“Vulnerable” Latinos hit hard by Corona

With all the hoopla over blacks being disproportionately victimized by the CCPVirus, it was inevitable that Hispanics would also be so affected. Both populations suffer “disproportionately” from almost everything.

USA Today reports:

SAN FRANCISCO – In a city where 16% of the population is Latino, physician Alicia Fernandez is alarmed by the overwhelming number of Latino patients she is seeing at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

Fernandez blames the high cost of housing in the Bay Area, which finds many impoverished Latinos crowded into small apartments. “Sometimes it’s big families, but others it’s just a group of adults trying to make ends meet,” she says. “It makes it so hard to isolate and quarantine folks.”…

In New York, a grim tally tells the tale: Latinos make up 29% of the population but are 39% of those who have succumbed to COVID-19, the respiratory illness causes by the virus…

Latinos across the U.S. are ill-prepared for their battle against the coronavirus, a crisis that threatens to leave many in this already vulnerable population sick and destitute, according to a new report. Because of a combination of factors – including working in low-paying front-line jobs and a lack of savings and health insurance – Latinos are shouldering a disproportionate burden of the pandemic…

Various reports have shown African Americans make up a disproportionate percentage of COVID-19 deaths given the virus is particularly merciless to those with lung conditions, which plague black Americans in far greater numbers than white Americans. Black workers are also highly represented in the transportation and food supply sectors, which remain open.

First I’ll address the excerpt about blacks. “Black workers are also highly represented in the transportation (sector).”

Indeed they are. As a matter of fact, I’ve written about this before. Why are blacks so “highly represented” in the transportation sector? It’s because of Affirmative Action. If you read my linked post about Miami bus drivers, you may wonder if I ever did hear back from the Miami-Dade Transit Authority. They never got back to me. It seems obvious that the reason blacks dominate government jobs in big cities is black privilege. In other words, they demanded it, they had the political clout to get it, practiced nepotism to that end, and achieved dominance in such sectors – all with the blessings of the Corporate Media. And now that same media has the gall to cry INJUSTICE when those Affirmative Action jobs lead to higher rates of infection!

But back to Hispanics. If you read the USA Today article, you’ll notice that there is no mention of any link between the high infection rates among Latinos, and their voluntary behavior. A few posts ago, I quoted a Yahoo comment regarding this, which was made well before anybody reported on higher rates of infection among Latinos. I’ll quote it again:

In the neighborhood where I live social distancing is strictly enforced in all the stores and neighbors will call you out if they see you acting otherwise on the street. About the only people who really treat it seriously in the impoverished neighborhood are the asians, white people take more precautions then most but not as seriously as the asians, black folks are mostly indifferent and still congregating in groups and get close to you and each other, and the Hispanics ignore all the rules and show up with all their children some of them coughing all over the store and in your face and the parents let them do it without so much as a word of rebuke.

Here’s a photo I took today, where you can clearly see those “vulnerable” Latinos playing soccer at a park:



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