Please help persecuted South African Whites! – URGENT!

Europa Unitas Movement

Whites in South Africa are now having their farms and land stolen from them by the racist South African government without compensation. White South Africans of all ages are being horrifically massacred every day. Black South African politician Julius Malema brazenly says that they are not calling for the killing of all whites in South Africa “yet.” These crimes against White South Africans cannot be tolerated and we have a moral duty to speak out against them!

Please call or write to President Trump immediately about this matter. Fox News recently did a story about this. Trump made a non-committal tweet about the issue. That isn’t enough! The South African government must be SANCTIONED for its criminal, racist, and genocidal policies! Additionally, White South Africans must be allowed to come to the US as political refugees for their own safety! This is an emergency situation.

You can contact the president…

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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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8 Responses to Please help persecuted South African Whites! – URGENT!

  1. Thanks for the re-blog! Hopefully we can get Trump to do something for Whites in South Africa. For any uneducated liberals who may be reading this, South Africa was never a black country. It was always White. It was founded by Dutch settlers, it was not until 200 years after the founding of the country that they saw the first blacks in their territory.

    The ANC, Nelson Mandela’s party was a coalition of three parties that included the Communist party. After his death, the communist party admitted Mandela was actually a Communist Party member. Mandela liked to sing “Kill the Boer.” He was also a close friend of Fidel Castro.

    Even Amnesty International could not defend Mandela, while imprisoned, because of his past terrorist acts. The Apartheid government offered to allow Mandela to leave prison, but only if he renounced violence. He refused! Eventually, they let him out anyway! The fact that Cuckservatives like Newt Gingrich praise Mandela proves that they do not give a damn about the lives of innocent white people. Mandela was a murderous communist thug!

    Today, the third largest party in South Africa claims it has no plans to kill all the whites at this time! They imply that at some future time they will do so! When criticized about it, they smile and laugh. We must demand that Whites in SA be allowed to immigrate in order to save their lives. Whites in South Africa who cannot leave that land, must be prepared to make a final stand there. We must urge them to fight in every way possible. Land theft is merely a prelude to complete genocide. For years blacks there have been murdering, raping, and torturing whites. It is only going to get worse. Tragically, the world doesn’t care! We are expected to care about non-whites in every conflict on earth, but no one cares about white deaths! The world snickers at White deaths and says we deserve it!

    Our enemies hate us and want us dead. They want to see white men, women and children brutally butchered in the streets, and their homes stolen. The fact that the US left media establishment is now defending this proves it! Our enemies are swine without honor, and their hearts are filled with murderous hatred! They are the true evil haters! They want to see white children tortured and killed! Our enemies are ugly beyond imagination! They are evil! They are disgusting trash! We ought to hate them back, to hate them is to hate evil! They are only worthy of hatred!

    Do not think this will not happen in the US or other white nations! South Africa is only a preview of what is in store for white nations, when non-white rule is established. South Africa shows what is in store for us, when whites become a minority! Spread this information far and wide! We need to wake up our people before it is too late! Whites becoming a minority is a prelude to genocide! Non-White rule is a prelude to genocide! In South Africa the genocide has already begun! In Europe it has, and in the US it has! Every year Americans are murdered by illegal third world immigrants. More and more Europeans are murdered each year by “migrants,” and “refugees.” How many white people must die before most of our people wake up? How many white people should die every year, so that we can experience the joys of “diversity?”

    Do white liberals really think that non-whites will spare them, when they come to power? A black South African party just banned whites from joining! Even if you are a white person who hates himself, and wants to see his people die, they are still going to see you as just another hated white enemy! They will never trust you, they will never forgive you for being White. You will always be the outsider, and as soon as they have no use for you, they will murder you. You will die, and no one will remember you, no one will mourn you, you will have no legacy. Only racial nationalist Whites can hope to have any future at all! Only we have any chance of being remembered! As Arnold Schwarzenegger said to John Connor, “Come with me if you want to live!”

  2. The Gentle Grizzly says:

    Face reality, folks. Trump will do absolutely nothing during all the scandal-churning going on, if ever. Were he to grant refugee status to whites, he’d not survive another thirty days in office.

    The only real hope the white South Africans have is that the eastern European countries take them in.

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  4. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    I sent an email begging Trump to accept them as refugees several months ago. I reblogged this on my site as well. I fear Gentle Grizzly might be right but I still feel the need to try.

    • Thank you for trying! Fox News, and Michael Savage are talking about this. The political climate is changing. As whites are increasingly killed by non-whites, even conservative networks and radio hosts are starting to take notice. Now is the time to put the pressure on for Trump to do something.

      • The Gentle Grizzly says:

        It’s not so much they’re noticing. They are finally mustering up the bravery to say something. I’m glad they are.

  5. Liberal IQ Realist says:

    I recommend people watch the documentary “Farmlands”:

    It exposes the deteriorating situation in South Africa, particularly towards white farmers.

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