Two items caught my attention in yesterday’s Oregonian:

“Teen faces rape, other charges in Lane County” and “Racial impact tool to roll out soon.”

The first article, which has a similar online version, illustrates the Mexican crime problem in Oregon:

A 17-year-old on a field trip to an Oregon Ducks game organized by the Washington County Juvenile Department managed to slip away and allegedly rape a woman outside the stadium.

The accused rapist, identified as Jaime Tinoco, was discovered by a police dog near Autzen Stadium the night of Sept. 13 after he reportedly grabbed a 39-year-old woman and dragged her into the bushes, according to KATU-TV.

Tinoco was on a trip to Eugene to watch a football game at the University of Oregon with a group of about a dozen teens being supervised while on probation…

There were four employees from the Washington County department watching the group when Tinoco walked away. The program is an alternative to detention that develops life skills and socialize teens instead of slapping on additional prison time.

I suppose we could consider the ability to rape “life skill” and “socialization.” This skill might come in handy, for Jaime, while in prison.

The other article, so far only in the print version, has more to do with a push for leniency for black criminals. It’s titled:

“Racial impact tool to roll out soon,” and here’s a quote:

Calling them “a good first step toward justice,” state Sen. Chip Shields on Tuesday outlined how he hopes new “racial impact statements” will address racial disparities in criminal sentencing and child welfare cases in Oregon…

Momentum behind the effort to draft such statements is drawn from statistics showing that, among other things, African Americans make up about 2 percent of Oregon’s general population but about 10 percent of the state’s prison population.

It seems to me that 10% is suspiciously low; it should be more like 20% – when we consider the overall criminality of blacks. I’m very close to a person who got in trouble with the law, here in Oregon, and he told me of his own experiences in jail – among them the fact that blacks are wildly overrepresented among the hardened criminals he encountered. I’m convinced that our “justice” department has been wary of being called “racist” for many  years, and that it metes out lighter sentences to blacks with this in mind. This might have been the case with the person I’m close with – who can pass for black himself.

To all but those in the media and politics, it should be obvious that blacks are overrepresented in the prison system because they commit more crime. Not because they are subject to racism in the police force or the “justice” department. This being the case, practically all laws will have a disparate impact upon blacks – as they will against men. Any attempt to soften this impact will have the effect of encouraging even more criminal behavior from blacks. As this increase in criminal behavior trickles down into the prison system, more cries of “racism” will be heard, and yet more leniency demanded. It’s a vicious cycle. What we need is harsher sentencing for blacks and Hispanics, not more leniency. Only harsher sentencing can reverse their spiral into lawlessness. Only harsher sentencing can protect the rest of us from their depredations.

Race-realism is an acknowledgment of reality; it’s not the exclusive property of any particular race or ethnic group. Most of y’all are already aware that there are Asian race-realists. Some of y’all may be familiar with jayman. He’s an accomplished HBD blogger, and partly black himself. But there are also some full-fledged blacks who have accepted race-realism, and who are pro-white.

One such person is a lady who had commented on this blog. She goes by Jane Doe, and has agreed to an online interview. I have chatted with her face-to-face (edited/added 10/23/14), so I know she is what she says she is. Here’s the text of that interview, and I hope there will be further discussion in comments:

1) Can you describe your journey to race-realism?

I have been interested in the subject of intelligence since high school.  When I discovered the subject I learned that there is a one standard deviation difference in the average IQ scores of blacks and whites, with whites being higher.  I was curious about whether this difference was mainly environmental or genetic.  As a black woman of Nigerian ancestry I was eager to believe that the difference was entirely environmental.  My bias led me to read all the negative reviews of The Bell Curve by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein and all the positive reviews of Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond and The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen J. Gould.  (I didn’t know at the time that only one chapter of The Bell Curve covered race.)
When I got to college I took an introduction to philosophy course which required me to read a book by Michael Levin.  This book had nothing to do with race, but it introduced me to the author.  I later discovered that he wrote many controversial books about feminism and racial differences in intelligence.  Since I had already read another book by the author and liked it, I decided to check out Why Race Matters.  It didn’t take long for me to become convinced that the intelligence disparity may well be genetic.  In the beginning of his book Levin asked his audience why anyone would think that blacks are equally as smart as whites.  Blacks have never behaved as though they are.  That introduction was all I needed to read, although I did go on to devour the rest of the book.

