A White Student in the Ghetto

This is from Quora, specifically, an answer to the question:

What are some instances of white privilege that many Americans experience on a regular basis and because of that, don’t think all that much about, if at all?

Hmmm. Let me think this one through.

Now, I was in the NYC school system attending Bronx schools when they were integrated in the 1960’s via busing. It was a fascinating experience.

Let me explore the boundaries of what I was privileged to experience.

Was it being being constantly called a four-eyed Jew by my black classmates? I didn’t feel very privileged by that. (I wasn’t ethnically Jewish, and I did point that out, but I appreciated the sentiments being expressed. And I did wear glasses.)

Was it being attacked physically in classroom by a couple of black classmates who were larger than me because I refused to be intimidated by them? I don’t remember a feeling of privilege washing over me at the time. I DID enjoy the experience of learning from a street smart friend on how to turn one of those old style Bic pens into a lethal weapon by driving it into an attacker’s trachea. (Sort of like what the Joker does in that Batman movie.) I almost succeeded in this endeavor and gained the reputation of being something of a honey badger, which made my life easier. I didn’t receive any accolades or bonus points on my acquired skill, though.

How about the regular extortions for money? “Can I hold a dime, can I hold a quarter.” I refused to ever pay up, but the Jewish kids who did told me they didn’t feel privileged, just poorer.

There was the time one of my classmates was seriously, seriously injured by a much larger black classmate and the white teachers at the school were very solicitous of the assailant. (I knew him and he was a nasty bastard.) He got off with a slap on the wrist. But that’s not really “white privilege,” is it.

So, can’t really say I ever felt “privileged.” More like potential prey.

It’s all a matter of perspective, you see.

A black woman questioned the validity of his story, and he continued:

+++“White privilege” is all of the times that you don’t get singled out for your race because you are part of the majority in the US. +++

I recall being singled out continuously for a period of years in physical and intimidating fashion by people of presumably western African descent. During this period, this group was not in turn physically assaulted and robbed by people of presumably eastern European descent. I DO vividly recall how the educational establishment did its best to protect the attackers and robbers.

So I find your claims of continuously being picked on unconvincing. I’ve seen and experienced the opposite.

+++ Having a few people be mean to you who happened to be black? It didn’t take away your privilege. +++

What a cheap race hustle. The “black” kids weren’t mean. They were violent and predatory. Of course, not all of them were like this. But there were plenty who were and they weren’t met with counterforce and intimidation.

+++ It didn’t take away your privilege. +++

What “privilege?” The privilege of knowing I was a target simply because of the amount of melanin in my epidermis?

The “privileged” were the predators who were given the signal they could get away with their behavior and face no consequences. I call that “black” privilege.”

+++ I’m still who I am. +++

If you weren’t that would be confusing. So, for years you were stalked and intimidated by whites? While school authorities did nothing?

+++ he loss of that privilege by being in the minority at school. +++

I wasn’t “in the minority.” There were far more whites than blacks. They could have given the “blacks” much more grief than they received if they were so inclined. The majority of the kids in that school in that time were Jewish and they were taught not create roving packs of predators. They were taught that was a wrong way to behave.

Unfortunately for them, their black counterparts weren’t being taught the same things. A case of “black” privilege in action.

+++Not having to feel what you complain of from that temporary experience daily for your entire life is white privilege. +++

Temporary my ass. For decades after that I dealt with black intimidation and violence. Like the time I was walking home from college near DeWitt Clinton and some puny black kid pulled a fake gun on me and tried to rob me. I still remember the look on his face when I clocked him. I hope he went down a different path. The time I was walking back from my favorite used book store near campus and a three-man wolfpack chased me pack to the school and ran right into the police patrol always stationed nearby. The time when I was dating my wife and we took the subway out to Coney Island and on the train platform returning home I spotted another wolfpack stalking us. I had to explicitly give her directions on how to get away and seek safety as I prepared to march forward and engage them.

I experienced several more such incidents over the years. Yet, somehow I refrained from ever beating up, robbing, and wolfpacking anyone. I guess I was just glorying in my “white privilege.”

I find your entire argument disgraceful and an example of race hustling at its worst. You have no business trying to argue for an excuse for inexcusable behavior. And as a former cop, I’d think you’d know something about how people and groups are always trying to get over.

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I Found an Interesting Leaflet

While on my way to our Back the Blue rally today, I found an interesting leaflet on the ground:

Not bad! Hopefully, there aren’t enough idiots in Portland to actually elect this Marxist.

