What is the Alt-Right?

I used to think I knew the answer to this question, but now I’m not so sure. Here are the elements I used to believe were essential to be part of this movement – back when it was sometimes called the “Dark Enlightenment or the “Neoreactionary” movement.

  1. A recognition of biological racial differences (HBD), and a willingness to openly discuss them.
  2. Outspokenness for white-advocacy, and a willingness to work toward self-determination for whites as a group (or Native Europeans, as the case may be).
  3. An eagerness to defend the hallmarks of Western Civilization, including outspokenness against such threats as open borders, Islam and Third-Wave Feminism.

On the flip side, it was also necessary to disavow Nazis, skinheads and organizations such as the Aryan Brotherhood or the KKK – even though members of those organizations share our concern with the wellbeing of white people as a group. There’s nothing “Alternative” or novel about them; they’ve been around for a long time. However, it was my understanding that some such people, though they call themselves “KKK” or “National Socialists” are actually not hateful at all; that their opinions are very much in line with my own; a label can’t tell you everything about a person.

On the peripherals of the Alt-Right movement is the Men’s Rights movement. There’s a lot of overlap, but one can exist in exclusion of the other.

Those who advocate for white rights, but deny the biological reality of race, are fighting a losing battle – because racial disparities are getting more and more difficult to pin on either racism or other environmental factors. These people are often now referred to as “cuckservatives” or “cucks” for short, because their denial of racial differences lead them to act against their own race.

Since the Alt-Right is ideologically based, people of any race or background can be part of it. Admittedly, it would be awkward for a practicing Muslim.

But it now seems that some people, Red Ice (at about 20:15) among them, count The Daily Stormer as part of the Alt-Right.

A quick glance at The Daily Stormer’s front page makes it obvious (to those who didn’t already know) that its main focus is to be anti-Jewish (“anti-Semitic” if you will). Here’s an excerpt of how the Daily Stormer defines the Alt-Right:

The core concept of the movement, upon which all else is based, is that Whites are undergoing an extermination, via mass immigration into White countries which was enabled by a corrosive liberal ideology of White self-hatred, and that the Jews are at the center of this agenda.

I’ve been to a few Amren conferences, and the central role of Jews, in this conspiracy, was never brought up by any speaker. I’ve already pointed out that Jared Taylor welcomes Jewish participation. Apparently, according to The Daily Stormer, American Renaissance is not part of the Alt-Right.

I would ask them, and Red-Ice, if The Daily Stormer is part of the Alt-Right, then wouldn’t Stormfront also be included? In what way do they differ from Neo-Nazis?

This is not a rhetorical question; I really want to know.

And if we are to include The Daily Stormer, Stormfront, and Neo-Nazis as part of the larger “Alt-Right” movement, perhaps it’s time we find a different label to describe people who fit the description I laid out at the beginning of this post.

About jewamongyou

I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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9 Responses to What is the Alt-Right?

  1. Tighty Whitey says:

    First thing to understand is that it’s a pragmatic, goal-oriented identity. Common goal. Second is that the “alt” means alternative and to what is the GOP which finds us offensive, and unacceptable. Pot-smoking libertarians, nazis, WN, WI, and flaming faggots. And we hate them too, so that’s a two-way street.
    Third is that we HATE. Truly we hate. it’s real. This is the last peaceful, legal step before simply killing these motherfuckers. Seriously. And many targets on the list of “people we’d really like to kill” are considered upstanding members of the GOP, otherwise known as cucks.

    You make the same mistake as everyone else. You attempt to construct an identity using the symbols of the old order, the establishment, and because you do that, you will always miss the mark. We’ve rejected all of that, we’re smarter than the people that constructed that paradigm, we’ve written a new, more effective one and oh, yeah, we CONTROL you. You don’t control us. Highly educated core of classically-trained academics. Think rooms filled with doctors of philosophy, talking endlessly about where we are on a continuum that started before Christ. It’s one reason why niggers can hang-out, but can never lead. They’re not qualified, and do not share in the cultural and genetic heritage. Neither do you, Jew. We’re bigger than that. Bigger than you, and bigger than what you and your entire, non-white culture can imagine.

    We are transcendent. You can examine a piece here and a part there pretend to know enough to persuade someone who knows less that you know something, but we’ll read your work and still pick out the flaws and parts that you got wrong.

