Yahoo swaps victim and perp

Look at this story from Yahoo:

yahoo switch1

The story clearly states that the man on the left is Joseph Pirri, who was killed by the man on the right, Everett Moore. I thought the one on the right looked younger, so that he would be the victim. Look at the original article:

yahoo switch2

What do you think? Did Yahoo do this on purpose?

Maybe a glance at their main news page will help you make up your mind:

yahoo switch3



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Toronto van attack: Islam’s fault

A man plowed a van into a crowd in Toronto, Canada, killing ten people, and injuring even more.

I know about as much about Alek Minassian as the rest of y’all, which is practically nothing. The name Minassian sounds Armenian, and the vast majority of Armenians are Christian. Chances are, Mr. Minassian is not Muslim, and that this was not an act of jihad, but of personal rage.

Why, then, do I blame Islam? Because it was contemporary Islam that made mass, random, murder-by-vehicle a “thing.” I’ll quote CNN here:

Vehicles as weapons: Muenster part of a deadly trend

(CNN)Once again, a driver has plowed into a crowd, turning a vehicle into a lethal weapon.

This time, it was in Muenster, Germany, where police said several people were killed and at least a dozen seriously injured Saturday after a delivery truck slammed into people.
Authorities are treating the incident as a deliberate attack, according to a police spokeswoman.
Muenster joins a list of other cities that have fallen victim to a growing trend.
Here’s a look at some similar incidents in the past few years and the possible motives behind them:

Manhattan, New York

Date of attack: October 31, 2017
Number of casualties: At least eight people were killed and about a dozen were injured, authorities said.
What happened: The driver of a rental truck hopped a curb and drove down the bicycle path on the west side of West Side Highway in Lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center. After crashing the truck into a school bus, the suspect exited the vehicle while displaying imitation firearms and was shot in the abdomen by a police officer, according to the New York Police Department.
Why it happened: Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, a 29-year-old originally from the central Asian nation of Uzbekistan, was arrested and charged with 22 federal counts, including eight counts of murder.
He told investigators he was inspired by ISIS videos to use a truck in the attack “to inflict maximum damage against civilians,”…

Barcelona, Spain

Date of attack: August 17, 2017
Number of casualties: At least 14 people were killed and more than 100 were injured, authorities said.
What happened: A van plowed into crowds on the Barcelona thoroughfare of Las Ramblas, a popular stretch filled with cafes, bars and street performers.
Why it happened: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy labeled the Barcelona attack “jihadi terrorism.” The ISIS media wing, Amaq, has said the Barcelona attackers were “soldiers of the Islamic State” but stopped short of explicitly claiming responsibility for the attacks or providing evidence for their claims.

Charlottesville, Virginia

Date of attack: August 12, 2017
Number of casualties: A 32-year-old woman was killed and 19 people were injured.
What happened: A gray Dodge Challenger rammed into the back of a silver convertible on a narrow side street crowded with anti-racism counterprotesters in downtown Charlottesville. The Dodge driver slammed the car in reverse, going back up the street at a high rate of speed, dragging its front bumper.
The attack took place as rallies drew white nationalists and right-wing activists from across the country to the progressive college town.
Why it happened: Authorities have not announced a motive, but the suspect, James Alex Fields Jr., faces charges including second-degree murder. Investigators have not said whether they believe it was an act of terrorism…

London (London Bridge)

Date of attack: June 3, 2017
Number of casualties: Eight people were killed and more than 40 were wounded.
What happened: Three men drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before going on a stabbing rampage at bars at nearby Borough Market. They were shot dead by police.
Inside the van, police found two blowtorches as well as what appeared to be 13 Molotov cocktails. The van also had office chairs and a suitcase. Police believe the attackers told relatives they were using it to move.
Why it happened: Police named the attackers as Khuram Shazad Butt, 27; Rachid Redouane, 30; and Youssef Zaghba, 22.
Butt is believed to have associated with the outlawed radical Islamist group al-Muhajiroun, co-founded by notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

Stockholm, Sweden

Date of attack: April 7, 2017
Number of casualties: Five people were killed and about a dozen injured, the Stockholm County Council said.
What happened: A stolen beer truck barreled into pedestrians on a busy shopping street in the center of the Swedish capital before it plowed into a department store. Sweden stepped up its security. National counterterrorism, bomb and air assets also provided support.
Why it happened: The attacker, Rakhmat Akilov, had shown sympathies to extremist groups, including ISIS, Swedish police said. Akilov, 39, was from the central Asian republic of Uzbekistan. He admitted to carrying out a “terrorist crime,” his lawyer said.

London (Westminster Bridge)

Date of attack: March 22, 2017
Number of casualties: Five people died in the attack, including an American man and an unarmed police officer, and scores of others were injured.
What happened: Police say an assailant rammed his rental car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, not far from the UK Parliament. The suspect then entered Parliament grounds and fatally stabbed a police officer before being shot dead by other officers.
Why it happened: The attacker, identified as 52-year-old British man Khalid Masood, acted alone and was inspired by international terrorism, officials said.
He had been convicted on a string of violent crimes and weapons charges, but officials said they weren’t sure how he became radicalized.