In other news, a sorority member, at the University of Kansas, has been placed on probation for criticizing Black Lives Matter. They support “freedom of speech,” as long as it’s not blasphemy.

Facebook censored Babylon Bee, and demonetized its account for daring to satire Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii. Facebook later backtracked and apologized.

The way things are going, “progressives” can eliminate the First Amendment without any new laws or constitutional amendments. It’s not possible to live in the modern world without availing oneself of the services of big tech companies, universities, banks etc. The result of such corporate persecution will mean that only wealthy people will have freedom of speech; the rest of us will be silenced.

Funny how proponents of socialism/communism, who claim to fight for the working class, are actually creating a world where only the wealthy will have any say.

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Boer Lives Matter

It costs only a few dollars and a little time to become an activist. My local Ace Hardware store sells spray-on adhesive for a little less than $5. I used my laser printer to print out the following page:

I cut out the labels and put them in my pocket. Then, as I walked toward my Back the Blue rally, I pulled them out, one at a time, and pasted them to utility poles and other suitable surfaces using the spray. Here’s a “suitable surface:”

I think the rain will eventually wash it off; it’s not permanent. Here are some tips that y’all can learn from my experience:

Keep the labels in a plastic bag, not directly in your pocket.

Wear latex/nitrile gloves.

Use tweezers to pull the labels from the bag, and a toothbrush, or something similar, to spread the glue around.

I didn’t do any of those things – and I got glue on my clothes and all over my hands; it was difficult to get off. Some of the labels became unusable because they folded over and got glued together. It’s a learning experience, but I was able to plaster a few of them in downtown Portland.

Next time, I’ll make the labels a little bigger.

Please join me in this effort, and let’s stand with our beleaguered brothers and sisters in South Africa.

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French Teacher Beheaded by Muslim Refugee

From Euronews:

Demonstrations were held across France on Sunday in tribute to a teacher who was beheaded by an attacker after showing his students caricatures of Mohammad.

Samuel Paty was murdered near the school where he worked, in the commune of Conflans Saint-Honorine, northwest of Paris, on Friday…

Paty, a 47-year-old history and geography teacher, was decapitated near the school at around 5 pm local time.

Police told the AFP news agency that he had hosted a class discussion with secondary school students about cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Some Muslim parents said they had complained to the school and French media reported Paty had received a number of threats in the wake of the class.

Of course, this is not the first time Native Europeans have been murdered for showing cartoons of Mohammad. As Europe’s Muslim population continues to grow, such incidents will become ever more common – probably to the point where they’re not even considered newsworthy anymore.

We’ve been told that so-called “hate-crimes” are among the worse kinds of crime possible, that it’s worse to murder somebody for what he is than for what he does.

Which murder is more heinous, that of a person who upset others by saying something offensive, or that of a person who was targeted only due to his ethnicity or religion?

“Conventional wisdom” (IE. The Narrative of the elite) would have us believe that the latter is more serious. The US Department of Justice explains this:

Why have hate crime laws?

Hate crimes have a broader effect than most other kinds of crime. Hate crime victims include not only the crime’s immediate target but also others like them. Hate crimes affect families, communities, and at times, the entire nation.

Notably, the accompanying graphic excludes able-bodied white people from being victims of hate-crimes:

Having been a victim of this kind of “hate-crime” myself, I can attest to its psychological impact, and the trauma it can cause to the associated community. I’m not arguing that these extra layers of suffering don’t exist.

I will argue, however, that attacks such as the Islamic one in question cause even more damage.

For all the pain that ethnic/racial attacks cause, the surviving victims remain the same ethnicity/race that they were before. If Samuel Paty had been murdered for being Native French, the remaining French people would have been shaken and angry – but they would continue eating croissants, drinking wine and speaking French. They would remain just as French as they were before. Their skin color wouldn’t change, and their DNA would remain intact. If anything, their group identity might even be strengthened, perhaps even to the point of having more French babies.

But Mr. Paty was murdered for showing caricatures of Mohammad. Each time such an attack occurs, Native Europeans will be increasingly fearful of practicing whatever freedom of speech they have left. Eventually, certain types of speech will become illegal in every practical sense. Drawing caricatures of Mohammad will be similar to a white man yelling “nigger” in a crowded subway station – legal, but ill-advised and dangerous.

Hence, terrorist attacks against freedom of speech (or other freedoms) whittle away at the values that make modern Western Civilization special. They rob us of our liberty, and turn us into slaves.

