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Overreporting of white traffic violations is “racism against nonwhites”

It would be funny, if it weren’t so tragic, to witness the extremes that mediagov will go to in order to express its hatred toward whites. In a sane world, if it came to light that crimes by whites have … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby and controlled-media hypocricy

Once again we see the corporate-controlled media pretending to be knights in shining armor, coming to the aid of crime victims. It was this self-same media that was responsible (in large part) for the Charlotte church shooting. It was their … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Charleston shooting

There are lots of ways to advocate for white people. You can educate friends and family, hand out flyers, post comments online, attend conferences, choose who we do business with and give our wireless networks provocative names. But shooting up … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about suicide

… but that post didn’t work out, so I’m writing about homosexuals instead. It seems an athlete named Steward Butler has been accused of attacking two men who were kissing each other. Butler is being charged with a hate-crime. This … Continue reading

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Shoot the Baltimore rioters? I don’t think so.

Regarding the recent news, that Wayne County’s assistant prosecutor was forced to resign over her Facebook comment (“the way to end the violence in Baltimore was to shoot the protesters”), I commented that I disagree with her. In my opinion, … Continue reading

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My First DV

Originally posted on Just the Facts, Ma'am:
I got this story on Facebook this week from a friend I worked with at Rohnert Park DPS, Paul Lawrence. A cop and fire fighter both, Lawrence retired in 2011 due to…

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Why I haven’t posted in a while

Dear readers, There is no dark, or sinister, reason I haven’t been posting much recently. The forces of darkness have not gotten to me, my health is fine and all is well. But I’ve been planning my next big travel … Continue reading

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