Nice, France

Date of attack: July 14, 2016
Number of casualties: Eighty-four people were killed and more than 200 wounded.
Who was Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel?
What happened: Authorities said Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel used a 20-ton truck to strike hundreds of people in Nice, where large crowds gathered to watch Bastille Day fireworks.
After the truck barreled through the crowd for almost a mile, police shot and killed Bouhlel.
Why it happened: ISIS said the attack was retaliation for France’s role in the fight against ISIS.


Date of attack: December 19, 2016
Number of casualties: Twelve people killed, at least 48 wounded
Berlin suspect pledged allegiance to ISIS.
What happened: A tractor-trailer rammed into a crowd at a bustling Christmas market, which was filled with holiday shoppers. The suspect, Anis Amri, was killed later in a shootout with police in Italy.
Why it happened: A video showed Amri pledging allegiance to ISIS, and the ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency said the attack was carried out by “a soldier of the Islamic State” to target citizens of countries fighting ISIS.

Columbus, Ohio

Date of attack: November 28, 2016
Number of casualties: Eleven people wounded
What happened: Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an Ohio State University student, rammed his car into a group of pedestrians on the campus. He got out and lunged at passers-by with a knife.
Moments later, an Ohio State University police officer fatally shot Artan after he refused to stop.

Why vehicle attacks?

While not all vehicle attacks are linked to terrorism, groups such as ISIS and al Qaeda have called on followers to use trucks as weapons.
In fact, an al Qaeda magazine published an article in 2010 titled “The Ultimate Mowing Machine.”
The article calls for using a pickup as a “mowing machine, not to mow grass but mow down the enemies of Allah.”
All but one of the above instances were committed by Muslims, and the single exception is unlike the others in important details; the scene was already violent and chaotic, and the victims were among the perpetrators of this violence. It was not a random attack.
Muslims have contributed a few things to modern civilization, such as advances in algebra and astronomy. To this short list, we can add mass-murder-by-means-of-vehicles. If Alek Minassian isn’t actually Muslim himself, he was certainly inspired by Islam.
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Good doctors being forced out in UK

In case you had any doubts as to the grim future that awaits the UK, here’s an example of how things are going over there:

NHS surgeon accused of racism and ‘forced out of job’ after raising concerns about three Asian colleaagues

An NHS surgeon voted Doctor of the Year was forced to resign after being accused of racism for raising concerns about the abilities of three Asian colleagues, a tribunal has heard.

Peter Duffy, 56, reported one Indian doctor for missing “several” cancers, playing a round of golf when he had been called to treat a patient and being unable to use an ultra sound machine.

The married father-of-three also claimed that two other doctors, from India and Pakistan, had bungled operations, tried to “suppress discussion” over the avoidable death of a man who had had sepsis and were involved in possible overtime fraud.

But Mr Duffy, a consultant urologist, said he was subjected to “malicious, toxic and utterly false” allegations over a ten year period working at Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI) and was warned to “watch his back” over his whistleblowing.

It was claimed that one of the doctors vowed he would be “taught a lesson,” while another was said to be “spitting blood” after being suspended.

He claims he was “brutally driven out” by colleagues intent on revenge.

In 2015, Mr Duffy transferred to Furness General Hospital, Barrow, where he was voted “Doctor of the Year by patients and colleagues at Morecambe Bay Hospitals NHS Trust.

He was also praised for treating all members of the team equally, “getting stuck in, even mopping the floor between theatre cases.”

But that year, consultant Saleem Nassem, one of the RLI doctors he had complained about, was appointed co-clinical lead for the trust’s urology department.

He claimed that one colleague told him: “You’ve made enemies here. They’ve got the means, the motive and now the opportunity to finally get shot of you.”…

Long story short, the good doctor was forced to resign. He is now practicing elsewhere.

Welcome to Britain, where the police allow native girls to be raped and murdered rather than be accused of racism, where journalists are detained, and then banned from the country, for trying to exercise free speech – and where good doctors are forced to resign in favor of corrupt, and inferior, doctors.

There is nothing “great” about “Great Britain” any more.

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Lewontin’s Fallacy is alive and well

It’s amazing how many people still cite Lewontin’s Fallacy, in support of racial egalitarianism, as if it’s a reasonable argument.

I’ve been arguing with a man on Quora about race, and he wrote:

You’ve never defined “dominant” so all your claims are BS. The reason biologists (like the one I linked to) say that “race” isn’t testable is that you can’t identify who falls into a “race”. And the similarities between people of different alleged “races” biologically end up being greater than among people within a socalled “race”. “Race” is just pseudoscientific bullshit.

But here’s how you can turn Lewontin’s Fallacy on its head to your advantage. I responded:

You wrote: “And the similarities between people of different alleged “races” biologically end up being greater than among people within a socalled “race”.”

That argument is called Lewontin’s Fallacy. You can read about it by looking it up on Wikipedia. You also wrote: “In fact the evidence is that whites are favored and blacks are three times more likely to be poor”

Don’t you know that there is more income disparity WITHIN races than BETWEEN them? Therefore, according to your own reasoning, you should not be able to cite such statistics in any meaningful way.

