.

      It’s not that I don’t view them as consequences or even as isolated events but are they representative of the situation at large?

      “What is there to be optamistic about? Who’s going to change it? They will shortly
      out number us. This nation is TERMINAL.”

      Remember that friend that I mentioned who was a critic of Blacks? He has linked many stories about the situation and has repeatedly expressed not only his concern but statistics as well with. His assessment on what’s going on currently for precautions is that whites are staying on the down low not getting on the radar rather than doing a “revolution” against this and to wait for things to crumble and to retrieve what’s left.
      However, despite this, I can’t say that this has all completely ruined but he is probably still enduring a great emotional toil.

      When I told him my ideas he actually like them and I think I may’ve spiked some hope for him, why? Because he has seen both Blacks at their worst and best and has seen their potential to go into a better path.

      My ideas sadly won’t directly prevent this violence, but what it can do is give it the attention that it deserves from the general public. Is this country terminal? Yes Unless the people figure out a way to take action. I’m not onto a fortified solution but rudiment ideas based on what I’ve seen in nature, inquiry.

      In order to combat this we need to look at this from different angles. PC Media, PC Crowd, Pathology, unpublicized traits for pathology.

      The last two are the ones I’m tackling and perhaps the third. If there is any solution we sit around on politicians for massive effect, we need to be ingenuitive and figure out how to bypass PC media. It’s not easy, I don’t intend to make it appear so, but what I can say is that I sticking with any idea I got.

    • Phil says:

      By better path I mean on the side of the victims rather than the perp just because of their skin.

    • Phil says:

      Also concerning economic limitation via IQ, I on the verge of thinking about education reforms. One being louder teachers for Blacks because I’ve both experience and read of louder teacher doing better on average with teaching and disciplining Black majority students.

      In terms of economic positions of Blacks in general, many actually LIKE their neighborhoods despite being shit compared to other, it’s just that what is needed is better administration which I feel should be carried out church gatherings similar to how administration was done in a few precolonial societies n Africa.

    • Phil says:

      compensate by committing their crimes in teams, to get back at “whitey,” ‘

      Actually most Black crime is disorganized and due to savagery rather than revenge, though I do believe in the potential of them coming in mobs and killing white people.
      Plus their are gang efforts in crime as well but I question whether it to focus sheer jealousy of white people because those type of Blacks aren’t introverted enough to be jealous rather to outright think they are victims al the way through. Though blatantly racially motivated attacks on whites I have no doubt though.

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  4. Jason Y says:

    I don’t think non-whites have anything to benefit from race realism, as I was saying on Robert Linsay’s blog. All the perks of being a non-white, the welfare, pity etc.. are taken away. In it’s place oppression and hate.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I disagree. Awareness of the truth opens the way for all sorts of effective programs and healthier attitudes. Especially on the personal level. Two sayings come to mind: “The Truth Shall Set You Free” and “Know Thyself.”

      • Phil says:

        JAY, this guy is has quite a history of being resistant to race realism, and believe me when I say he has littered comment sections trying to make his view dominate.

    • EPGAH says:

      We SHOULD take away the advantages of those that misbehave. If pity is their only advantage, then they’re more pathetic than even WE thought!

      When you say “People that would just totally oppress your people in every way imaginable.” that sounds like a ham-fisted attempt at Identity Politics, painting Blacks as “victims” again.

      Even Robert wants to make Welfare leeches WORK for it, “Pick Up A Broom” or something like that. BUT let’s say Welfare did get cut off for criminals. They would have to rely on friends and family for support, right?

      If their families are parasites like they are, they’d get zilch!
      If their families aren’t criminals, they’d assume the burden, and apply shame or other pressures to make them shape up.
      I really believe that the only reason this shit has gone on so long is that the COST of these shenanigans are borne by people outside “their community”. If it was borne by their community, they’d have POWERFUL incentive to whip these bastards into shape!
      Their “community” doesn’t have money to waste like our Government does, and ironically, scarcity breeds efficiency, “unlimited” resources breeds decadence–and encourages unlimited breeding of future parasites!

