Risk of dementia along racial/ethnic lines

Those familiar with Human Biodiversity (HBD) are aware of the ubiquitous hierarchy of races Asian-white-Hispanic/Mideastern-black. Average IQ, propensity for violence, time-orientation, muscle-mass, bone-density, and several other traits follow this pattern.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that a study of dementia fell in line with this pattern. A Medicalexpress.com article reports:

This is the first study to look at dementia risk in a large population representing the diversity of the United States. Researchers found dementia incidence to be highest in blacks and American Indian/Alaska Natives, lowest among Asian Americans, and intermediate among Latinos, Pacific Islanders and whites.

While the article doesn’t actually assume that these disparities are the result of environmental factors, it does conclude:

The emphasize that while this study documents racial and in dementia, the next step is to understand the mechanisms driving these inequalities.

“Based on the present study, we cannot determine the extent to which genetic or social and behavioral factors contribute to the observed patterns,” said Whitmer. “But if social and behavioral factors are the primary pathways, these findings suggest substantial reductions in incidence are possible.”

That’s a big “IF.” And it’s an “if” that comes with its own assumption: That different behaviors are not linked to different DNA. Even if it can be shown that these disparities are the direct result of different habits, it must still be shown that these habits are divorced from each race’s genetics. In today’s political climate, such questions are not likely to even be asked, let alone researched.

We’re told that…

“This study has major public health implications. If all individuals aged 65 or older had the same rate of dementia as Asian Americans, 190,000 cases of dementia would be prevented annually,” Whitmer added. “These findings underscore the need to better understand factors for dementia throughout life to identify strategies to eliminate these inequalities.”

A true scientist would explore all possibilities, not just the politically correct ones. Whether the main risk factors are environmental or genetic, this is yet another argument to carefully select who immigrates to the United States. It would be interesting to see what the dementia rates are for countries in Africa or Brazil. With current trends, our future could be one where those who make it to old age will have nobody to care for them, and where dementia patients will be on their own.

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Blacks in positions of power = trouble

A few years ago, I wrote about Ellis McCoy, a Portland official who continued his corrupt practices for several years before he was finally dismissed. The reason it took so long is that McCoy is black. The delay in firing him cost the City of Portland a small fortune.

Closer to home, I have personally witnessed three black employees get away with outrageous behavior for long periods of time.

Employee #1 would regularly take naps when everybody around him was working. He would take almost an hour (I timed him) to do a job that others could easily do in 15 minutes. He would sit in front of a computer and pretend to work, when he was actually nodding off and wasting time. Numerous complaints yielded no action from our bosses – until one day 3 bigwigs walked in and found him sleeping. The next day he was gone.

Employee #2 was an immigrant from Nigeria, and not one of the bright ones. He would yell at his trainers, show gross incompetence, and verbally attack other employees at the drop of a hat. It took months to get rid of him.

Employee #3 was a woman who flagrantly violated safety protocol, argued with her trainers, used her cell-phone at work (a violation that usually leads to a warning and then termination), and ignored standard procedure on a regular basis. She’s still with the company. When I confronted our boss about this, he told me that human resources places a lot of weight on “protected groups,” and that he’s been trying to get rid of her for months. He was blocked, at each turn, by H.R.

Not that I haven’t seen incompetent black employees get fired within reasonable time-frames, but special care must be taken in such cases; all paperwork must be in order. There is definitely a caste system within many American companies. Black females are the Brahmans, and white males are the Untouchables.

How much do such policies cost American businesses? It’s anybody’s guess, but it’s safe to say that the total must run into the billions per year. And these are rank and file employees.

Getting back on topic, putting blacks in positions of power is not a good idea. I don’t say this because of any HBD (human biodiversity) argument. Nor do I deny that there are worthy blacks out there. I say this because of our perverse political climate.

A recent New York Post article reads, “City Finally Fires ‘School of No’ Principal.”

