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Bombs versus tolerance; the Paris massacre

The reaction of the establishment Left, to the recent massacres in Paris, is predictable. It will call for more of the same: Love, tolerance, “diversity” – and an international group hug for Islam. In contrast, there will be more calls … Continue reading

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Some Oregonian tidbits

We can open any major newspaper, on any given day, and find examples of anti-white propaganda. I came across an Oregonian from January 10th and found these: Alcohol, drugs not a factor in fatal stabbing … The results show that … Continue reading

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What can we be offended about today?

I remember, back in high school, being upset that a quiz question asked what date Christmas falls on. I didn’t know, and this hurt my score. As an adult, I view things differently; scoring a bit lower on a quiz … Continue reading

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What would be the reaction in France?

I found this on alarabiya: Ad depicting U.S. soldier and Muslim wife met with mixed reactions Paul Crompton, Al Arabiya An advertisement picturing a U.S. solider and a fully-veiled Muslim woman in an embrace has provoked mixed reactions on the … Continue reading

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Vicarious submissiveness

Human Stupidity (he sends me a lot of stuff) recently sent me an article that deals with the frequent incompatibility between feminism, which asserts equality between the sexes, and human sexuality, which often favors inequality between the sexes. The Psychology … Continue reading

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Muslim teaching his son paranoia

While in downtown Portland today, a man walked up to me and gave me a small flyer. This is what is says: We are American citizens. The government is trying to kill us. We are being tortured, insulted, humiliated (e.g. … Continue reading

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The gay pride parade in Portland

A buddy of mine called me and said, “Let’s go to the Thai parade Sunday.” I thought, “Oh cool! A Thai parade. There will be Thai dancers in exotic costumes, interesting music and food. Count me in!” Except that my … Continue reading

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