      *BONUS: We’d finally have a study for whether *CRIMINALITY* is heritable or not!*

      • CS says:

        Oops, my comment about realism went astray. It was in response to Jason Y.

        I agree with Epgah, about welfare. It is a basic tool for the destruction of civilization. By rewarding the unfit, it makes more of them: a totally dysgenic process.

        As Ben Franklin put it:

        “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

        One useful step in this direction would be to eliminate all minimum wage laws and make all welfare contingent on the recipient, if able-bodied, having a job, if only at a dollar an hour.

    • jewamongyou says:

      If you don’t mind, go ahead and repost your comment in the correct spot, in response to Jason. Then I can go back and delete this comment. WordPress doesn’t allow me to move a comment.

    • CS says:

      You’re saying realism is not useful!

      It seems to me that the author is attempting an honest and intelligent assessment of the pathologies of his own group, something that those of all groups should attempt.

    • CS says:

      OK, have reposted misplaced comment in the right place, so please delete from here. Thanks.

  5. missattempts says:

    The only “reality” here is that we are battling bonnifide demonic forces that want to
    destroy Western civilazation.
    Western civilazation was founded on Christianity. If the Devil can destroy the U.S.
    and Europe, he can destroy Christianity which is his mission.
    Marxism is the religion of Satan. He attempted to employ class envy, but that didn’t
    work because many came to this land just so they could get rich. Most people aren’t
    content to curse the rich, they want to BECOME rich.
    Then, the devil attempted to divide through race. He was getting warmer. Racism was
    real, because people had a natural resistence to race mixing. In those days, few wanted
    their child to marry a person of another race. The Marxist scum wanted to gain headway
    through “race.” So they utalized “wolf in sheep’s clothing” Martin Luther King, to instagate
    and divide.
    King was a definate Marxist plant. They put him in the Black church. This was VERY
    insidious because the Black church WAS the most important institution and lifeline in
    the black community BEFORE government got so involved and destroyed the black family.
    Even today, the SOUTHERN black church is the REAL DEAL. You will notice that most
    of the paritioners in the Charleston S.C. church were NOT vengence seekers after
    Dylan Roof killed 9 people. It was Barak Obama, and the BASTARD media, who injected
    race in the issue. Miraclously, they forgave because they are people of FAITH.
    Imagine if Roof did his crime in a Northern church, say Al Sharpton’s church? The resulting
    bloodbath would be indescribable.
    White Christians now only make up 46% of the population. The demographic odds
    are getting worse every year for Western Civilization. The purpose of open borders is
    to add to the Democratic party. These new emmagrents don’t have “Protestent”
    values. They have 3rd world or Shira values. How will women and gays fare under
    that system?
    Here’s the Satanic/Marxist plan in a nutshell:
    Denigrate Christianity and the white male. Turn all groups against the white male.
    Defang Law enforcement. Replace white cops with black cops, to opress white folks
    with some “national” police force. Repeal the second ammendment.
    Keep the Orwellian P.C. going with the thought police on college campuses.
    Set violent criminals free to kill again. And let in terrorists that will attack soft targets
    like the Cuban Marello boat lift in the 1970’s. People were run through with swords
    on the Staten Island ferry. A manaic got into Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in N.Y.C.
    and started killing people at random. Who stopped them? People with guns.
    Eventually, get around to white male genocide and white female sexual enslavement.
    How can I be so sure it’s going to happen? Easy. No empire is forever. And the U.S.
    is not mentioned in the Bible.

    • Phil says:

      I’m sorry to say this, and while I do believe in both dysgenic effects and cultural deterioration, this would be among the type of talk that I mentioned in my article about making a situation out to the same level as an “religious principle”.

      No empire is forever, I buy that.
      People in power exerting prejudice towards a group who don’t deserve it, got it.

      As a matter of fact you pretty much paint a similar picture to what my friend often presents (though he talks more about South Africa rather than Cuba), but the things where is the difference between an Empire (institution) and it’s people?

      As long as the people (that matter anyway) are tied to that institution like fish in a net then of course things are screwed, but what if WE take control influenced with the people we can and combat.