Yes, you can use Lewontin’s Fallacy to “disprove” income disparities between the races, along with incarceration rates, healthcare issues, graduation rates and employment differences. All of these are more pronounced among people within races than between races. I don’t expect to get a reasonable response from that man on Quora – though I do expect to get banned pretty soon. You can read the entire discussion here, and feel free to join in if you want.

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I found this gem on Quora

I’ve been participating in the online forum Quora recently, trying to guide people to the truth (my opinions :). When I saw the following, I knew I had to share it – as a cautionary tale:

In 2013, my baby sister, 22 years old at the time, was murdered by her “best friend” during an argument. Being friends, my sister felt no need to be afraid for her safety and felt safe in arguing with her “friend.” The other girl, deciding her reputation was being damaged, pulled a knife and stabbed my sister in the neck. The injury killed her within minutes.

In court, the entire ordeal was turned in to a black vs white, state of our country, type case. My sister was white, while her friend was black. The lawyer decided his best defense was to claim that the only reason this wasn’t being viewed as self defense was because the defendant was black. It was nauseating.

Their “friendship” was diminished and my baby sister was painted as a dangerous girl who could have attacked any moment, and so the girl was only protecting herself by taking action. I watched for 5 days as this nonsense went on. On the 5th day, I watched a jury release my sisters killer so they couldn’t be painted as racists.

Watching this lawyer sway the jury and turn this case into a case of race was so dishonorable to my sisters memory. She helped raise her boyfriends black children, dated a black man, had multiple black friends, and it was all torn apart for the sake of a not guilty verdict.

Criminal defense attorneys are the worst.

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“Make America Great Again” Portland walk

My son’s in town visiting. It was his idea to walk around Portland wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. Unfortunately, he only had one, which I grabbed and wore. He did, however, have a nice Trump t-shirt, which he wore.

I doubted anything dramatic would happen, and I was right. We got some nasty looks from a few lefty women, which I relished (I mean the looks, not the women). We got a few thumbs up and kudos from passersby. After a while, we got hungry, and decided to visit a Lebanese restaurant where I’d eaten before. The owner almost fell backward when he saw my son’t t-shirt, and then gave him a robust thumbs up! Yes, the owners are Christian.

I’m going to have a lot of free time the next few weeks, so hopefully, I’ll actually be posting.

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The “Chedder Man” hype

A ten thousand year old Briton, whose remains were discovered over a century ago, has yielded some of his secrets – courtesy of modern DNA analysis. According to The Daily Mail:

The first ancient Britons had black skin, dark curly hair and blue eyes, according to DNA tests.

The ‘extraordinary’ findings were made by cutting-edge genetic tests and facial reconstruction techniques carried out for the first time on the bones of ‘Cheddar Man’ who died 10,000 years ago…

He said in the documentary: ‘If a human with that colour skin wandered around now, we’d call him black, and a lot darker than we’d expect for Europe as well…

He added: ‘It really shows up that these imaginary racial categories that we have are really very modern constructions, or very recent constructions that are really not applicable to the past at all.’

Dr Rick Schulting, an archaeology professor at Oxford University said: ‘It may be that we may have to rethink some of our notions of what it is to be British, what we expect a Briton to look like at this time.’

Perhaps, if we define “race” purely by skin-color, then one could characterize Chedder Man as “black.” But look at him:


Those are clearly Caucasian features, and we wouldn’t look twice if we encountered such a man in India or Egypt. Most Caucasians aren’t white, even today. Admittedly, he’d probably qualify for Affirmative Action – or he’d be told to lay off the tanning beds.

Dr. Booth’s claim that this is somehow a blow to the classical concept of race is absurd. The opposite is true. If Britons of the recent past were so much darker than modern Britons, then this illustrates how quickly populations adapt to their environments. If only 10,000 years is sufficient to alter our skin-color so dramatically, then surely we can expect more profound adaptations over the 40,000 years (or more) since the races have diverged.

That Chedder Man would not be mistaken for a modern Briton is testimony to the importance of race. For Dr. Booth to claim otherwise is an insult to reason. He should give back his degree and hit the books again.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that such adaptations could take place within one or two generations. If this were the case, then I would agree that we shouldn’t worry about racial differences so much. But how many of us are willing to wait 10,000 years for “equality” to finally set in?

On another note, this discovery (should it turn out to be valid) sheds light on a mystery I’ve been struggling with for years.

It involves the spread of Indo-European languages and Afro-Asiatic languages. I’ve always wondered how it could be that languages could spread across racial boundaries, seemingly without much genetic contribution to go with them. If the original Indo-Europeans were akin to modern-day Iranians (for example), then how is it that the blond peoples of Northern Europe show little to no Iranian features? Conversely, if the original Indo-Europeans were blond, how is it that so few people in Southern Asia have those features?

If the ancient Aksumites were as dark as most modern-day Ethiopians, how could they be as Semitic as the fair-skinned peoples of the Levant?

Perhaps these languages spread prior to the development of some of the traits we now associate with various racial groups.


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