Hillary’s “popular vote”

A recent headline reads:

Hillary Clinton Won Popular Vote By Almost 2 Million — Can Trump Still Be President?

The article continues:

Nearly a week since the presidential election, all the ballots have yet to be counted, and yet it’s already been determined that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a massive margin. At this point, Hillary has almost two million more votes than President-Elect Donald Trump. Can he keep his position despite this?…

For anyone hoping that the massive popular vote lead means Hillary has another chance at regaining the presidency, don’t get your hopes up. Trump is still president-elect after obtaining the necessary electoral votes, which he did on election night. It does not matter the outcome of the popular vote count at this point, though Hillary can take solace in knowing that voters turned out in the millions to support her as their commander-in-chief.

When a government has a long-standing policy of being lax on border control, to the point of changing the demographics (and, by extension, the politics) of its electorate, then proponents of such policies cannot point to the resulting demographic change as a moral mandate to continue such policies. This would be akin to European colonizers wiping out Native American villages – and then holding an election, where the new majority is European. When the results of such an election come in, and support the continued onslaught against the natives, we would be neither surprised nor impressed.

Leftists are pointing to Hillary’s supposed “popular win,” but ignoring the fact that much, if not all, of this “popular” vote differential can be attributed to the open borders policies of previous administrations.

Here’s the annual breakdown of births to illegal immigrants in the U.S. (anchor babies), according to Pew Research, since 1980:


Since you must be at least 18 years old to vote in the US, let’s tally up the number of such births prior to 1998. In other words, how many anchor babies were eligible to vote in this year’s election? The answer is 1,860,000. Were any anchor babies born before 1980? Obviously so.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Hillary’s “popular vote.” It’s entirely the result of the very same crimes that Trump has vowed to end. To cite the fruits of such crime as a reason to question the legitimacy of Trump’s victory is a sick joke.

I wanted to mention one more thing. There’s an effort to pressure the electors to rebel and to vote against Trump – despite their states having voted for him. If this does come to pass, it will make the United States a laughing stock of the world. America will no longer have any moral high ground to demand that other countries honor their elections. As bad as some people imagine a Trump presidency would be, this turn of events would, in the long run, be much worse.


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9 Responses to Hillary’s “popular vote”

  1. There’s no way Hillary won the popular vote by two million. 200,000 seems to be the going figure right now, and yes that is swollen by illegal immigrants voting, dead people, multiple voting, tampered with voting machines, etc. And no, the liberals cannot change the rules of the game after it’s over.

  2. Jagdflieger says:

    Currently, the popular vote for what I understand is at Clinton with 62,413,443 votes and Trump with 61,251,881 votes. The process is still ongoing it seems but Trump did lose the popular vote. He is the fifth president to have done so and still won the presidency. How much did voter fraud play in Clinton’s popular vote win is anyone’s guess… One frequent claim made is that Trump won due to the “uneducated” White vote (non-collage educated Whites). While this does appear to be true factually I get the impression this often is bandied about with the aim of portraying Trump supporters as largely consisting of uneducated hicks ignoring the fact that according to the webpage below he actually won a slim majority of collage-educated Whites (+4%). Oddly enough, we never hear about uneducated blacks and Latinos supporting Clinton… At any rate do any of you know of a source that breaks down the election results by race, gender, education, etc so we can see the raw data without media spin? The best I can find is:


  3. Well... says:

    I don’t get why the popular vote is even newsworthy when we have an electoral college. They aren’t going to have electoral voters switch their votes based on the popular vote right? And even if they did, are these new popular votes coming in from states that went for Trump, or are they just diminishing returns from already-blue states? Maybe someone can explain.

    At the same time, illegal immigration is a serious problem, but it seems like a dumb move to link it to Hillary’s votes. If you spend all this time talking about illegal immigrants voting for Hillary and then it turns out not that many of them did, or that even though they did it doesn’t matter, it has the psychological effect of coloring the issue of illegal immigration itself as harmless.

  4. Jagdflieger says:

    Several more figures that I have found so far regarding this election. These are based on exit polls for what I understand and may well change as more definitive data comes in. Interestingly, it appears that Trump lost voters earning less than $50,000 (41% to 52%) but won those earning over $50,000 (49% to 47%). It seems as if the only White demographic he lost was White college educated women.

    Whites overall: 58% for Trump and 37% for Clinton
    White men: 63% for Trump and 31% for Clinton
    White women: 53% for Trump and 43% for Clinton

    Whites overall with college education: 49% for Trump and 45% for Clinton
    White men with college education: 54% for Trump and 39% for Clinton
    White women with college education: 45% for Trump and 51% for Clinton

    Whites overall without a college education: 67% for Trump and 28% for Clinton
    White men without a college education: 72% for Trump
    White women without a college education: 62% for Trump

    White 18-29 year olds: 48% for Trump and 43% for Clinton

  5. Stealth says:

    I wonder how many of Hillary’s voters were non-citizens.

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  7. Stan d Mute says:

    For me, it can be distilled to the County results map. Trump won the counties that PAY taxes by a large (huge) margin. Clinton won the counties that COLLECT entitlements such as welfare, Medicare, SSD, etc. That this also shows Trump winning the vast heartland of America with a dwindling and endangered white majority versus Clinton’s win in those urban over populated non-white money pits is powerful argument against the leftist and neo con agenda.

    As much as we need Trump’s wall on Mexican border, we need walls around our urban city cores. Neither is compatible with white western civilization and productivity. The parasites must be starved out.

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