    Why, for example, do you think we call each other “goy”? Answer: To heavily emphasize who we are NOT. Which is jewish. Imagine a white identity with all of the jewish influence removed. Most people would never even think to do that. Even after you get past the indoctrinated prohibition (by an alien, jewish race) of anti-semitism, you still have to WANT to wonder what “whiteness” is, without any of that “judeo” influence knocking about inside it.

    What is “white” after you subtract “jew” and “nazi” from it? This is the starting point, and it talks a LOT to get the average white person to get to that point. In order to know what “Alt-Right” is, you have to get there yourself.

    What if the 6 million figure was wrong? What if it was only 500,000?
    Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin?
    If Hitler was bad, did that make Stalin “good”?
    What if Hitler had one the war? Where would the US be today?
    What if all negros were shipped back to Africa after the Civil War?
    Why did the Liberian experiment fail?
    Has the quality of life for the average South African improved or degraded since Apartheid ended?
    Why is the NBA 75% black when they are only 13% of the population?
    Why does 13% of the population commit 50% of the homicides?
    if all of these disparities are explained by genetics, then what does that say about whites being called “racist” and blamed for everything?
    Why does no one else talk about Affirmative Action being Institutional Racism?
    Is it reasonable to expect to punish a race in a “judeo-christian” culture for 10 generations after the “sins of their fathers”? You’d think the (biblical) Jews would have something to say about that, but then they aren’t paying the price, are they? (Hence “anti-semitism”)

    This is just a small dab of just what one Alt-Right thinks about. Not the typical, knuckle-dragging retardation of your standard “muh dick” nigger. They haven’t got what it takes to get here, and don’t want to anyways. Whites are irrepressible. We’re explorers, astronauts, adventurers, we’re smarter, faster, and have more courage, we cross boundaries and discover things while mud races eat, shit and fuck for 20,000 years on the North American continent and never invent a written language or even the wheel.

    99% of the people that would label me “racist” for saying these things aren’t smart enough to understand any of them. The Alt-Right is SMARTER than the retards that hate us. Should we submit to their retarded will, or force them to heel and submit to ours? The answer is “B”. The White Race is on the ascent, and we are about to demonstrate how it is that we conquered an entire planet populated by retards, niggers and assorted mud people.

    And that, Jew, is who the Alt-Right is. At least in my opinion. You’ll find someone much smarter and better educated than I am, who will have a better answer, but you’ll never find a nigger that can understand even half of what I just said.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I decided to leave this reply, clearly from a “daily stormer” so that the rest of y’all can dissect it and glean what you can from it. It helps us understand what “daily stormers” are all about. Mr. Whitey, did you just write that you want to kill Nazis?

      • HBDfan says:

        The arrogance in the message above closely parallels how our Liberal overlords (Jewish and Gentile alike) always think they are holier than everyone else. Oh no you aren’t!

    • jewamongyou says:

      An anonymous reader sent me this response:

      He said- ” You’ll find someone much smarter and better educated than I am, who will have a better answer, but you’ll never find a nigger that can understand even half of what I just said.”

      I bet I could, I’ll summarize and comment on the general message of each paragraph. Though first I want to comment on his name, “Tightey Whitey”, a smart man indeed.

      P1. The Alt-Right is a party open for those who neither abide by the guidelines of the mainstream “right” regarding their own adoption of “PC” culture, yet neither fall to the extreme of the less disciplined that lack intelligence (Nazis) or those less affiliated with Cultural boundaries (libertarians) and react to such with collective disdain.

      C1. Given the use of “hate” in his paragraph, I’m not really seeing the difference in terms of temperament between “Nazis” and this guy, or is that not a flaw but rather an asset and their folly is their knowledge? This becomes a problem because he also includes “WN” which really becomes an issue when reading his comment further.

      P2. People make the mistake of adopting, apparently you as well by his words, old traits of the GOP which leads to restraint in intellectual thinking. He then further in implies that this gives Whites independence, free from Jewish academic hegemony. Blacks, in the end, are low on success due to deficiency .

      C2. And here’s where he falls flat, as not only does he display ignorance by taking an ad hominem approach to you despite his first paragraph essentially matching your entire article regarding what would be best to Identify with, but he responded on an ethnic level now appealing to WN/Nazi sentiments rather than Alt Right by his standards when you just wanted clarification . He apparently didn’t understand 100% what you wrote and fundamentally what he has written himself.

      P3. Basically that whites have critical thinking on their side against Jews.