      New Empires have a habit of forming from an old one (or own country if I’m not mistaken) and it can go either way depending on the society.

      You talk about the Satanic Marxist institution, yet Taylor and Derbyshire exist and have influence. PC has taken over media, but we have VDARE, Ameren and various blogs like this. While not openly taught to the public, there are still HBD research initiatives and Blogs presenting the info. We need to take advantage of the institutions that we set up and flow with that rather than falling with the Empire.

      In due time, non of what you said I can safely say is “exaggerated” in terms of what’s to comes because, in due time, it will.

      If all of what you’ve said happens tomorrow then I will gladly die and go to heaven (I’m sure you believe in such) trying to at least build that society rather than trying to bring it down like others if I cannot succeed.

      BTW, if you desperate (like a lot of us) I think you’d want to extend your boundaries outside of just “protestants” because my friend I keep referencing is an Atheist who is assuredly just as passionate as you but has a grasp on the situation and aims towards ideas so you might want to consider, I don’t now, about a third to a half of the Athiest population to your 46% unless you can figure out political alignment within the atheist community.

  6. Erik Sieven says:

    From my point of view evolution knows no “good” “bad” or “pathological”. There is only “more adapted” or “less adapted” for specific circumstances. For me HBD is nothing but the acceptance of the fact that evolution also works on humans and that it didn´t stop 60 000 years ago. Different human populations are each best adapted to different settings of social institutions.
    East asians have been adapted to historic east asian social institutions, Africans to historic african social institutions. When we look at our current world Subsaharan Africans seem not be bad adapted or “pathological”. Contrary, they seem to be the best adapted group. They succeed in the ultimate evolutionary fitness test of having the most descendants. Also they succeed in the inter racial partner market (at least subsaharan African males do, and that is what counts)

    • EPGAH says:

      They have the most descendants ONLY because before the Civilized World interfered, Lord Darwin would kill most their children. Even now, countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have the highest infant mortality rates in the WORLD! So the spares were needed.
      Where Civilized World medicine keeps Lord Darwin at bay, these spares are no longer needed, and just become extra expenses–usually on Welfare, i.e., on their betters’ dime!

      Africans are not adapted to “African Social Institutions”, they’re adapted to Mass Quantities of Foreign Aid!

      So they are pathologically adapted, namely, adapted to BEING a pathogen to their betters! Look what they did to France. Do you think the French public is going to keep paying for these scum to survive? A well-adapted parasite would LOWER its footprint on its host. I think we’re about to see the hosts adapt to get rid of the parasites, at least in France!
      Maybe even our spoiled college rioters need to be treated?

      • CS says:

        It may be true that most sub-Saharan Africans are kind of dumb. But if you compare Africans with Europeans, one has to conclude that if Africans are low IQ dummies generally unfit to survive in an advanced civilization, they do in fact survive, whereas Europeans are so stupid they cannot even grasp that they are being genocided by their own elites. They don’t even seem to know the facts of life, and thus make way for the immigrating hordes by failing to adequately reproduce themselves. So it seems if Africans are dumb, Europeans are just too stupid to live.

        True the stupidity of most white people is induced, but when people are so hooked on french fries, greasy hamburgers, soda pop, porn and the mainstream media as to adopt a suicidal lifestyle when so indoctrinated, one has to assume that whiteness or high IQness or whatever it is about the European peoples is just hopelessly maladaptive and nature must take its course.

        But hey, my daughter just got pregnant again, so there’s one white line not quite dead.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Congrats on your daughter. I hope she has an easy, and fruitful, pregnancy.

    • Phil says:

      You have a point on how subjective pathology can be, but bad traits do exist because while the traits themselves may be different demographic expressing a type of behavior or ability (or lack thereof) do exist in populations and these institutions often have means to eliminate them. From this perspective, not just Blacks, but anyone showing this type would be less adapted I a modern society and can be unstable, thus what is happening right now. For example, impulses to attack other would be an advantage in precolonial Africa but in Western Society it is a serious threat.

