I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!

I just saw the news that Trump has won. Honestly, I never believed it was possible. I’d like to thank everyone who worked toward this victory, including Jared Taylor and all the other “Deplorables.”

But this is only the beginning. We’ve got some serious work ahead of us, if we’re to hold Mr. Trump’s feet to the fire, and get him to do the things he said he would do.

Aside from that, we’ve got a Republican congress. Hopefully, this time they’ll be more in tune with the will of The People, taking their cue from President Trump. It’s nice that legalized marijuana made some advances as well; government has more important things to do than prosecute people for smoking marijuana.

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Final thoughts on the election

I’m writing this at a quarter to eight Tuesday evening, and I still believe it’s a foregone conclusion that Hillary’s going to win. If it turns out I’m wrong, I’d be tickled.

Let’s assume the Establishment gets its way and Hillary is victorious. The country, as a whole, should then ask itself some glaring questions:

  1. How is it that almost half of American citizens voted for a candidate who was almost universally vilified by the press, the standing government, the educational system, the vast majority of celebrities and even his own party (at one time)? Does this not indicate that something’s terribly wrong with the status quo?
  2. Consider how lose-lipped Trump is, and how much ammunition he gave his enemies throughout the campaign. Consider how much 99% of the media hate him. Consider the fact that he had no political experience – and that he regularly angered ALL of the powers that be. How is it that Hillary Clinton almost lost to him? Again, does this not imply that something’s terribly wrong with our system?
  3. How long will we hear the phrase “a nation divided” until it finally dawns on people that the United States is not a nation at all, but merely an arbitrary geographical area within which a political elite exercises a monopoly on force. There are, in fact, several nations within these “boundaries.”
  4. Given that we’re not a nation, but a collection of nations, how long will this political elite continue to deny each nation its right to self-determination?

We need more than just the “right man” occupying the White House, or the right men sitting in Congress. What we need is OUR OWN White House and OUR OWN Congress. Our needs are simply incompatible with the whims of the mediagov that now rules over us.

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African exodus from the ICC

Writing for the World Politics Review, Julian Hattem writes:

Africa’s long-simmering tensions with the International Criminal Court appear to be boiling over. After years of allegations that the ICC has focused solely on the African continent, while letting abuses in other parts of the world go unpunished, three countries are now preparing to withdraw from the statute authorizing the court. Burundi began the process to leave the court last month, followed in quick succession by South Africa and, last week, Gambia…

To date, all but one of the 10 investigations opened by the court have involved cases in Africa. Every single one of the 39 people indicted by the ICC is African.

The article goes on to explain that there are good reasons for these results:

Defenders of the court have noted that it is only able to investigate cases based on referrals from the United Nations Security Council or within countries that are a party to it. Many of the cases in Africa were opened because leaders there explicitly asked for its intervention…

The ICC has opened preliminary investigations in multiple countries outside of Africa, including Venezuela and South Korea, though it has not handed down charges in those cases. Possible investigations into Syria, North Korea or other countries where human rights violations appear obvious have been impossible because the countries aren’t party to the ICC and have powerful allies with veto powers on the Security Council, namely Russia and China.

Reading this report, one can’t help but be reminded of the racial gap in school discipline in the US – and how Obama has tried to address it. Black students are far more likely to face discipline than are white/Asian students. Since, according to The Narrative, all such disparities must be due to racism by whites, government bean-counters now scrutinize school discipline statistics by race. Teachers, being aware of this, will act accordingly – and, presumably, will discipline white/Asian students more readily than black students.

The result? White students learn that they must be very careful to behave themselves. Meanwhile, black students learn that they can get away with much more*.

And then what happens? Black students become even more unruly, while white/Asian students become even more well-behaved. People notice this, and the result is… (I’ll let you guess).

School discipline and the ICC in Africa. They look very similar to me.


* A couple of days ago, while waiting for a train, I saw a black “yoof” smoking in an area that was clearly marked as a non-smoking area. He was spewing obscenities as he listened to his rap, and spitting. I couldn’t help but think, “if this were a white person, people would have said something to him by now. But as it stands, folks fear wild animals.”


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The Nine Genders of PSU

Our local leftist rag, The Willamette Weekly (which I call “The Moth” because its stylized initials on the cover resemble the Hebrew word for “moth”) has reported that Portland State University now recognizes nine genders, and nine sexual orientations:

The expanded options grow out of 2015 legislation that asked all Oregon public universities  to allow students to disclose their sexual orientations so schools could better serve students. But the effort grew to include additional genders…

Here are the choices PSU students now have when disclosing their gender:





Questioning or unsure

Trans man

Trans woman




Funny how “Woman” ended up at the bottom; I guess alphabetical order is sexist. Also, I’m a bit surprised they didn’t include “Trans fat” in the list.

