Mexican beats American for flying Trump flag

This is from The Blaze:

Greg Bloch and his family were at the Oasis Campground in central Wisconsin on the first weekend of August. Bloch told WSAW-TV that a group, who appeared to be intoxicated, walked though his family’s campsite around dusk on Saturday, Aug. 1. Bloch believes the three individuals were a mother, her son in his 20s, and an older man.

“Three individuals came walking through our campsite. It was dusk, and they were coming from a pond, and they had been drinking and seemed pretty inebriated,” Bloch told Heavy. Bloch said they dropped pizza boxes and beer cans as they walked near his camper.

“They were dropping that (pizza) all over, and my mom and I said, ‘Can you please pick that up,'” Bloch’s daughter, Alexandria Dean, said. “It was all over our campsite. They said, ‘Oh sorry.'”

“Spilling stuff through our campsite, and, they picked up their stuff and were apologetic about it, until the younger individual, the male, went through and saw the Trump flag that I had just purchased that day,” according to Bloch.

“That’s when they saw my flag on my awning,” Bloch said. The younger man then allegedly said, “I’m Mexican. What’s up with that Trump flag?”

Bloch responded, “I said ‘Trump loves everybody, have a good day,’ just trying to move him along.”

As the man walked away, he allegedly said, “That flag is coming down later.” Bloch retorted, “No, it’s not.”

Bloch claims that about 20 minutes later he heard banging on the side of his camper. “My wife says, ‘They’re back,'” Bloch alleges, adding that there were three men in the group when they showed up a second time. “As soon as I rounded the camper, I noticed the flag was torn down,” he said.

“The one male rushed me, the one I had the conversation with earlier, and I’m like ‘Okay, this is going down I guess,'” Bloch, who said he had never been in a fight in his life until that moment, explained. “We grappled; fell into my camper; fell down to the ground. At that point, I was getting pummeled by all three. They were landing on my face, my nose.”

One of the attackers identified himself as “Mexican.” It’s interesting that The Blaze didn’t point this out in the headline; it’s important to the story, as it illustrates why it’s so important to limit immigration from Mexico: Freedom of speech is not one of the pillars of the Mexican nation. Littering is also much more rampant in Mexico than it is in the United States.

With any luck, the perpetrators will be found, prosecuted and deported.


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