      Also, SSA is at a point where they the breeding is the only thing that’s giving them populations and while I understand what you are saying this isn’t exactly and ideal form of population regulation despite it’s effectiveness until they lose resources and value of western society is needed.

      I have more to say about this issue but I leave it like this, looking back at your notes we can both agree that these traits’ success is due to a change in institutions. Given that former institutional rules gave birth to a lot of human development as opposed to that of SSA’s then it would only make sense to maintain effort against there success in order to maintain them. Plus you even point out how eventually they maybe disadvantageous again once they lose those who were supporting them with resources.

      “So all in all: subsaharan Africans are the perfect global citizen of the 21. century. This will inevitable lead to a situation with a black world population majority by the year 2100. When the black population is at 90 % or so by 2200 things might change again. The currently successful behavior patterns then again might become unsuccessful, because by then there will be to few Indians, Chinese, Europeans who could pay for, secure, feed, care for blacks.”

      Well, why not just prevent such a disaster to begin with?

    • Phil says:

      Also, I just want to note, technically crime was recognized in more developed parts of precolonial Africa (either due to foreign influence or indigenous) though they were at different standards as opposed to Eurasia. Even then their were whole tribes that were either ran corruptly by an entire council rather than one chief or were just one big hoard of savages.

      Though my point was to show the variation in those populations and their recognition of Pathology. So there fore their would’ve been different levels of the expression of the type of traits that you claim they are best at, but surprisingly those who were “least” best were likely the more organized ones. It’s kind of like how you have Europeans and Asians who are at different levels of there more successful traits of the population.

      I guess I owe you thanks because this sort of perspective you offered helped in my perspective of Precolonial Africa.

    • Stan d Mute says:

      They have the most surviving children only due to Western technology. When the creators of that technology are gone or so diminished as to be unable to sustain the tech, their numbers will plummet. They have shown that they cannot operate a functional farm when they murder the farmer. In less than a year the farm is a fallow ruin. They cannot maintain a city (see Detroit) or a functioning nation (see every colony). The population explosion is entirely the result of Western food production, housing, and medicine along with the imposition of dispute resolution that doesn’t kill every member of one tribe and half of the other.

  7. missattempts says:

    I see no point to this tiresome intellectualizing.
    Philip Chism came. He saw. (His teacher looked pretty sexy in her clothing.)
    He conqured. He snuck behind her into the bathroom. Raped her, and slit her
    The New Orleans thug came. He went looking for a victim. He saw. (The drunken woman
    in the street.) He tried to conquer. But based on extrodanary luck, he was unsucessful
    in his bid to kidnap his prey and to murder the med. student that tried to interceed.
    The Indianoplis home invaders came. They burst into a house. They saw the minister’s
    wife in a partial undress. They conqured. The raped her and shot her in the head.
    Until it regesters to white folks that a high percentage of blacks are predators, expect
    more and more of this media-concealed genociode.
    The proper thing to do would be to break America up into 3 independent countries.
    An all white country. An all black country. And a mixed country.
    The black country would have the best climate and land. This would be” reparations”
    for historical sins. The mixed country would contain liberal whites who believe in intergration
    with like minded blacks, Jews and all not white immagrents. The totally white country would be in
    the Pacific Northwest and probably have the least desirable land. White injuniety would
    compensate for these disadvantages. After all, whites can live in Iceland. Blacks
    could never without white help.
    This ofcourse is a pipe dream. Blacks would never want to be to far away from white
    items and white women. And the white liberal do gooder bastard politican will see to it.
    B.T.W. Here is the terrorist plan:
    There aren’t yet enough terrorists in America-yet. So they will need the help of native
    born American helpers. They will team up with the George Sorrios radical crowd:
    Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and College radicals. They will team up for
    The refugee terrorists are being coached in Europe BEFORE they enter the U.S.
    They are told to attack soft targets in “lone wolf” fashion. Like the man in Paris a
    few weeks prior to the most recent Paris attacks. The lone man was set to open fire on a
    crowded train, before he was stopped by the 3 Americans. One man also killed 38
    tourists in Tunisa earlier this year. They will NOT waste time interacting with each other.
    There will be no long range plans. (Until enough refugees have arrived) The more
    elaberate the plans, the more easier they can be disrupted.
    “Lone Wolves” (That might not even be aware of each other’s existence) can drive
    bomb laden cars over the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. the idea is to provoke
    a panic. Cars can also be parked at rail way crossings loaded with bombs, waiting for
    trains to arrive. At most-in the beginning, they will work in teams two. Like the D.C.
    snipers of a decade ago. By the time Hillary’s second term is over, there won’t even be
    a geo-political enity called “The United States Of America.