The hooky-playing ex-principal of PS 106 in Far Rockaway has been fired for cheating city taxpayers as well as her students.

Marcella Sills, 50, got the ax on Jan. 22 when hearing officer David Reilly found her guilty of “extreme misconduct,” including excessive lateness, failing to report her absences while collecting full pay and benefits, and causing the city Department of Education “widespread negative publicity.”

Sills, who made $128,000 a year, was tardy at least 178 times between September 2012 and January 2013. Sills said she was late because she cared for her sick mother. But she never documented her absences and “knowingly received unwarranted compensation and thereby committed a theft of time,” Reilly found.

Sills had been in the headlines, for her misconduct, since at least 2008. Why did it take 8 years to fire her? A clue can be seen in this 2009 photograph.

Sills2009She wasn’t just a bad principal; she was an “African American principal.” As such, she couldn’t be let go so easily. She kept her salary for 7 years – at $128,000/year. That’s almost $900,000, not counting any other loses her abuses probably caused.

What about all those kids she let down? Some of those kids probably wanted to learn. Some of those parents have been cheated. Taxpayers certainly were cheated. Do they get a refund for the portion of their property taxes that funded the “School of No?”

All those liberals, who point to “failing/underfunded/ineffective schools” as the reason for black dysfunction in America today, need to realize that affirmative action principals, such as Sills, contribute to this problem.

The moment “Diversity” becomes a priority, whether in schools, government positions or private employment, it comes at a cost to quality.


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Scientific American/Army propaganda

I found this on the back of a recent Scientific American magazine:

black leader

If you don’t think this is propaganda, then accept my challenge: Provide us with a similar (recent) photo, from a large establishment organization, depicting an anonymous white man as the leader over anonymous black and female underlings. When the subjects are anonymous, they don’t represent actual individuals, but members of their particular demographic groups.

This example also illustrates how race trumps gender in the left Establishment. Ordinarily, if a mixed gender group is shown, a woman must be depicted in an important/positive role. But the adoration of the black male takes precedence over female “empowerment.”

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A plea for help from a 16 yr. old German girl

Europe is being destroyed by its hostile elites, by its evil politicians. Not many are brave enough to speak up, but this 16 year old does just that. This video was banned by the German government, and by Facebook.

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Why the ignorant masses remain ignorant

Back in 2013, the New York Times ran an article by Alexandra Brodsky that admonishes us:

Yet in the face of this violence, we demand that the victimized sacrifice their freedom and adjust their behavior so we don’t have to disturb the status quo.

If we were, instead, to acknowledge the sweeping inequalities that drive sexual assault, we would have to re-examine the structure of our whole society – and that would be inconvenient, wouldn’t it?

The Huffington Post, back in 2011, ran an article by Hayley Rose Horzepa that informs us:

Victim blaming, however, is a huge part of our culture. I’m sure you’ve heard these all-too-classic lines, probably more than once:

  • “She was dressed provocatively.”
  • “She had a bad reputation.”
  • “She should have known better than to put herself in that situation.”

Let’s talk about convenience, and let’s talk about victim-blaming. Let’s talk about Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf of Cologne, Germany. A recent Breitbart article describes his reaction to the mass rapes of this New Year (which were primarily by Muslim migrants against native European women):

Explaining in the view of Salafist Islam why hundreds of women found themselves groped, sexually assaulted and in some cases raped by gangs of migrant men in cities across Germany the Imam said: “the events of New Year’s Eve were the girls own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them. [Dressing like that] is like adding fuel to the fire”.

Here’s a screenshot from a Google search for Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf:

Imam SamiNot one of the 25 largest US newspapers* appears on the first page of results. In fact, none of them appear on the first five pages of results either; it’s likely that none of these top 25 US newspapers reported his statements at all. The New York Times, and Huffington Post, which were both outspoken about blaming rape victims, are both silent when the one doing the blaming is an imam. Perhaps it would be “inconvenient” for them to report it. Perhaps it’s a “huge part of their culture” to ignore it.

