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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!

Yelling “I Hate White People,” and Punching One, isn’t a Hate Crime

My friend Diversity Chronicle sent me this story from The Washington Post: Tamara Crowchief may have yelled “I hate white people” as she carried out a violent assault on a white person, but that doesn’t mean her attack was racially … Continue reading

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Cornell University Encourages Microaggressions Against People of Color

Thanks to Amren for pointing us to a story from Campus Reform regarding Cornell University’s new immunization requirements and exemptions: Students at Cornell University can use their status as a “person of color” to be exempt from the university’s flu vaccine requirement. … Continue reading

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I Clicked the “I am not a Robot Box”

Today I visited the Department of Motor Vehicles website in order to renew the registration on my motorcycle. At the end of one of the pages is the familiar box, where we certify that we’re not robots. I clicked on … Continue reading

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Race in Dominican Republic

The vast majority of Dominicans are mulattoes, and there’s a sprinkling of mestizos and white people mixed in. It’s possible that some areas have a different racial mix than others, but I only visited four places, and wasn’t able to … Continue reading

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Travel Musings

Objectively speaking, the airport is the best place to express dissenting views. Security is everywhere, so there’s little risk of being attacked by Antifa. It’s government property, so the First Amendment applies; all lawful sentiments are protected. So naturally, I … Continue reading

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I’m Back from Vacation

It’s not even six o’clock in the morning, so why am I writing a post at this ungodly hour? It’s because I’m jet-lagged; my body thinks it’s ten o’clock in the morning. That’s the time in Dominican Republic, where I’ve … Continue reading

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BLM Supports Slavery

On several occasions during my Back the Blue adventures, I’ve heard BLMers shriek “Buildings are not people!” in reference to accusations of property destruction by BLM rioters. Their general sentiment seems to be that it’s okay to destroy property for … Continue reading

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Ending on a Positive Note

As mentioned, I’m going on vacation soon, so this might be my last post until I return in a few weeks. Y’all will be pleased to know that we had another Back the Blue rally today, and it went very … Continue reading

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BLM Crashes Back the Blue Rally in Portland

It was rainy today, so I didn’t bring my (famous) signs. Instead, I came to stand with my friends one last time before my upcoming vacation. But soon after our arrival, trouble came our way: My bodycam wasn’t on the … Continue reading

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It’s been a Stressful Day

We shouldn’t worry about things that are out of our control, but I can’t help it; I’m a born worrier, and I really want Trump to win this election. However, as of this writing, I’m not very optimistic; it’s still … Continue reading

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