    • Phil says:

      I guess I should reiterate. My concept is not trying to prevent disaster, at this point that is irrational. As you have put it, we are basically at war.

      As you also put it, perfect segregation is unattainable at this point but what I’m aiming for is the achievable under the current conditions.

      You are bringing up both genocide and terrorism, two SEPARATE ENTITIES. My agenda has little to do with terrorism and is focusing on the Black aspect of the situation.

      My point is to create a form of an aware Black administration that could possible combat pathology in their respected communities.

      Terrorism is not my concern because that is out of my hands but I do acknowledge as an issue, with that said how you brought it up is a red herring since you are the first to bring it up while the topic is Black Pathology.

      But while the topic of terrorism in open, where are your sources for this? Typically when I’m given info like this I’m given links, it’s not that I find it truly implausible.

    • Phil says:

      Also, apologies if it came of as if I didn’t care about what you’ve described, but I’ve heard the situation described in which whites can do nothing, but I asked what could I do?

      To give you some perspective, very few Blacks in general acknowledge what I can do, so few actually have resources and potential to get somewhere in life and that’s always been my mission before I even learned about HBD.

      All this post was just describing my game plan. You gave yours in your latest comment and what you’ve described that it was an unachievable optimal.

  8. missattempts says:

    I think blacks have “impossible pressures” put upon them the way things are now.
    The best blacks excell, like the conservative one’s, but that’s only a few.
    Every era had it’s “model” black. They carried the aspirations of the entire black race
    on their shoulders.
    Jackie Robinson was one. Sidney Poiter. Harry Balafonte. Sammy Davis, O.J. Colin Powell,
    Bill Cosby. Barak Obama had a big lead up. They were grooming him for first black President
    YEARS before he ran. Ignorant white lunkheads who’s minds are controlled by the media.
    Poor black woman. NOBODY loves her. It’s the most unenviable position to be in.
    That ridiculous “weave, ” and all the agony it puts black women in. I seen it on Tommy
    Sodimyer. What misery and RAGE they must feel.
    If a black person is born with natural talent he’s lucky. Black celeberitys are much loved.
    But no black man wants to be seen as a “sell out.” This applies to black singers who
    sounded too “white” Listen to “Tower Of Strength,” by Gene McDaniels, “Hold Me,
    Thrill, Me by Mel Carter, or “The Fifth Dimension.”
    Google a video by The Fifth Dimension and even black people will ask, “What happened
    to music like that?
    I read somewhere that many black people were given furlows from reform school to
    cut records that made them stars. Remember Sam Cooke and how he died?
    He wasn’t killed by white cops.

    • Phil says:

      Yes, I didn’t want to look like a sellout too because my plan involved admitting our mistakes and being NICE to white people. So far I’ve been called that this year twice by some stupid bitch and a afrocentric retard.

      You mention they agony that Black women have, now that’s really damn sad because it’s been often noted how they are commented as being the most stable and decent of the race compared to the males, I’ve been doing research and that applies to even PRECOLONIAL TIMES. In regards to music I feel the same way. I don’t know if the Temptations count for the type of music, but when I listened to my girl I was dazed by how much We’ve lost.

      What you’ve cited is the problem, that the mere existence of these type of Blacks somehow “makes up” for various shortcomings. And despite the ones that excel they are often in positions like entertainment and that’s nit enough for people. They want to see blacks in just as various assortment of success as whites, not just simply athletes and performers, like scientists and businessmen. But to be honest they only ask that for proof of equality, they don’t REALLY care what we succeed in, they just care about our stability on a community level.

