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I’m having great adventures in a faraway land. A couple of days ago I visited an awesome volcano. The day after that a remote place of worship. Sore legs, high spirits, happy to be alive and many stories to tell upon my return – oh, and many interesting photos!

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My posts have been rather sparse recently, due to my preoccupation, and preparations, for the fulfillment of one of my greatest pleasures in life: Travel. Yes, I’m off to another one of my travel adventures. My destination will remain a mystery to y’all, until one of y’all figures it out from subtle hints I’ll leave here and there.

When one of y’all guesses my correct location, I’ll share my observations and insights.

Wish me luck and lots of fun!

People are so used to seeing black males idolized, and elevated above all other demographics, that they don’t even notice it anymore. Their subconscious has been conditioned to equate “diversity” with the worship of black males. I believe that corporations promote this partly out of economic necessity (depicting black men as anything less than top dog might bring lawsuits or boycotts) and partly out of a sick sense of ethnomasochism.

Most people don’t notice this subliminal propaganda, but I do. Here’s an example I spotted just today, while shopping at Winco:

winco prop

The black man is in the center, taking the dominant position. He’s the one holding the ball, and he’s the one positioned next to the white women. The lone white man is farthest from the white women. He doesn’t care; he’s too busy worshiping black male athletes.

As for the Asian man, he’s the only one whose torso is obscured. It’s almost as if he was added as an afterthought, and he stands behind the other men, more toward the white man – so that the two non-black men are the only ones standing behind the letters “NO.”

Notice that it’s only the black man and the white women wearing sports jerseys. They’re part of “the team.” White men, and Asian men (apparently) are not part of “Team Diversity.”


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I got this story on Facebook this week from a friend I worked with at Rohnert Park DPS, Paul Lawrence. A cop and fire fighter both, Lawrence retired in 2011 due to an duty injury.  His law enforcement career began in San Francisco Police Department (SFPD). This story comes from that time in his history.

My First DV

By Paul Lawrence

Hey Thonie, here’s one for ya! I know I’ve told u this story way back when….if I have not, I’m sorry ‘cause it’s hilarious!

The Henry Hotel, San Francisco The Henry Hotel, San Francisco

It was the end of my 1st week on FTO with SFPD in the Southern district. I was tired as hell, exhausted and loving every minute of it…….. Until me and my FTO were ready to end our shift and that DV call came it @ 6am! We were looking at day shift & they were looking @ us. Of…

View original 464 more words

We can open any major newspaper, on any given day, and find examples of anti-white propaganda. I came across an Oregonian from January 10th and found these:

Alcohol, drugs not a factor in fatal stabbing

… The results show that Juventino Bermudez Arenas, 33, a tree farm worker never known to be violent, was not drunk or high when he walked into a convenience store and stabbed Parker Moore, 20, whom he’d never met.

The Nov. 15 stabbing has baffled investigators, who say they may never know why it happened. They say there was no confrontation between Moore and his killer…

Arenas was (he was killed by police) mestizo. Moore was white. The article never even brings up the possibility that this was a racially motivated killing.

The comic strip “Stone Soup” features an interracial marriage between, surprise surprise, a black man and a white woman. Don’t they ever get tired of pushing the same old thing over and over again? We get the impression that the author, Jan Eliot, believes this is some sort of ground-breaking, revolutionary, iconoclastic art statement. In fact, he is only rehashing the same meme we’ve had forced down our throats for decades – using every medium known to Mankind.

The opinion section includes a column, by Nicholas Kristof, titled “In the wake of a mindless attack, don’t give in to mindless Islamic caricaturing.” In this column, Kristof urges us to keep an open mind about Islam. After admitting that radical Islam is behind much of the violence, and intolerance, we see today, Kristof writes:

Terror incidents lead many Westerners to perceive Islam as inherently extremist, but I think that is too glib and simple-minded. Small numbers of terrorists make headlines, but they aren’t representative of a complex and diverse religion of 1.6 billion adherents. My Twitter feed Wednesday brimmed with Muslims denouncing the attack – and noting that fanatical Muslims damage the image of Muhammad far more than the most vituperative cartoons.