2) When you reached your HBD conclusions, who were the first people
(both online and in real life) you shared them with? What were their

Although I have never admitted to anybody face to face that I am a race realist, I regularly comment on American Renaissance articles and also on a blog called Occidental Dissent.  Every once in a while a white person will respond to my comments.  They typically express their surprise that a black person could become a race realist and tell me that while they have no problems with decent blacks, they don’t want to live among blacks in general.  I have rarely encountered hostility, although one person from Romania asked me to sterilize myself.

I’ve also posted articles from AR and OD on my facebook.  I generally get pretty angry responses from both blacks and whites alike.  I have gotten into debates about the book Why Race Matters with a cousin and my postings have garnered accusations of self-hatred from former friends.

3) Have you met any other race realists face to face? Do you desire
friendships with them? Have you attended any race-realist/ pro-white

I have never met a self-professed race realist in person.  As much as I love my egalitarian friends I would love to find friends that accept HBD.  I’ve never attended any race realist/ pro-white conferences either and I’m actually unsure about whether it would be moral to attend any of these types of events.  The very least I can do as a black is let whites associate with each other once a year without black intrusion.

4) As a black race-realist, how would you use this knowledge for the
betterment of your own race? What do you think the prospects are that
other blacks, in significant numbers, will listen?

Years ago, AR posted an article about an organization founded in California that pays addicts to be sterilized.  It is currently called Project Prevention.  I would love to get involved in that organization someday even though the sterilization is only temporary.  Given that it was a white woman who founded the organization I think chances are remote that blacks will join.  

I’ve also heard of organizations that pay black girls not to get pregnant in high school.  I hope that blacks will not scream “eugenics” and protest against those organizations when I get involved, but I’m not optimistic.

5) Do you believe there’s a more receptive audience among African
blacks than among American blacks?

No.  I find that African blacks blame whites for all their problems just as American blacks do.  I only have anecdotal evidence to back up my assertion, but I’m convinced that most African blacks think that colonization is responsible for most of Africa’s woes.  I’ve asked many of my relatives why we don’t just beg the Europeans to re-colonize us and I’ve gotten scoffs from most of them, although one aunt did say that nobody wants to admit that we were better off being ruled by Europeans.

6) Does it bother you that, when you visit sites like Amren.com, or
even my own site, there’s so much anti-black diatribe? Do you find
yourself in inner conflict when you sympathize with the cause of
people, so many of whom hate you because of your race? Of course, as a
Jew, I’m in a similar situation.

It used to bother me a bit, but I’ve since become more tolerant.  In an ideal world, white race realists would understand the facts of HBD without having any animosity towards blacks at all, but our world is imperfect.  Many AR readers have witnessed black pathology and the unluckiest have been victims of our violence.  I can’t expect them not to go off on rants every once in a while.

As a young black woman who has yet to be in a romantic relationship, it used to severely hurt my feelings that AR readers find black women so unattractive.  (I remember one reader saying that he finds the creatures from the movie Avatar more attractive than black women!)  But now I’m happy about that.  The fewer white men that find black women attractive, the less miscegenation there will be.

I used to experience severe cognitive dissonance on a regular basis.  On one hand, I want the world to accept HBD before the West becomes a third world cesspool.  On the other hand, I want my family to be safe and happy.  I found a solution to not feeling guilty about my activism, though.  Mestizos and Arabs will mistreat blacks far more than whites would if they ever come to power, therefore, it is in the interests of every black person to prevent Mestizos from taking over the U.S. and Arabs from taking over Western Europe.    

7) I’ve written some negative things about blacks myself. Does it
sting, inside, when I write such things, or do you take them in
context and understand that I mean them only as generalizations, and
sometimes as a means of venting?

It doesn’t sting at all.  I’m glad you’re racially aware and I hope you never stop fighting for your race.  Although to be honest, I’ve often wished you would be less blunt about how Ethiopian women are beautiful and black women are unattractive!

8) What can we do to make more intelligent blacks aware of HBD? Do you
have hope that race-realists of all races can work together for our
mutual benefit, and to ensure respectful boundaries and autonomy
between us?

I’ve often considered trying to get blacks interested in eugenics by merely lying to them.  We could tell them that most scientists believe the IQ gap to be entirely environmental, but since we haven’t yet found a way to permanently raise the IQs of the lower income population we should try to prevent them from out-breeding the higher income population.  And also since we haven’t found a way make Head Start successful we shouldn’t let mestizos, Africans, and West Indians emigrate here.  