      When I talked about Jamal Bryant’s group’s behavior during the Baltimore riot and began thinking of what will eventually be my current plan, it reminded me of what Moses did with the God worshippers and the Calf worshippers. However, I wouldn’t kill them like in Exodus (because A. they would win by sheer savagery alone B. they would likely out number us) but just let them met their fate by either their own doing or the police.

      My plan was actually done in Africa along ago. A Christian chief named Khama (Khame in missionary reports) was a devoted follower and left his family because they adhered pagan teachings. He left them while taking his followers by night and made deals with the British to make their territory a protectorate under the Empire. He managed to make their culture closer to that of European life style and introduce modern innovation at the time to their communities. If you look at missionary reports he was giving much respect. If you today his people live in what is now Botswana.

      That country, while not perfect, stands out among other Black Nations and I believe it’s in part of the Blacks there being much better than ones like in South Africa.

      As you stated Church Blacks as “the real deal” , so my plan consist of making a foundation using their potential to make community reforms by separating itself from the lesser components of the community and given it a stronger stance against pathological acts. Now my other idea may depend on how active the local police is in the community, but I was also think about forming a type of “guild” similar to NOI communities that have guards by stores preventing robberies and assaults.

  9. missattempts says:

    The “Great Society” curteousy of L.B.J. ruined everything. Prior to that, blacks
    did for themselves. It was a Marxist/Atheist conspiracy through and through.
    L.B.J. said: “I’ll have the blacks voting Democratic for the next 100 years.”
    There was a lot of Jewish involvement in this. Many independent minded
    black people are not kindly disposed to Jews. Brooker T. Washington stressed Black
    acheivent. He was not especially fond of Jews. The N.A.A.C.P. was started by Jewish
    lawyers. W.E.B.Debois agreed with this socialist approach.
    There were conservative blacks going way back. And there were plenty of black cowboys.
    Many would say, the least amount of prejudance occurred in the American west.
    Many blacks sought oppertunites in Alaska. I know a black woman from Canada.
    You couldn’t find a nicer person. Her brother is a well payed professional residing in
    Canada. A number of years ago when the Rodney King verdict came out, the unrest
    spread to Canada. That was surprising. There was a Canadian singer named Dan Hill.
    His father was a black American expatriot , married to a white woman. He rose high in
    the Canadian government. He wrote an interesting autobiography.
    Many blacks would say that Barack Obama Is NOT really a true cultural represenative
    of the black American experience. His father is from the contentant of Africa, but he
    had a privildged upbringing in Hawaii. He went to Chiago to build a political carrer
    and associated with radicals to build “street cred.”
    In any case, though it may have been harder for blacks to be sucessful in this
    country, they could be. Usually, the game plan was to become sucessful in your own
    community (Usually church) gain prominence, travel north, and accomadate “white tastes.”
    Nat King Cole, was a jazz singer who worked with other black musicians.
    He became noticed and achieved astounding sucess catering to white tastes.
    Chuck Berry pioneered ‘rock and roll’ and said he made his records for white kids.
    That was the way, blacks became stars. MOTOWN helped many blacks escape poverty.
    And they didn’t need a Marxist lout like L.B.J. to help them.

    • Phil says:

      Exactly, when I’ve read about our IQ I went to look at what Jobs we could get. While they weren’t the best professional Jobs they sure weren’t horrible Jobs and some required a decent amount of skill.

      I’ve read about in Africa that there were tribes that made great pottery, bark clothing, Blacksmithing and read about basically the same thing with the various occupations slaves had in the South. I figured that one way or another that we had potential that didn’t necessarily came from white admixture and with a cooperative group and a entrepreneurial mind that can adapt there skills to the system they could succeed.

      Booker T. is my inspiration, trying to bring Blacks up both culturally and economically to adapt to a new position in American Society and essentially that what I’m trying to create. The problem both in Africa and here that Blacks are lacking is a developed society were the individual can manage, in the past they were more reliant on the administrator when today we need to be administrators.