Ethnic/racial murders rob some of us of our lives. Islamic attacks rob all of us of some of our liberty. It seems to me that the Islamic attacks are worse.

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San Fran Leftist Bullies BEAT, & Knock People’s Teeth Out At #Twitter HQ:

This is what an “idea” can do to your teeth.

The Mad Jewess

Leftist Bullies BEAT AND BLOODY People At #Twitter HQ:

If your ideology makes you violent enough to harm humans until their teeth are knocked out, you have a REAL problem. Laughing at things like this (as the person below is doing) is repulsive. Another Communist psychopath on Twitter said that the person who knocked this young mans teeth out is a ‘patriot’.

As many as a dozen conservatives, many wearing Make America Great Again ball caps, were attacked by Antifa terrorists outside Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.

THE REST:At Todd Starnes..

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Be Proud of the Snow, but not of Being White

According to the New York Daily News, a group of white-supremacists was arrested for distributing an assortment of drugs in Utah:

Federal authorities in Utah have charged 21 white supremacist gang members and associates with distributing drugs and firearms around the state, according to a series of indictments unsealed Friday.

The charges follow a 16-month investigation into three “home-grown” hate groups — Soldiers of Aryan Culture, Silent Aryan Warriors and Noble Elect Thugs — which officials described as increasingly organized criminal enterprises.

“Unfortunately, this is a Utah product,” U.S. Attorney John Huber said at a news conference. “There are many things to be proud of in Utah, from our snow, beautiful mountains, national parks. White supremacist gangs, it’s one of ours. We own it and we’re not proud of it.”

The suspects are accused of selling methamphetamine, heroin, painkillers, marijuana and other drugs in the Salt Lake City and Ogden areas…

Officials said many of the defendants have been involved in criminal conduct in Utah communities for many years. One of the gangs, Soldiers of Aryan Culture, was born in a Utah state prison in the 1990s and has been expanding ever since, Huber told reporters.

The FBI recently warned lawmakers that white supremacist groups are among the top threats to U.S. national security.

The word “pride” has been the source of much confusion, because it means more than one thing. It can describe the good feeling we have after we’ve personally accomplished something. It can also refer to the good feeling we have for things associated with us, even though we were not responsible for them.

It doesn’t help matters that Dictionary.com lists the following definition:

celebration of a specific minority group and affirmation of equal rights for members of that community: Black pride;Puerto Rican pride.

Yes, Dictionary.com built anti-white bias into its very definition of “pride,” at least until whites are a “minority.” This is assuming an American context, as opposed to an international context; whites are a small minority world-wide. Also, apparently, South African whites are allowed to have white pride.

Oh, and according to U.S. Attorney John Huber, it’s okay to take pride in the snow, the mountains and the national parks – but not in being white. Perhaps somebody could explain this to me, because it doesn’t seem to make much sense.

One statement that caught my interest is that “Soldiers of Aryan Culture, was born in a Utah state prison in the 1990s.” I suspected that the gang was founded in order to protect white inmates from abuse by non-white inmates.

The Gorilla Convict website goes into more detail as to the origins of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture:

Court record and media reports confirm that Tracy Swena a.k.a “Tin Man” founded the gang inside the Utah prison system in 1997. Using a Para-military structure, Swena oversaw the gangs operations by acting as top general, ordering assaults on prison guards and running a methamphetamine ring.  To rise through the ranks, Swena admitted, members would commit violent acts against black and Hispanic inmates chosen at Random…

A career criminal from Utah named Victor Buchi has first-hand knowledge about the founders of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture. In October of 2007, at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina, Bucho told Gorilla Convict that Tracy Swena and his younger brother Steve Swena a.k.a “Tazz” grew up in the suburbs of Ogden, Utah.

“They were like a lot of kids in the area. The got high, listen to a lot of rap, and committed petty crimes.” They were also in a multi-racial street gang, said Buchi. “They weren’t racists at all.”

Tracy Swena’s “racial awakening” occurred inside the Utah state prison system. According to Buchi, Tracy hooked up with an older white guy from California who had ties to the Aryan Brotherhood.

Somehow, I doubt that the gang Swena was involved with in his childhood was founded by whites. We can’t know for sure, but it’s a safe bet that it was a black/Hispanic gang that also accepted white members. I say this because gang culture in the United States is almost exclusively a black/Hispanic phenomenon – with the exception of exclusively white gangs, and obviously this gang was not of the latter type. Hence, it was likely non-whites who provided the bad influence in Swena’s early life. But this is all conjecture.

