Rushton’s fall from grace

One difference between seekers-of-truth, and those who do not seek truth, is that seekers-of-truth do not worship flesh and blood. If you claim that Martin Luther King was immoral and dishonest, you will be shouted down, and possibly physically attacked. At best, you’ll be told that his accomplishments far outweigh his flaws, and that we should continue to revere him for this reason.

I, and many of my readers, like to count ourselves among seekers-of-truth. We don’t worship flesh and blood, and we don’t worship the late Phillipe Rushton. For many years, I admired him, and his book “Race, Evolution and Behavior” was among the first race-realist tomes that I read. I did meet Dr. Rushton once at an American Renaissance conference. He didn’t come across as overly friendly, but I felt honored to meet him.

A friend recently introduced me to Dr. Edward Dutton, AKA “The Jolly Heretic”, who has a presence both on YouTube and on Bitchute. Please take half an hour and watch this video:

Here is a link to Dr. Dutton’s book, “J. Phillipe Rushton: A Life History Perspective.” I have not read it, partly because I didn’t know about it until recently, and partly because I tend to value ideas over people, at least when it comes to reading books.

Dr. Dutton describes Rushton’s theories as “revolutionary,” but I think many people thought along those lines long before “Race, Evolution and Behavior” was published. The main gist of the theory is intuitive to open-minded people who have also experienced the real world.

Some of the video’s criticisms are observations that the Asian/white/black continuum of behavior doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. For example, we find that Asians are LEAST likely to adopt (supposedly linked to altruism), blacks are LEAST likely to go bald (linked to testosterone levels) and oral sex is most popular among whites, not Asians (oral sex being, supposedly, linked to K-strategy reproduction). In all objections of this type, I’ll point out that we don’t live in that sort of linear world, where everything neatly fits into place along racial lines. Evolution/genetics doesn’t explain everything. History and culture also play a role. Race/genetics typically provides only a general tendency – a tendency that will be followed in the absence of other, countervailing, forces.

In my view, the most damning accusations in the video are those that illustrate Dr. Rushton’s dishonesty. The most disturbing of all are those where he lied when there was absolutely no reason to lie. Few would blame Dr. Rushton for not being descended from famous inventors, or for his grandparents’ indiscretions. To ignore Native Americans, and Aborigines, in favor of the more simplistic “3 races” model of humanity seems like laziness. If Native American behavior and test scores yield mixed results, a simple “needs more research” would be the correct reaction.

If Dr. Rushton really did have an affair with a married woman, or beat one of his wives, then he has lost my respect on both counts – but this wouldn’t detract from his scholarly research, even if his love-child is half black. I wouldn’t even call him a hypocrite for it, since he never presented himself as a reverend or a preacher. We can’t expect our scholars to be saints.

Rushton lived his life, and he is gone. I don’t mourn for him. I do mourn for the good research that he may have performed, or collected. Because of his (alleged) actions, ALL of his research is now in doubt – at least until it can be independently corroborated. Unfortunately for us, the political climate will not allow for research into racial cognitive/behavioral differences to be done. For the time being all we can do is sift through the research that has already been done, and try to salvage the wheat from the chaff.

I believe that it’s healthier for us to confront Dr. Rushton’s legacy, and naughtiness, head on, rather than wait for our enemies to use it against us.

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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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