Even OMSI is Afrocentric now

My daughter and grandson have been in town visiting, and I found myself taking care of the little one so that my daughter could have a break from him. We ended up at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). With a few exceptions, I’ve never been fond of the place; it might be amusing to 10 year-olds, but there’s not much of interest for adults.

Since the planetarium has always been an interesting place to spend half an hour or so, I bought tickets for that show – without even paying attention to what it was going, specifically, to be about. As we waited in line, a movie was playing in a loop. It featured a black man rapping about the cosmos. After we got in, it soon became apparent that the show was nothing more than a short presentation by… you guessed it: A black man. He told us about the constellations and planets. He explained that some of the fainter stars are “unvisible” from our backyards, and how next year’s solar eclipse will travel through “Illi-noise.”

Not that I expect perfect English from everyone, but if somebody is getting paid to present to the public, his English should be pretty darn close to perfect. This guy definitely didn’t fit the bill, though I wouldn’t characterize his speech as “Ebonics.”

After the show, as we wandered around, I saw a poster featuring four or five black inventors and scientists.

It was quite obvious to me that OMSI is trying to paint a black face on science. It’s their own version of “blackface,” and I didn’t find it very funny. If notable scientists happen to be black, then by all means, give them their due. If a black musician writes a particularly catchy song about the cosmos, then by all means, let us hear it. If the best person they could find to give the presentation at the planetarium happens to be black, then so be it.

But the scientists featured in the poster were no more noteworthy than hundreds of other scientists. The rap song about the cosmos wasn’t in the least bit exceptional. As for the presenter at the planetarium, it’s obvious that his job prospects were greatly increased due to the fact that he’s black.

I, for one, am sick and tired of this science affirmative action. If OMSI is so intent on promoting blacks, rather than focusing on actual science, maybe it should move to Milwaukee.

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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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11 Responses to Even OMSI is Afrocentric now

  1. Paladin Justice says:

    Both disgusting and misleading. Disgusting because the museum is promoting a fabrication, not a fact. To mislead laypeople and children is pathetically corrupt.

    Any suggestions on how to fight this specific example of PC?

  2. Lon Spector says:

    Many years ago I saw a skit on “Saturday Night Live.”
    Richard Nixon had just resigned and Geraold Ford had just replaced him.
    The “guest host” was Ronald Ziegler, Ford’s press security.
    Ford was thought to be a clumsy out-of-touch ignoramus. (Like they’re depicting Trump.)
    In this particular skit, the actor playing Ford is giving a press confrence. He can’t stand up
    straight, and he tears his clothes. He is a spastic retart. The men around him are ALSO
    wabbling (Including Ziegler.) Every time Ford rips his clothing they rip their clothing. Why?
    So “Ford” doesn’t look so much like a fool. They debase themselves down to Ford’s level.
    This is what the P.C./liberal crowd does. Standards don’t exist for them. If a group is incapable
    of adhering to standards, they just say the standards are “racist.” “Compantacey,” is
    “institutional racism.”
    See why this country is doomed? To save it we would have to go BACK to the future.
    But demographacally and culturally, there IS no going back to the future unless God wills
    it, for some mysterious reason unbeknowst to us NOW.
    So essentially quality of life comes down to LUCK, and not being in the wrong place at the
    wrong time. But ordinary folks are going to be less and less lucky because the advocates
    of “equality” and “inclusion,” are going to foist their twisted and demented ideals on us.

  3. The Aerospace Museum in Washington DC works the color angle into one of their permanent displays. They have a display with the front end of – I think – a DC6. It might be a DC7. At any rate, you can see the flight deck, and part of the cabin.

    The area below the DC6 has display cases showing equipment, stewardess uniforms, and airline paraphernalia. One display case houses a diorama of the cabin. It likely was made by Douglas Commercial Airplanes themselves, or one of the airlines that flew those gorgeous airliners. The tiny little passengers were dressed like people were in the 1950s. The card for the display asks the viewer “Do you notice anything about the passengers and crew? Yes. They are virtually all white.”

    I walked over to the place where they had a huge Lucite box into which one could place contributions. I caught the eye of one of the volunteers, and held up a $20 bill. “See this? This is the donation you are NOT getting by bringing the race issue into something as neutral as a display for an airliner. I’m sick to death of being beat over the head about race.” I made a show of putting the money back in my wallet and walking out the door.