Of greater interest to me are the comments, most of which seem to be from fellow Soldiers of Aryan Culture members. Here are a couple:

WTF? “What was once the dream of one white kid with a too much time on his hands” That is the dumbest quote i have read all year and trust me i have read some really stupid liberal shit here lately. What i can not figure out is how or why idiots like you down play White Pride.The same retards that hate white people who are proud to be white and are trying to preserve their race are the same idiots who protect endangered species and cry when an eagle gets killed. Why protect an animal to keep them here and do everything you can to choke out the white people? What is sad if we were animals we would be on a endangered list with only 9% of the world population being white. SMH just another idiot who has fell for government lies and now produces their propaganda.

Decent article (maybe halfway accurate) btw im from SAW but i give credit where its due. Tin man is highly intelligent and calculated.. This article makes him out to be who started a gang for fame and power.. It was truly started due to the way the white race (minority at the time) was treated by the gangs and other races.. It was started cuz he didnt want to see white ppl being beat, stabbed and taken advantage of due to being the only race (at the time) without a group or gang to stand behind.. It wasnt started with the intention to commit baseless violence. It was about protecting OUR PPL.. They/ we are not psychos that attack ppl for no reason. Respect is earned not given. Im sick of the negative publicity geared towards making anyone thats proud to be white a racist. Its bullshit especially since WE should be proud. We have ZERO reason to feel bad or sorry for being the best country in the world.. WHITE LIVES MATTER MORE!! If all are created equal then Africa should have no problem providing food and water & electricity for theirselves.. Oh fyi the person that allegedly wrpte the death threat was not and never has been sac.. Tin man is a legend that paved the way and made our prisons safer for our race…

So we see that, as usual, valid concerns can lead to ugly reactions. From the first, above, comment, we see concern over the ongoing slow genocide against white people, and the propaganda against white people – both topics that I’ve documented on this blog.

The second comment verifies what I suspected all along – that the gang was founded in order to protect white inmates from abuse by non-white inmates. Naturally, if black and Hispanic inmates had their own gangs, and were preying upon white inmates, the only recourse open to the victims was to create their own gangs.

By forcing white prisoners into predominantly non-white prisons, and subjecting them to mortal danger, the government was essentially creating “white-supremacist” gangs.

It was the government that created this phenomenon, and now it’s the government that proclaims:

white supremacist groups are among the top threats to U.S. national security.

Let us assume that the charges are valid, and that these groups were selling hard drugs. The odds are that many, if not most, of their clients are white. If so, then the government has attacked its white citizens on three fronts:

  1. By forcing whites and NAMs together, it created a situation where some whites would be directly victimized by NAM gang culture. Meanwhile, other whites would be assimilated into this NAM gang culture; they would become gang members themselves.
  2. Once these white criminals were incarcerated, the government created a situation where they were vulnerable to NAM violence – thus forcing them to create their own gangs.
  3. Once these white criminals created their own gangs in prison, they would distribute dangerous drugs to whites outside of prison upon their release.

All of this started with forced integration, and the mass importation of third-worlders into the United States.

If Biden becomes president, as seems likely, then the government will accelerate its importation of third-worlders, and it will accelerate its forced integration policies. The result will be many more “white-supremacist” gangs, and much more “white-supremacist” crime.

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White man injects chemicals to “become black”

This is old news, but it’s an opportunity to introduce my dear readers to YouTuber Sydney Watson. She’s actually buddies with Avi Yemini, who I’ve written about before, and she’s a delight to listen to. In this video, she tells the sad tale of a white man who hates his own race so much that he went to extremes to make himself look black – and not very successfully. We can add his name to the growing list of extreme self-haters.


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Let’s Hope Gal Gadot has Good Security

The decision to cast Israeli actress Gal Gadot as Cleopatra, in an upcoming movie, has ruffled the usual feathers. You see, the real Cleopatra was “African,” and Gal Gadot is not African, so this decision is “racist.”

The BBC moans:

Plans for a new movie about Cleopatra have sparked a controversy before filming has even started.

The role of the famed ancient Egyptian ruler is to be played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, best known for her Hollywood depictions of Wonder Woman.

The announcement has led to a row on social media with some alleging “cultural whitewashing”, where white actors portray people of colour.

Some have said the role should instead go to an Arab or African actress.