I wish I could say that I have hope that all the races could live in harmony side by side, but I don’t.  I believe that blacks will always demand more.

9) Can you share some stories about your interactions with whites,
where you  spoke the truth and they weren’t sure how to react, or they
pitied you as a “self-hating black?”

I told a white friend of mine who majored in anthropology that blacks on average score one standard deviation lower than whites on IQ tests.  She scoffed and said she wanted to see the sample size on that.  I had a long debate with an acquaintance who majored in anthropology about whether race is biological.  I told him that scientists can tell a person’s race from their bones, their DNA, and other biological characteristics.  He disagreed and de-friended me on facebook.  He wouldn’t read AR’s book review of The g Factor by Arthur Jensen or anything else I sent him.  My black friends just pity me because they think that I feel bad about myself because I’m black.

10) If you had 5 minutes to address the entire American Jewish
community, what would you tell us?

The American Jewish community should emulate the Israelis.  Sterilize blacks, secure the American border, and declare the U.S. a homeland for whites.  

11) If you had 5 minutes to address the entire American white
community, what would you tell us?

Stop caring what happens to blacks.  Stop adopting black children.  Stop sending aid and food to Africa.  For the love of God, stop having offspring with blacks.  Repatriate every last one of us and never look back.

Though I was banned from Change.org a long time ago for expressing unorthodox views on race, I still like to peruse their petitions now and then. For my convenience, I receive occasional emails from them notifying me of such petitions.

It’s interesting that even though Change.org has various petitions in favor of increasing the numbers of “diverse” students at universities, like this one for example, they complain when said diversity comes back to bite them. A recent petition, titled “Remove convicted rapist from Big Red football team” bemoaned the light sentence meted out to a rapist, and the fact that the rapist was allowed to remain on the school football team.

What the Change petition conveniently neglected to mention is the fact that the rapist in question, Ma’lik Richmond, being black, is a beneficiary of the self-same policies that it supports. It should be obvious to anybody not living in a cave, that athletes, particularly black athletes, commit campus rape well out of proportion to their numbers.

Another Change.org petition complains about the lack of diversity in the upcoming game, Assassins Creed Unity. The petition reads, in part:

This petition has been created to express the disappointment of Ubisoft fans at the lack of representation of people of colour and females in the four-protagonist line-up of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

If they’re going to protest the supposed lack of diversity in a single film, or series, then Change.org must certainly have a petition protesting the lack, thereof, in an entire film industry. I’m referring, of course to Nigeria’s version of Hollywood, known as Nollywood. Submit a Google image search for “Nollywood star” and you’ll get endless photos of black actors and actresses, many of them light-skinned, but all of them black.

Nollywood“Diversity” Nigerian style

Some might expect the people at Change.org to bring this up, to call out Africa’s most populous country on this blatant racism. But we’d be kidding ourselves to expect any sort of consistency from Change.org. The only related result that comes up, from a search for “Nollywood” on their site, is a protest against the use of a biracial actress. This petition reads, in part:

Igbo people, like any other people range in physical characteristics as well as complexion. However, the majority of Igbos are dark brown in complexion. Igbo people do not look like the bi-racial Thandie Newton. Thandie Newton is an accomplished and talented actress in her own right. However, she is not Igbo, she is not Nigerian, and she does not physically resemble Igbo women in the slightest.

As a result, I have created this petition to demand the following things:

1. The use of Igbo men, women, and children, who look like the majority of Igbo people (which means brown in complexion) in the leading roles of the film adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s, Half of a Yellow Sun.

In an earlier post, I asked if Nigerian Americans might be intellectually superior. A commenter, who calls himself “Wales” (comment #10) cited some statistics and linked to some YouTube videos. His point was that Nigeria is a very large, changing and diverse country. He wrote:

As a Nigerian I do know that it is extremely difficult to generalize or group Nigerians one way or the other. We have it all. The Good the bad and the Ugly. The truth is that we are extremely diverse and you are likely to see lots of extremes both good and bad coming out of Nigeria.

Perhaps, but if we were to hold Nigeria to the same standards that those in power hold the Western world to, it would fail miserably. Actually, a more accurate assessment would be that this is yet further proof that “diversity” simply means “fewer white people.”


Here’s a gem from diversity chronicle. Good for a few laughs.

Originally posted on Diversity Chronicle:


By Werombi Towradji

The American Renaissance conference took place on April 25-27. For those readers who may not be aware, the American Renaissance conference exists solely to promote hatred and intolerance in the world. Their violent goal is to create a racist and authoritarian fascist society. One where non-whites are discriminated against and heavily persecuted, if not murdered outright solely because of the colour of their skin.