      What really drove me though was observing some friends of mine who were dark skinned. Sadly, they weren’t exactly scholars like me but they were far more social and very fun to be around. They may’ve not been the best at school I presume but they weren’t thugs and with better guidance they could do something once they matured. Essentially what this meant to me was that being Black didn’t have to be a bad thing but there was work ahead that we need to do to get to proper ranks.

      You see that commenters EPAGH and Jason Y above? EPAGH is my friend I kept on referencing who I’ve met and had said very similar things as you. Jason on the other hand keeps on complaining basically saying “White Nationalism is wrong because WN’s are mean!”. True I due see some harshness from white nationalists but it isn’t until you learned about the circumstance and often when you get to know a few they are actually decent people who in reality aren’t asking for much when reacting to the pathology displayed by certain groups.

      Basically I see two types, ones who want other groups dead indiscriminately and the ones who just want the problems solved who are often the most reasonable people. I’m glad I can say that I find you to be of the second variety.

  10. missattempts says:

    Equality of oppertunity vs. equality of result. The first is essential. The second is suicide.
    It’s an affront to decency to say that any person is 3/5’s of a man.
    The Devil uses the “slippery slope” method. Jim Crow was an injustice because it
    kept people from exersizing their natural potential. Although as I said, even fenced
    off people can still excell. The Jewish ghettos in Europe forced them to be enterprising.
    They would take one large building and divide it into different religious schools.
    Educated people don’t prey on each other because they know it is not in their best
    interests. The slum doesn’t make the person. The person makes the slum.
    But THE BASTARD POLITICAN NEEDS MISERY to keep his job. “Vote for me and I’ll
    set you free!” Free to rob, rape and kill!
    If I create the conditions that allow for misery, rot, and decay, I should expect more of
    the same. Not all people are self starters. Some need motivation. Giving people
    enough to live on is not enough, because people still aspire for meaning in their lives.
    Something inside them DIES when they become dependent on others.
    I was watching a scene from West Side Story the other night. Tony is singing with Maria
    on her balcony. It’s beautifully written music with beautiful looking performers.
    Suppose we become an Islamic slave state? What would “Maria” look like? She’d
    be wrapped up like a mummy in a black funeral shroud with nothing slits to look through.
    “Tony” would have a filthy checkerboard rag around his head. Ugly. Sick. Repressive.
    Miserable. A “living” death.
    And this is what the LIBERAL SWINE want to impose upon us. A miserable, filthy, SATANIC
    vile slave state!

    • Phil says:

      I’m not sure how I’m going to get Blacks, and possibly others, out of this but you touched upon a concept that I realized when I was seeing where we failed and that was reliance on the state that eventually grew to take advantage off of misery.

      In my mind I figured that in order for Blacks, as an example, to escape it would be through forums within a church because the state around us wouldn’t help so we would be forced to be collective and civic.

      I wouldn’t have minded so much if I thought only we were to go through that, but it looks like I was wrong and I might need to make room for more…….

  11. Stan d Mute says:

    The insurmountable problem is the “free market” system to the extent any of it remains. The free market rewards IQ with income and status. Africans have the lowest IQ of any large population group. Most whites can accept the fact that Asians in America have significantly higher income. Most whites can accept that Jews have significantly higher income. But Africans cannot accept that whites have a higher income. Compound this with the fact that nobody has shown a way of selectively increasing IQ and if somehow genetic engineering allows creation of higher IQ humans, there is no reason to think that it wouldn’t increase all groups by the same percentage. So, most likely, Jews will always be smarter than Asians who will always be smarter than whites who will always be smarter than south Asians who will always be smarter than Africans.

    Like virtually all whites, I think you have failed to internalize the true meaning of an IQ of 70 (African average). Functional illiteracy (as opposed to complete illiteracy) is about the best outcome you can realistically aim toward. Detroit, which allegedly has the American African average IQ of 85, is over 50% functionally illiterate.

    There is also the severely dysgenic effect of welfare where the least intelligent women become government breeding farms for low IQ criminals. These breeders at the bottom of the bell curve are vastly outdoing the females at the top of the curve who often remain childless. This is the direct result of the dystopian leftist state – in a free market the less intelligent could not afford to have any children and private charity would step in to provide sterilization to prevent these women from birthing children who would starve to death.