    The volunteers: All at least my age, and all white.

  4. Ye Merry Uncucker says:

    Blacks + Science = Science Fiction

    • Douglas says:

      Yes. And if you try to watch science fiction/fantasy as I do that is what you will see now.

      For example: I am watching Arrow on Netflix. I have not seen one black villain on season one. In the hood all the people wearing hoodies and committing crime have been white. One bad character was spotted, but of course he was lead into the crime by a white man. Of course the blacks are geniuses and play the perfect magic negroe role.

      Science fiction requires a suspension of belief. you cannot suspend belief in humanity’s true characteristics without destroying the story.

  5. Lon Spector says:

    What we don’t know CAN hurt us!
    If we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist even if it DOES exist!
    The slaughter of cops and criminal outrages against white people is continuing.
    But people are more concerned with Poke Man and other amusements.
    If the media doesn’t report on it and CONSTANTLY report on it, it doesn’t exist!
    So the media projects fairy tales and conceals the truth.
    If the media projects falsehoods to stoke peoples’ passions for the sake of electing
    liberal bloodsuckers then don’t be surprised when people get raped, tortured, and KILLED.

  6. Some of you may have heard that In the UK there is an excellent BBC astronomy programme that has been running on a monthly basis un-interrupted since 1957, I kid you not..! Until about 2 years ago, when he died aged 89, this was always presented by Sir Patrick Moore, a multi-talented man who was the very prolific author of scores of astronomy and sci-fi books. In the last couple years of Patrick Moore presentation, we were introduced to 2 young white males (amateur astronomers like Moore himself, no doubt) who were expected to take over his role after his death. Well, I’m not sure if those 2 are still part of “The Sky at Night” because I have only seen it a couple of times since then because I only occasionally visit the UK. Sure enough, and no prizes for guessing, the main presenter of this most famous of all astronomy programmes, is now a young and very overweight black woman. Pleasant enough as a presenter, but one has to wonder what she is doing there and what is the message.

    • The Gentle Grizzly says:

      The “message” is that whites continue being marginalized in what was one of their own countries.

      It’s the Beeb’s variation on the theme of what is done here: white males protrayed as damned fools, stupid, clumsy, incapable, or just plain icky. That is in commercials, drama, comedy, and anything else you choose to name.

  7. Lon Spector says:

    And the idea that the white male is unworthy of the white woman.
    Literal genocide is in the offing.

  8. Stan d Mute says:

    Look for this propaganda to become even more intrusive and ubiquitous. The rise of Trump and the awakening of white self-interest has our elites in a panic. The negro riots in Milwaukee, the violent attacks on Trump supporters, and of course the never ending negro crime (for those who are paying attention) are pushing more and more whites into overt awareness. So the surge in pro-negro propaganda will only serve to drive whites away from the source of the disinformation. Meanwhile, the negroes hatred for whitey is glowing red-hot. The #BlackLiesMatter and “Black Power” agitators remind them that after eight years of a negro President their situation is arguably worse than in 2008. Where are all the goodies they thought President Negro would confiscate from whitey and give to them? And after the debacle of Obola, what are the chances of another negro President any time soon? As negro frustration and anger increases, negro dysfunction and violence will multiply at the same time that white awareness is increasing. Our entire political system is built on stupendous lies and there are signals that the volatile mess could implode, forcing our elites to come face to face with the diversity they’ve been stuffing down our throats for decades. Their only tool to try and keep the lid on it is ramping up the propaganda. And when Trump is actually elected? I believe we shall see very interesting times soon.

  9. Lon Spector says:

    Satan is much too clever to be foiled. Only God can stop Satan, and He has to want to.
    There’s no indication NOW that God wants things to drastically change.
    Satan’s ways are the LIE-The BIG LIE-and the media is the primary way he gets his lies
    The masses are asses. Any skullduggery can work if it has the words “Civil Rights” before it.
    People fall in line like hypnotized cattle. “On no Master! I’m not a racist!”
    The idea is to overwhelm by sheer numbers. Get all the various constituents to vote in a
    group. Win NOT by logic but sheer passion and demographics. Paint the other side as
    demented bigots who want to establish a Fourth Reich.
    The carnage and slaughter that the “opressed” groups commit? Either conceal it, or accuse
    anyone who mentions it as “phobic.”

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