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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!

Something worth seeing from TED

Sorry about not posting for a long time. Things have been good for me, and yet I’m not even remotely on course for  retirement at a decent age. Therefore, I’ve been spending almost all my time earning money. I’ll probably … Continue reading

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More Portland protests

I was going to write about my recent cruise to Alaska/Canada, but I haven’t finished editing those photos yet, and we’ve had some nice protests, so I figured I’d post about the protests first. Y’all may remember that we had … Continue reading

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Recent events

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by recent events, and that’s why I haven’t been posting; I always ask myself: Where to start? Firstly, I know that some of y’all are feeling discouraged by the events in Charlottesville and the aftermath. … Continue reading

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Google’s “anti-diversity manifesto”

It’s telling that the first page of Google search results does not yield that actual text of the memo. However, it does appear on the second page, here. I’ll include it at the end of this post. Also telling is … Continue reading

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Just got back from the 2017 Amren conference

… and you may be asking yourselves: What took me so long to write about it? The answer is that I took a detour to New Jersey on the way home. As for the conference, I don’t think I can … Continue reading

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What is the true meaning of jihad?

If you look up “What is the true meaning of jihad?” on Google, you’ll have to do a lot of scrolling before you reach any source that offers a generally non-peaceful interpretation of this word. Did Google manipulate the results? … Continue reading

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A White Man Deliberately Plowed a Van into Worshippers

When Muslims plow vans into crowds of people, we’re told that “a van plowed into pedestrians…”. The attackers are described as “assailants”: At least six people died and three attackers were killed in multiple “terrorist incidents” Saturday in London after a van plowed into pedestrians … Continue reading

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