The vast majority of Muslims of course have nothing to do with the insanity of such attacks – except that they are disproportionately the victims of terrorists…

To a point, I agree. I recently posted a comment on Amren stating:

Most Muslims are peaceful (in that they won’t actually go out and murder people), but wherever there is a large population of Muslims, a certain proportion of them will be dangerously non-peaceful. There is no way to separate the wheat from the chaff. Peaceful Muslim parents may have dangerous offspring. Therefore, the only safe solution is for non-Muslim nations to see to it that large Muslim populations are not allowed to accumulate within their borders.

The vast majority of gun owners are also responsible, peace-loving, people. Yet Kristof is a proponent of gun-control. He is not against guns, much as I am not against Muslims. But just as he believes we should have laws to minimize the damage done by guns, in the hands of criminals, so do I believe we should have laws to minimize the dangers posed by Muslims – by carefully regulating (or stopping) the immigration of Muslims into Western countries. Can Kristof show us even one majority-Muslim country where civil liberties, including freedom of speech, are respected? Is it not obvious to him that large Muslim populations, in otherwise non-Muslim countries, tend to bring about an erosion of safety, well-being and liberty?

It’s a natural right to own guns; we all have the right to protect ourselves, our freedoms and those we love. But it is not a natural right for any particular religion, or ethnic group, to colonize the lands of others. Therefore, in the above analogy, Islam-control makes more sense than gun-control.


Why do so many hate “the Jews?” In two words: Sam Sachs. A friend of mine brought me a copy of “Jewish Life-Oregon,” its cover graced by the image of anti-white uber-liberal Sam Sachs.

It would appear that Sachs fancies himself a crusader for all that is good and wholesome. “Jewish Life” named the article, authored by Deborah Moon, “The No Hate Zone of Sam Sachs.” But let’s let the story speak for itself. It starts:

Sam Sachs, 46, calls his volunteer efforts on behalf of minority rights tikkun olam, healing the world. He’s been called an advocate, activist and even an agitator.

When he sued the Oregon Public Safety Academy in 1996 for anti-Semitic comments during his training there as a corrections officer, it launched a state task force investigation. Sachs says the task force determined there were systemic issues in the academy. Since then Sam has earned a bachelor’s degree in black studies from Portland State University, worked to eliminate Native American mascots for school teams and filed suit on behalf of Portland Park Rangers for needed training (such as CPR) to deal with homeless populations in the parks. He was also instrumental in expanding the Rooney Rule (requiring minority candidates be interviewed for head coach openings on NFL teams) to public university sports programs in Oregon. Oh, and he returned to the police academy in 2008 as an instructor in diversity.

I wonder if his “black studies” included the fact that blacks, as a group, are far more likely to hold anti-Semitic beliefs than others. According to the ADL:

African-Americans continue to be significantly more likely than white Americans to hold anti-Jewish beliefs. As with whites, education level is the most important factor affecting the attitudes of blacks toward Jews.

50+ years of Jewish pandering to black interests has done nothing to mitigate such sentiments. If Sachs believes that his pro-black stance will make blacks less anti-Semitic, then he is a fool.

His championing of the Rooney Rule is equally ridiculous. If he is concerned about a dearth of black coaches, why is he not concerned about the dearth of white players in the NFL? 68% of NFL players are black, while only 27.7% are white.

Regarding recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, the article quotes Sachs:

To me there is a much deeper systematic problem around the way people of color are treated by police in this country, and the research and statistics support and validate that problem. People of color, especially black people, are justified in their anger and frustration.

Asians are “people of color,” yet we read of few, if any, reports of police brutality against them. I don’t recall ever reading of riots in response to an “unarmed Asian man being killed by police.” If Sachs is keen on statistics, he might be interested in reading “The Color of Crime.” It may shed some light as to why blacks are disproportionately affected by police actions – and it has nothing to do with the color of their skin.

