What if his name is Muhammad?

I have a question regarding the tragic burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Suppose it’s concluded that the fire was an accident. Will the authorities release the names of the construction workers in question? Definitely not, and for obvious reasons. But I’d like to know what proportion of those workers are of Muslim background, and do average French citizens believe it wise to entrust priceless national treasures to people who do not value those treasures to the same extent that native French do.

What if it turns out that the worker, who caused the fire, is named Muhammad? Do we believe him that it was an accident? Would Muslims trust non-Muslims to work on their sacred architecture? If one of their priceless mosques were accidentally burned down by a Christian, wouldn’t there be riots?

So it turns out I had more than one question. I’d like some answers.






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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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7 Responses to What if his name is Muhammad?

  1. johnxkane says:

    I am amazed that it could catch fire since the construction (having been here) seems to be all stone or brick or plaster. I can guess that their concern about the possibility of a fire might have seemed remote. BTW it is nice to hear from you again. I had not gotten your stuff for awhile. I disappeared too. I just stopped while I went to grad school. My new blog is in several parts and the one with the most to say is sexworkviolence.com if any one can suggest bloggers who can share my sites address on their blog, I will be happy to do the same for theirs. The second section of my blog, in development, is about loneliness of both sex workers and sex tourists. There is a lot of loneliness in the world and a lot less violence associated with sex work or trafficking then we are being told.

  2. Sincerity’s law: “Speak no negative facts about minorities” explains it all.

    You cannot say it if the name is Muhammad, because that would give away the religion. It would connect a minority muslim with a vile act. And it would stir up prejudices against the religion of peace.

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