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Scientific American/Army propaganda

I found this on the back of a recent Scientific American magazine: If you don’t think this is propaganda, then accept my challenge: Provide us with a similar (recent) photo, from a large establishment organization, depicting an anonymous white man … Continue reading

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A surprise trip from JAY

Well folks, you may haveĀ  been wondering why I haven’t posted anything for a while. The reason is… I just got back from Costa Rica. Unlike Ethiopia, this wasn’t for adventure; it was mostly about relaxation – but I did … Continue reading

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Why have I not been posting?

It’s a question some of y’all have probably been asking. The answer is that I HAVE been posting, but not to this blog. I’ve decided that I should do for the rest of my past travels what I did for … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Cuckservatives | American Renaissance

I’m too busy working and enjoying our fabulous (and hot) summer to post my own material right now. Instead, I’ll repost a beautiful article by Jared Taylor: Dear Cuckservative, You are not alone. Like you, Erick Erickson at, Matt … Continue reading

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She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain When She Comes

Originally posted on The Kakistocracy:
The duration an elephant can balance on a teeter-totter is finite. That has always been my thought observing the friction between racist! and the law. Something uniformly accepted as the summit of wickedness isn’t forever…

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Odds and ends from Ethiopia

Here are some odds and ends, mostly photos, from Ethiopia that I think are worth sharing, but got left out before. Another crashed truck. Yes, I actually have a collection of crashed truck photos. Somebody could just drive around (as … Continue reading

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The Dorze tribe of Omo Valley

In all the excitement over the more famous tribes of Omo Valley (the Hamer and the Mursi), one tribe fell through the cracks and was left out: The Dorze. To all you Dorze reading this blog, I extend my sincere … Continue reading

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