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I finally watched Trump’s speech to Congress

It took me a few days, due to a heavy work schedule, but I finally got around to watching the entire speech. Overall, I was very impressed. I was impressed because Trump struggles with the English language; he’s not alway … Continue reading

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Back from vacation

Last year, I visited Costa Rica, and there was a screw up on my return flight. To compensate for my inconvenience, Aero Mexico put me up in a hotel for the night, provided me some meal vouchers, and gave me a … Continue reading

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What is the National Policy Institute’s policy toward Jews?

I’ve never attended an NPI conference. My impression has been that there’s a lot of overlap between NPI and Amren conferences; they feature some of the same speakers, and the president/director of NPI, Richard Spencer, has spoken at Amren conferences … Continue reading

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Hillary’s “popular vote”

A recent headline reads: Hillary Clinton Won Popular Vote By Almost 2 Million — Can Trump Still Be President? The article continues: Nearly a week since the presidential election, all the ballots have yet to be counted, and yet it’s already been … Continue reading

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