    Do you see how far we are from a remotely rational system? If I were an African with higher than (American) average IQ, I think I would give serious thought to moving to Africa. There I’d be 2-3 standard deviations above average and my market value would be quite high. I could amass some wealth and thereby purchase some insulation from the coming global economic collapse. America is dying. With $20 Trillion in debt and well over $100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, this house of cards is coming down. No State has ever survived such a debt burden. And despite the leftists’ claims to love diversity, you don’t exactly see a rush of white democrats moving into African neighborhoods do you? Talk is cheap – look how people behave. Look at where they choose to live or better yet where they send their kids to school. My point is that when the bottom drops out of the economy, things will become very tribal very quickly. Inner cities will be extremely unpleasant within a couple days. And the folks in the suburbs will not feel charitable toward a mob of Africans demanding stuff when their own children are hungry. This will not be the time to be a very visible minority especially when that minority has a well deserved reputation for violent predation on the majority. Look how quickly Europe is changing, the raging fires at “refugee” centers and massive electoral shifts to anti-immigrant parties, even without the scarcity caused by economic collapse.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’m not an expert on European affairs, but the media greatly over-reports anti-immigrant activities and opinions there. It likes to keep people paranoid that “The Nazis are Coming!!”

    • Phil says:

      Actually I figured that many Black American will be tough to deal with, that’s why I pointed out how church goers could possible act as an filter for the most efficient ones in the community. Also, the reason why Africans leave in the first place is due to lack of development there and opportunity. So while it’s true that they wouldn’t have much to compete with, where ARE they going to compete? Plus a few that come here actually do return back anyways.
      The Blacks you are describing are talking about are the degenerates, those who I’m sure won’t even attempt to help themselves. My focus is to help the ones I can.
      Also, in reference to your concept of raising IQ’s via selection, that’s basically one of the ideas that I’m encompassing as well as possibly Iodine supplements.
      While you seem to have a grasp on what this country is coming to……that really doesn’t make Africa Anymore appealing unless you can provide updates on how the Chinese are running the infrastructure.

      With that said, I’m probably going to have to do with what’s left of this country.

      “And despite the leftists’ claims to love diversity, you don’t exactly see a rush of white democrats moving into African neighborhoods do you? Talk is cheap – look how people behave. Look at where they choose to live or better yet where they send their kids to school. My point is that when the bottom drops out of the economy, things will become very tribal very quickly. Inner cities will be extremely unpleasant within a couple days. And the folks in the suburbs will not feel charitable toward a mob of Africans demanding stuff when their own children are hungry. This will not be the time to be a very visible minority especially when that minority has a well deserved reputation for violent predation on the majority. Look how quickly Europe is changing, the raging fires at “refugee” centers and massive electoral shifts to anti-immigrant parties, even without the scarcity caused by economic collapse.”

      Well the first, second, and third sentence is general knowledge to me and I DO find it hypocritical of them.

      The thesis towards the rest of you paragraph is actually a constant fear of mine. I’ve read of a white man punching a Black senior citizen due to his outrage with knockout games. I actually hate media ignoring Knockout and have grown very oppositional towards such Black thugs. This is actually one of the reasons that motivates me, because as this escalates VERY FEW will have the patience anymore to deal with this.

      Overall, I trying to promote and foundation of self help and to encourage better administration in the communities. However, I’m well aware that it means we have to separate Blacks from other types and I stated that in my article.

      “One could utilize this by inspiring a culture of separation, speaking “their language” as a man of the people to uplift black people by steering them away from crime, at least those who can be receptive of the message.”

      So I’ve keep selection in mind from the beginning.

    • Phil says:

      Also, in regards to your belief how genetic engineering would work with the hierarchy being the same, how do you figure that it’ll only be by a certain percentage? Wouldn’t that depend on the how the method is constructed? If so explain how that situation would work.

    • Phil says:

      In case if I was unclear again, I’m technically aim aiming for eugenics to make Blacks more functional.

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