The Guardian shrieks:

But even with a female director, and female screenwriter in Laeta Kalogridis on board, the casting of an Israeli actor with Ashkenazi Jewish heritage as the legendary Queen of Egypt has led to a not unfounded debate about Hollywood whitewashing.

AlJazeera laments:

Fans’ reactions were mostly sceptical, with many accusing Hollywood of whitewashing and wondering whether Cleopatra should be played by an actress of colour…

Lexi Alexander, a Palestinian-German director, said the role should go to a Black actress.

“I believe we should cast someone like the 3D image they created based on the the coin they found with Cleopatra on it … which means the part should go to a Black actress,” she said on Twitter.

It’s true that Hollywood was guilty of shameless whitewashing in the past. I remember, as a kid, watching The Ten Commandments and wondering why everyone was so white, considering that the story took place in Egypt. Couldn’t they have found Mexicans to play some of the parts? Doing so would have resulted in a more accurate depiction of those ancient people, and it might have saved them money. All they had to do was show up at a spot with a lot of illegal immigrants, load a few dozen of them into vans, give them ancient Egyptian-looking cloths and teach them how to walk like Egyptians. At the end of the day, pay them each $5 and send them on their way.

But no. Instead, they insisted on portraying ancient Egyptians as if they were Europeans…

… and Cleopatra was, in fact, European. If her mother was Egyptian, she would probably still have looked Mediterranean. She was certainly not a Negress.

Here’s an answer from Quora (What do you think about Gal Gadot being tapped to play Cleopatra, and why is everyone so divided?):

It’s 100% appropriate and the people flipping out over it are wrong.

Okay. So. First things first, Gal Gadot means controversy because she’s Israeli. Some people were flipping out over the Wonder Woman casting because of that. Wonder Woman was banned in some countries for having an Israeli star. I’m serious.[1]

Now, putting anti-Semitism aside for five seconds… here are a couple of modern attempts to realistically reconstruct Cleopatra’s appearance.

Honestly, in that reconstruction, Cleopatra… looks more stereotypically Jewish than Gal Gadot.

Cleopatra ruled Egypt. Egypt is on the African continent. There are a certain segment of people who think, on an ideological basis, that choosing a white actor to play a non-white character is gänzlich verboten. This is “white-washing” or “blackface,” depending on the details of the portrayal.

Hollywood has done this a lot in the past, so it’s not a crazy complaint in and of itself. One recent notable example was turning the Tibetan Ancient in Dr. Strange into a white woman. (This was probably mostly done to appease Chinese political sensibilities.)

Now, there are also a certain segment of people who believe that Egyptians were “black.” As in ethnically and racially similar to sub-Saharan Africans.[2] This is fairly clearly wrong, as can be seen by study of genetics,[3] linguistics,[4]or just by looking at the historical record showing lots of interaction between Egyptians and their Mediterranean neighbors.

They do have a more distant relationship with eastern Africans in the Horn, but culturally, linguistically, and genetically, west and central Africa aren’t any measurably closer than, say, India. Which is to say not very close.

Linguistics and genetics both show the ancient Egyptians to be most closely tied to Semitic people, i.e., Jews and Arabs. Gal Gadot, being Israeli, has Semitic cultural heritage and ancestry.[5] although there are some people among both of the above segments who think Ashkenazi Jews are “fake” Semites.

These two segments overlap.

Now, here’s a twist. Cleopatra was from a Greek dynasty of Egyptian rulers. She may have had some Egyptian ancestors, but everything I said about ancient Egyptians being more closely tied to other Mediterraneans than sub-Saharan Africa goes double for Cleopatra, because she was a Greek Egyptian. Greeks ruled Egypt at that time!

That also means that Gal Gadot is possibly not as European as Cleopatra was.

The consensus is that Gal Gadot is more beautiful than the real Cleopatra would have been. Personally, I disagree; based on the reconstruction in the above Quora answer, Cleopatra was more beautiful. This is a fact, because I am an authority.

Gal Gadot is pretty, but not stunning. Nevertheless, her life matters.

Due to the violent nature of so many Africans, and the artificially fomented controversy surrounding Gadot’s upcoming role, she is in danger. I do hope she has adequate security.

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The Left Cannibalizes Leftist Institutions

According to Mediagov, “Institutional Racism” is pervasive in America, where white-supremacy reigns supreme, and the good-ol’-boys continue to conspire to keep the Negro down.

Of course, the opposite is true – as has already been documented numerous times on this blog. The only “institutional racism” in America is against whites, in the form of Affirmative Action, “goals” and threats of lawsuits for failure to comply.

