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Please help persecuted South African Whites! – URGENT!

Originally posted on Europa Unitas Movement:
Whites in South Africa are now having their farms and land stolen from them by the racist South African government without compensation. White South Africans of all ages are being horrifically massacred every day.…

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Bring back imperialism

I read an interesting article on Premier Christian Radio (hat-tip to Voice of Europe).┬áIt has to do with the plight of migrants who convert to Christianity: It’s feared that an Afghan Christian covert who sought asylum in Switzerland may be … Continue reading

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Jewish man arrested over bomb threats

The Jew-haters were right, and not for the first time: A Jewish man has been identified as the source of a series of bomb threat directed at Jewish Community Centers. From Good Morning America: A 19-year-old Jewish man who is … Continue reading

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A loose end that needs to be tied

I saw this video a few days ago. A homeless black woman tried to protect Trump’s star in Hollywood. Though she might, indeed, have some mental issues, she tried to stand up to leftist bullies. In return, she was practically … Continue reading

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I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!

I just saw the news that Trump has won. Honestly, I never believed it was possible. I’d like to thank everyone who worked toward this victory, including Jared Taylor and all the other “Deplorables.” But this is only the beginning. … Continue reading

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Final thoughts on the election

I’m writing this at a quarter to eight Tuesday evening, and I still believe it’s a foregone conclusion that Hillary’s going to win. If it turns out I’m wrong, I’d be tickled. Let’s assume the Establishment gets its way and … Continue reading

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Idiocy from the Forest Grove News

Even in normal times, I often wonder if members of the controlled media consider the logical conclusions of some of their arguments. But with Trump hysteria in full-swing, it’s even easier to find examples of utter lunacy within the pages … Continue reading

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