      C3. Maybe so, but in regards in deciphering your beliefs he fails in that appeal, and as my application of critical thinking would show he’s quite vulnerable under scrutiny.

      P4. Now he’s referring to the innate appeal for whites to truly “understand whiteness”.

      C4. Hypocritical to his first paragraph, but nonetheless a insightful idea.

      P5. Uses P4 as an analogy in the process of understanding the Alt Right.

      C5. This, I’ll give TW, was a good device in his comment, philosophical hypocrisy aside.

      P6. His list of major topics that the Alt Right confront, taking a general negative to the mainstream views.

      C6. Probably the first unmistakably Alt-Right perspectives in his comments.

      P7. This then takes an ethnocentric appeal by him contrasting white prowess versus non-white shortcomings. Particularly he makes allusions towards both Whites and Native Americans.

      C7. At this point is where I say I have lost any credibility in his words. First of all this is the most blatant ethnic bias throughout his entire article, but also the narrowness of the races he degrades it proves his national centrism as well. BTW, I believe I rank myself rather higher regarding understanding comprehensive “mud” history and putting them under scrutiny.


      P8. He asserts that those who call him “racist” are merely “retards” who couldn’t actually understand what he said, and that the “Alt Right is superior” to it’s aggressive opponents, who are composed of “retards”, “niggers”, and “mud people, and advocates that the Alt-Right to “conquer” them in a similar fashion that whites have been attributed to doing in the past.

      C8. Where to fucking begin? While 7 was most blatant of his bias, 8 is most blatant of his poor efforts of actually advocating ethnic nationalism that he original said the Alt Right was against. He pretty much contradicts his alleged primary values around intelligence above by breaking down a situation to “us, them, and conquering”.
      As for people calling him racist, it’s one thing to carry disdain for them as it’s defensible under law to carry that view. However, to very clearly support the propaganda of your opponent allows them to justify their position with you being confirmed to be on the offensive rather than advocating a defensive. Outside of a basically poor tactic, this is but another contradiction to his point on “whiteness” without “Jew or Nazi”.

      P9. He affirms that as his answer, admits that someone smarter would give a better answer but contends that a “nigger” couldn’t.

      C9. This is probably the most correct, when isolated, statement he made in his comment. The only real controversy though is whether or not I “qualify” as a nigger, as there’s no real consensus even with WNs whether it’s the equivalent of “white trash”, “typical blacks”, or “all blacks”. Though if we are to extrapolate from his collectivist grouping of races and attributes, I’m probably a “nigger” as I’m particularly black genetically compared to others based off of multiple genetic tests.

      So in that regards he’s wrong.

    • Well... says:

      You might need to go back to the drawing board. “Chiefly driven by anti-egalitarianism” encompasses way too many groups you probably didn’t intend to include: Jewish Zionists, militant feminists, black separatists, etc…

      And what if I’m just a regular conservative who is against abortion, mass immigration, gay marriage, and race quotas? –and in my case, also against the normalization (but not necessarily the very presence) of atheism and obscenity in our popular culture? None of that is driven by anti-egalitarianism. It’s driven by a desire to remain linked to a great heritage and to values central to that heritage.

      On the whole I like hearing different points of view and I don’t want reasonable people to feel unfairly excluded from things. You might say that makes me pretty egalitarian. And yet 9 times out of 10, the realistic policies I would support probably line up with what people in the Alt Right would support.

      I’m perfectly happy not being included in either the Alt Right or Alt Lite–in fact, I’d prefer it at this point–but stuff like this definitely affects your model.

  2. Peter Johnson says:

    Well stated — it is critically important not to let the Alt-right to be linked with anti-semitism. The mainstream media and social justice warriors are working hard to link them so the Alt-right movement needs to work just as hard to eliminate any such link. One problem is that many prominent anti-Alt-right activists are Jewish, so this creates unnecessary hostility for many Alt-rightists. There are also many active Alt-right colleagues who are Jewish as well. So all Alt-rightists should work together and make sure that anti-semitism does not tar the movement.

    • jewamongyou says:

      The issue is that so many Jews, and leftists, have defined “anti-Semitism” as any kind of criticism of Jews or Israel. I don’t see a problem with criticizing either one, or both, of them. The line between healthy criticism and anti-Semitism can be a fuzzy one. I think that somebody who hates another simply because that person is Jewish has crossed the line.

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