So what’s an angry mob to do? It seems that the answer is to indiscriminately destroy whatever happens to be at hand. This makes sense, if we bear in mind that angry BLMers truly believe that practically all American institutions are white-supremacist in nature – at least if they are run by white people.

Museums (presumably including “historical societies”) are run by white people, and patronized by white people, so why not vandalize them?

From KATU2:

PORTLAND, ORE. — Leaders and members of the Indigenous community spoke out Monday against the violence and destruction that occurred in downtown Portland on the eve of Indigenous Peoples Day.

Online, the planned event was promoted as “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage.” Portland is one of several US cities that recognizes Indigenous Peoples Day, however, the day is recognized federally as Columbus Day.

“The fact that someone would hijack Indigenous People’s Day and cause more violence is not appropriate. It’s not appropriate for any of these situations,” said Rep. Tawna Sanchez, of Shoshone-Bannock, Ute, and Carrizo descent, who represents North and Northeast Portland…

Rep. Sanchez said the Oregon Historical Society has been working with Oregon tribes to ensure their history is told through their own perspective.

“The destruction of the Oregon Historical Society in any way shape or form is unconscionable because that place, amazingly, is part of the actual truth,” Sanchez said.

The article goes on to say that the Indigenous community also denounced the violence downtown in general terms, stating that “this is not how we do things.”

Good for the Indigenous people for speaking up about this… but I’d like to know if they’d taken a stand against the mayhem from the beginning, or if it only matters to them when it affects an institution that’s friendly to their interests. Native Americans who participated in the protests were shocked that these “protests” included breaking windows, burning things and otherwise destroying businesses and property.

I find it hard to believe that they didn’t know this was going on before. As they say, “Silence is Violence.”

The rioters attacked the Historical Society (presumably) because they simply assumed that it was just another white-supremacist institution. Had they done their research beforehand, they would have realized that there are no brick-and-morter white-supremacists institutions in America. The Elk wasn’t racist, the street signs aren’t racist, the police aren’t racist, the statues aren’t racist – and the Historical Society isn’t racist. But they feel the urge to vent their anger on something.

In another KATU2 article, we read about an “African-American commemorative quilt” that was damaged in the riots:

PORTLAND, Ore. — Along with multiple downtown businesses, the Oregon Historical Society was damaged during an overnight riot.

The society said Monday a commemorative quilt was taken from the building.

“There was one item that was on display in the pavilion. It was a beautiful African American heritage bicentennial quilt that was made by 15 African American women in this community,” said OHS Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk…

Tymchuk said the quilt has traveled around the country and each of its squares represents a Black individual or moment in history. He said the quilt was found by police a few blocks away soaking wet.

“It’s a priceless piece of history here,” Tymchuk said.

The article doesn’t mention any outrage from Portland’s black community, nor am I aware of any black leaders proclaiming that “this is not how we do things.”

If I were to ask random black people, on the streets of Portland, I’m sure most would be unaware of the above incidents. Most would agree that such actions are not productive – but where is the outcry?

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Sons of Liberty join us for Back the Blue

Yesterday was a chilly, overcast and rainy day, so I didn’t expect much of a turnout at our Back the Blue rally.

It soon became apparent that I was wrong; I would estimate that there were around 100 people there. What a pleasant surprise! It was explained to me that the City of Portland had just removed the primitive elk statue that had temporarily replaced the historic one.

Here you can see the original Elk on the right, and its replacement on the left:

courtesy of usareally.com

This was after BLM rioters had burned the original one at least twice, and turned the site into a makeshift BLM shrine – since it stands directly across from the Justice Center, which BLM rioters had been attacking nightly.

In short, it had become just another BLM eyesore in the heart of Portland. Now that we had the numbers, the morale, and the ability to defend ourselves, some of our Sons of Liberty guests took it upon themselves to bring a pickup truck, and haul away all the BLM garbage:

Of course, I helped out. This is the result:

One of the ladies in our group also took it upon herself to fix some ACAB graffiti that had been bothering us:

Afterwards, some of us marched to the site where Aaron Danielson was murdered. The plan was to simply stand there, hold flags and place a new small flag on his memorial tree. Of course, Antifa showed up to start trouble. It was our original intent to remain there for only about an hour, so after a while, we made an ordered departure. One of the Antifa had sprayed some pepper spray in our direction at one point; none of us wanted a showdown such as we had last week.

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