As if on cue, Moon writes:

In addition to fulfilling the Jewish value of tikkun olam, Sam attributes much of his motivation to the lessons of the Holocaust. Seeing the potential for stereotypes and discrimination to descend into pure evil motivates him to fight for the rights of all minorities…

As for the rights of white males, they’re not a priority for Sachs. The article continues:

Though the task force determined the anti-Semitic slurs were isolated incidents, the governor’s report found bias against women at the academy and some sexual harassment, blaming the problems in part on an organization dominated by white men.

“Sometimes white males struggle with saying racism and sexism exist,” says Sam.

He’s not content to simply follow the lead of others. He takes active leadership roles in many projects.

For instance, he was a key player in expanding the Rooney Rule to state universities.

Having become familiar with legislative procedures as an intern in former Oregon Sen. Avel Gordly’s office, he approached Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) about sue to help promote diversity in Oregon sports programs.

“Sam really made it happen,” says Greenlick. “I was just his vessel in the legislature. He did an amazing amount of lobbying. It went remarkably easy.”

If Sach’s goal is to bring about another Holocaust, then he’s making great progress. Lobbying politicians to further discriminate against whites is an effective way to nurture resentment against Jews.

The dynamics of cause and effect seem to be lost on Sachs. We see this in his activism to eliminate Native American mascots:

Sam says he took up the issue on mascots after learning the impact they have on self-esteem among Native American youth. In May 2012 the Oregon State Board of Education adopted a rule to ban Oregon public schools from using Native American mascots as of July 1, 2017. But early last year Senate Bill 1509 passed allowing schools to keep Native American mascots if the school has a written agreement with a tribe and the mascot follows a set of rules.

“We are still working to have Native American mascots eliminated by 2017, because studies show even acceptable race-based mascots have a negative impact on minority students,” says Sam.

I wonder if any of the studies, which showed that these mascots negatively impact self-esteem, had a control group where the mascots were viewed in a positive light, and not subject to ridicule and accusations of “racism.” In other words, if young people are taught that a certain behavior is harmful toward them, of course it’s going to hurt their self-esteem. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. When I’m shopping at the grocery store, and I see a package of Hebrew National hotdogs, my self-esteem is not harmed in the least. But if I were taught, from an early age, that those hotdogs are a mockery of my heritage, I might feel slighted.

The article concludes by recounting how Sachs constantly reaffirms his connection with his Jewish heritage, in part by learning Hebrew. For the record, “tikkun olam” does not mean “healing the world.” It means “fixing the world.” There is a difference. To heal something implies that one is restoring it to its natural state. To fix something implies that it might have been broken in the first place.

Sachs claims to be working for equality, but there is no equality in nature. There is no equality in Judaism either. In real Judaism, a “goy” is not equal to a Jew, a Jew (from the tribe of Judah) is not equal to a Levite, and a Levite is not equal to a Cohen (a descendant of Aaron). A woman is not equal to a man, and a common man is not equal to a king. None of this has anything to do with merit; it has everything to do with birthright. A goy can be more righteous than a Jew and a common man can be more pleasing to God than a king.

In real Judaism (which I don’t claim to be perfect, by the way), each individual has the power to endear himself to God, or to lead a sinful life. It’s up to him. But one’s birthright is something one is born with; he can throw it away, but he doesn’t have to earn it either.

Sam Sachs appears to value his birthright as a Jew – but he would deny white gentiles their own birthright. It’s my duty to object.

Dear readers,

There is no dark, or sinister, reason I haven’t been posting much recently. The forces of darkness have not gotten to me, my health is fine and all is well.

But I’ve been planning my next big travel adventure, to a mystery location, and I’ve been working long hours in order to pay for it. On top of that, one of my daughters is getting married. Exciting stuff!

Regarding recent events in France, sadly, such events were predictable. I’ve already written about Europe’s sad fate here and here for example. Things will only get worse in Europe. We can thank the politicians, journalists and “educators” who believed that mass immigration would “enrich” Europe. If we consider mayhem and increasing restrictions on free speech “enrichment” then I suppose they were right.

I hope you’ll keep reading this blog, and contributing comments; interesting posts are in the offing.

Oh, and a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!


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