The vile hate-mongers at Amren even hate the disabled, regardless of the cause of their disability. They want to exterminate everyone who isn’t just like them or who doesn’t have platinum blonde hair and ice blue eyes. They ultimately want to create a so-called pure race of Aryan super-men who will go on to conquer the entire galaxy, enslaving countless inhabited worlds!

To the surprise of the hateful Amren bigots, tens of thousands of protestors showed up to rightly shame them, and denounce their…

View original 299 more words

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. My vacations are rarely simple affairs. I combined the Amren conference with some other excursions. Right now I’m relaxing in Mexico (Yucatan), enjoying the food, the sun, the beaches and the history. Speaking of the food, it’s not like what we usually find in Mexican restaurants in the U.S. Southern Mexico has its own cuisine and, in my opinion, it’s very good. It may be blasphemous to say so, but I enjoyed the Mexican chicken soup more than I remember enjoying traditional Jewish chicken soup. The hot spices may even do a better job curing colds.

I’ll post more upon my return.

My friends, whom I’m visiting prior to the Amren conference, have dogs. When I arrived (a couple of days ago), somehow my glasses fell or got misplaced. The following morning I couldn’t find them. We looked and looked. Finally, I got to checking under the sofa cushions and there it was, tucked deeply behind one. This is what they looked like:


It never occurred to me that a dog could be so destructive. When I first found what was left of the frame, I wondered where the lenses had ended up. Apparently most of the lenses ended up in the dog’s digestive tract. Unbelievable. Here are the two suspects:





Be it as it may, I was able to get new glasses for the upcoming conference and the remainder of my vacation.


Some people are just crazy; it doesn’t take much to provoke them into committing acts of violence. Most of us need a lot of provocation before we resort to bloodshed; everybody has his snapping point.

I don’t claim to know whether Frazier Glen Miller is a natural-born psychopath. Unlike the $PLC or the ADL, I don’t claim to be an expert. But, according to the Washington Post:

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a respected activist organization that tracks hate crimes and racist activities, said the man arrested and identified by police as Frazier Glenn Cross is actually Frazier Glenn Miller. Miller, the SPLC said, founded and ran the Carolina Klan before he was sued by the SPLC “for operating an illegal paramilitary organization and using intimidation tactics against African Americans.”

He later founded another Klan outfit, the White Patriot Party, which put him in violation of the terms that settled the suit brought by the SPLC. He was found in criminal contempt in 1986 and served six months in prison. He moved underground while out on bond and was caught in Missouri with other Klansmen with a reserve of weapons, the SPLC stated.

The next year, he pleaded guilty to a weapons charge. He was indicted for plotting to obtain stolen military weapons, and for planning robberies and the assassination of the SPLC founder Morris Dees. As part of a plea deal, he testified against other Klan leaders and received a five-year sentence. He served only three years, the SPLC stated.

Considering the history of black violence against whites, it’s absolutely necessary to defend ourselves against blacks. Firearms are a crucial component of any such defensive measures. There is nothing unreasonable or hateful about this; it’s a matter of survival – and this appears to be what Miller was doing (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

But this is not acceptable to organizations such as the $PLC. The “Southern Poverty Law Center” is an anti-white organization, and Miller was (at least in his own mind) a pro-white activist. The $PLC has a lot more money, and political power, than Miller – so it set about persecuting Miller. It would appear that Miller was hounded by this anti-white hate-group for years.

The “Southern Poverty Law Center” is largely Jewish. So is the ADL. Both organizations had caused Miller a lot of grief over the years, and now this bitter 70-year-old man chose to go out with a bang and take his revenge against “The Jooz.”

It’s a pity that Miller, his murderous mind now shrunken with age, didn’t focus his attention on the real culprits: The $PLC and the ADL. Had he eliminated some of them, we might owe him a debt of gratitude. Instead, he chose a soft target and murdered 3 innocent people.

Perhaps the victims’ survivors should sue the $PLC and the ADL for pushing Miller over the edge. The “Southern Poverty Law Center” is probably the most significant source of fuel for Jew-haters world-wide. They most certainly have blood on their hands.

Unfortunately, Miller’s cruel rampage will feed the $PLC’s coffers even more. The beast will become ever more bloated, and generate even more hatred and bloodshed. And so the cycle continues.

jabba the hutt



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