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Those evil (white) gun-owners

US News has a nice collection of anti/pro gun rights political cartoons. It’s entertaining, if nothing else. Oh, did I say “nothing else?” Actually, there is somethings else: The anti-gun comics show a clear bias against white men. If you go … Continue reading

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MSN calls Islam “a cult”

It’s always refreshing to witness the corporate media telling the truth, about controversial topics, to the masses. When this happens, it’s usually by accident. MSN just featured a video, by Buzz60, which calls Islam “a cult.” It’s called “Why Humans … Continue reading

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An overview of the 2016 Amren conference

In my experience, this was the most positive, and inspiring, American Renaissance conference to date. It’s my sixth one, if you count the “shadow conference” in Charlotte a few years ago and the mini-conference in Virginia (2010) before that. I’m … Continue reading

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Amren 2016 kickoff

Well folks, I’ve made it to the Amren conference in Tennessee, and it’s off to an impressive start. The first thing I noticed is the large number of attendees; this place is PACKED! The second thing I’ve noticed is the … Continue reading

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A Judeo-Arabic mystery book

I’ve been going through my old Hebrew manuscripts, and came across a fragment that I’ve been wondering about for many years. It hails from Yemen, and it’s written in Hebrew characters – but it’s Arabic. My guess is that it’s … Continue reading

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The German government hates Germans

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but it seems to me that the sole legitimate reason for the existence of a government is to protect the people. But these days it seems that the rule, among Western governments, is to hate the very … Continue reading

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Trimet and “Diversity”

As you would expect, as Diversity increases, so too does crime. This holds true in public transit as much as anywhere else. A recent Trimet report tells us that, overall, public transit crime has gone down: TriMet and Transit Police … Continue reading

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Don’t convert to Judaism

A friend of mine, a white man the same age as me, was telling me how he was considering converting to Judaism. I asked him why he would do a crazy thing like that. After some prodding and probing questions, … Continue reading

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