Unless you read right-wing blogs and news sites, you will be ignorant of stories such as the above. It’s true that the statements of one man don’t amount to much, but this story is not alone in being ignored by the left Establishment press. Hundreds, if not thousands, of similar stories are also ignored by the largest newspapers. At the same time, stories that do fit their narrative (that “people of color” are oppressed, and white men are the oppressors) are featured prominently for long periods of time.

More than anything else, it’s exposure to news stories that shape a person’s political identity. Once a person is molded into a liberal, by years of exposure to selective reporting, that person will recoil at the sight of alternative news; it will offend him, and strike him as “Islamophobic” or “racist.” In this sense, liberals and Muslims are very much alike; they’re both adherents to religions that are intolerant of alternate views of the world.

*The Daily Mail is a British tabloid.

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How I got banned from Truth Revolt

Truth Revolt is a useful news site; many of the stories it features are from a truly conservative perspective, and pro-white as well. The comments section is not much different from what you’d see on Amren.com, and I used to contribute my own comments…

Until I was suddenly banned.  It took a while to figure out why I was banned, but now I know which of my comments aroused their ire:

Well… it’s true that Republicans are evil. The vast majority of them are cuckservatives.

Truth Revolt reflects the views of David Horowitz:

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is unique among conservative think tanks whose emphasis is on public policy and institutional reform in that it sees its role as that of a battle tank, geared to fight a war that many still don’t recognize. For 27 years, since its founding in 1988, the Center has been warning that the political left has declared war on America and its constitutional system, and is willing to collaborate with America’s enemies abroad and criminals at home to bring America down. For most of those years the Center was a voice crying in the wilderness with few willing to recognize the threat from the enemy within, a fifth column force that was steadily expanding its influence within the Democratic Party. With the election of a lifetime radical to the White House in 2008, the perceptions of conservatives began to change. But the Center remains unique as an organization dedicated to the war and to developing strategies to win it.

But Horowitz’s “Freedom Center” draws the line in allowing an explicit white identity. Back in 2002, his Frontpagemag website republished (with some omissions) Amren’s article on the Wichita Massacre. He wrote this disclaimer at the time:

July 15, 2002

In the editorial I wrote to accompany today’s lead story on the Wichita Massacre, I said “In the present atmosphere of racial hypocrisy, the mere expression of concern over attacks on white people would in itself make an individual a target for racial witch-hunters.” I could also have said that publishing a story from the American Renaissance newsletter would do the same.

The American Renaissance group is a creation of Jared Taylor, author of a pioneer book of political incorrectness on race called Paved With Good Intentions. Taylor is a very smart and gutsy individualist, but he is also a man who has surrendered to the multicultural miasma that has overtaken this nation and is busily building a movement devoted to white identity and community. We do not share these agendas. What I mean by “surrendering” is that Taylor has accepted the idea that the multiculturalists have won. We are all prisoners of identity politics now. If there is going to be Black History Month and Chicano Studies then there should be White History Month and White Studies. If blacks and Mexicans are going to regard each other as brothers and the rest of us as “Anglos,” then whites should regard each other as brothers and others as — well, others. Within the multicultural framework set by the dominant liberalism in our civic culture, Taylor’s claim to a white place at the diversity table certainly makes sense. But there is another option and that is getting rid of the table altogether and going back to the good old American ideal of E Pluribus Unum — “out of many one.” Not just blacks and whites and Chicanos, but Americans. Jared Taylor is a very intelligent and principled man. But I believe he is mistaken on this matter, and even if he is right I would rather fight against the multicultural behemoth and be on the losing side than embrace a false faith and win.

There are many who would call Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance movement “racist.” If the term is modified to “racialist,” there is truth in the charge. But Taylor and his Renaissance movement are no more racist in this sense than Jesse Jackson and the NAACP. In my experience of Taylor’s views, which is mainly literary (we have had occasion to exchange opinions in person only once), they do not represent a mean-spirited position. They are an attempt to be realistic about a fate that seems to have befallen us (which Taylor would maintain was inevitable given the natural order of things). But Jared Taylor is no more “racist” in this sense than any university Afro-centrist or virtually any black pundit of the left. He is not even racist in the sense that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are racist. He is — as noted — a racialist, which FrontPageMag.com is not.

Even in 2002 it was naive to believe that Americans could somehow rise above their ethnic differences and become one people. A lot has happened since then, and I doubt that many of Frontpage, or Truth Revolt, readers share this optimism. It’s an optimism that has become more of a rigid orthodoxy, oblivious to the facts on the ground.

By banning the word “cuckservative,” Horowitz is engaging in his own form of political correctness. He (or his moderators) seem to believe that by banning explicit expressions of a social malady, the malady will go away. In reality, such thinking is little different than a belief in magic. There are Orthodox Jews who will not let the word “cancer” escape from their lips; they believe that mentioning it by name can cause it to materialize. Apparently, the establishment Left, including Horowitz in this case, are of a similar opinion when it comes to racial taboos and hypocrisy.

In contrast, seekers of truth go out of our way to coin words that accurately depict reality – then we use them.

Republicans fear truth-words, because they reveal fundamental flaws/contradictions in their ideology. In so doing, they have created a vast chasm between the Republican elite and the white masses who vote for them. I believe that the same chasm exists between Horowitz (and his moderators) and most of those who read, and comment on, his websites. Sometimes a shepherd needs to stop what he’s doing and learn something from his flock.

The views of Horowitz and company are not that different from the views of explicit pro-whites, such as Jared Taylor, myself and many readers of this blog. I hope that, over time, we can work together for our common interests – which happen to coincide with the interests of humanity as a whole.




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A surprise trip from JAY

Well folks, you may have  been wondering why I haven’t posted anything for a while. The reason is… I just got back from Costa Rica. Unlike Ethiopia, this wasn’t for adventure; it was mostly about relaxation – but I did see some cool animals. When I get my photos edited, I’ll share them with y’all.

I stayed, most of the time, on the Pacific coastal area. Every person I talked to over there (whether tourist or native) warned me that the Caribbean coast, being inhabited mainly by blacks, is dangerous. Also, the Caribbean coast is rainy this time of year, and I’ve have plenty of that right here in Portland.

Costa Rica is half-way between being a third-world country and a first-world country. It’s trying mightily to become as much like the US as the US is supposed to be. The water is safe to drink, electricity is reliable (using the same plugs we use in the US) and natural areas are cherished and preserved. On the other hand, they drive like maniacs. On an intercity bus, I sat in the front-row seat and observed the driver turning his head toward a passenger repeatedly; his conversation was more important to him than keeping his eyes on the road. He also spent a lot of time picking at a zit on his nose while using his cell phone as a mirror. When he felt thirsty, he nonchalantly stopped the bus to purchase a coconut. The lives of some 50-60 people were in his hands, and his complacence was unsettling.

Just as we have hordes of Mexicans swarming over the border to find work, or take advantage of our welfare system and commit crimes, so too does Costa Rica have its migration problem: Nicaraguans. The Costa Rican government does not enforce its border, nor does Costa Rica have a military. So Nicaraguans, whose own country is highly dysfunctional, enter the country in droves. They tend to do menial work, and don’t have a good reputation overall.

There are some amazing birds in Costa Rica. It was surreal to see flocks of macaws flying overhead in formation. It put such a big smile on my face, my jaw almost dropped off. There are also a lot of crocodiles. Apparently, sometimes they eat Nicaraguans.

Here’s one photo I’ll share with y’all. Apparently, they had a big negro sale in December!


For more details on my 2-week trip to Costa Rica, check my travel blog. I’ll be posting there.

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