The article continues:

Here are the choices PSU students now have when disclosing their sexual orientation:








Questioning or unsure



I asked a gay friend of mine what “Same-gender-loving” means, and how it’s different from “Gay.” He was as confused about it as I was, but I’ve done a little reading, and apparently “Same-gender-loving” is a specifically black version of “Gay.” Only it’s not that simple. To the question, “What, exactly, is the difference?” it’s hard to get a straight answer (pardon the pun).

I’m also confused about the distinction between “Gay” and “Lesbian.” Aren’t lesbians gay women? It’s all so confusing!

Personally, I think there are as many shades of sexuality, and identity, as there are people. To try to label them all, and define them, is an exercise in futility. At this rate, we’ll have entire books (textbooks, no doubt) explaining the various distinctions and nuances.

Even the above list is far from exhaustive. What about zoophiles, necrophiles, and people who like to have sex with cars or furniture? We need to be inclusive, don’t we?

How does knowing students’ sexual orientation make it easier for schools to serve them? I would imagine most of them are there to earn a degree. Unless the degree is in sexuality, I don’t see how the student’s sexual orientation is relevant.

There should be an additional option for both of the above lists:

None of your business!

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Desperate for victimhood

People are so desperate to consider themselves victims that one man’s letter to the editor, criticizing mature women for wearing yoga pants, motivated hundreds of women to participate in a rally for their right to wear yoga pants. Check out this video. Hard to believe, but this is proof that today’s victim insanity extends far beyond the pale of “social justice warriors.”

On another note, I voted today. It was a mail-in ballot, and I was OUTRAGED that the return envelope required postage. Don’t they know that minorities might not be able to afford postage stamps? This is blatant racism. Due to the legacy of slavery and oppression, African Americans are being denied their right to vote!! It’s 2016, and it’s like we haven’t even progressed in the last 150 years. People of color should have their ballots delivered to them on a silver platter, already filled out (lest they get confused and accidentally vote for Trump). Get their signatures, or thumb-prints, and it’s a done deal! (satire off).



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A quick thought on Clinton

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything political, but I am a pretty good judge of human nature. Regarding this upcoming election, two dangerous human traits are set to converge: Weak-mindedness and the impulse to compensate.

Over half the population is at, or below, average intelligence. A large portion of those who are of higher intelligence are faithful to the religion of Leftism. While they may question some of the claims put forth by the controlled media, they won’t question its underlying premises, or the corresponding subliminal messages it so aggressively subjects us to. Also, Trump is right that there will be massive voter fraud.

That’s why I’m fairly certain that Hillary Clinton will be elected. She represents the Establishment, and so does the controlled media and a large majority of both major political parties.

One of the things that scares me about her is that, being aware of the perception that women are weak, she’ll compensate for this – to the point of starting WWIII.

Here’s a video by Black Pigeon Speaks:

So we can expect the Federal government to continue to infringe on our right to bear arms, while at the same time increasingly using arms to start wars across the globe. There are a lot of evil things her presidency will bring. We’re in for rough times.

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The Butterfly Effect and race

Here’s an interesting video that explains the Butterfly Effect:

In essence, even the tiniest differences will cause large outcome disparities in complex systems. The weather is a prime example; each minute initial condition impacts others, feeds back upon itself – and can end up making the difference between a violent storm and a beautiful, sunny, day.

So it is with large human societies. There are so many variables at work that it’s impossible to point to one, with certainty, and say: This society is poor because of the “legacy of slavery.”

What factors come into play to determine what kind of society a large group of humans will produce?

Local/ethnic history, climate, religion, overall health and diseases, the local flora and fauna, geographical location such as proximity to the coast and the availability of water, terrain, gender ratios – and the genetic legacy of that population. All of these, and probably much more, shape the complex and dynamic entity we know as a “human society.”

Regarding the last item on the above list, “genetic legacy,” it’s what many of us refer to as “race.” It includes external characteristics such as average height, hair texture and color, eye-shape, skin color and ear size. But it also includes the propensity for various health conditions and resistance to others. It includes skeletal structure and bone density, hormone levels, differences in sexual dimorphism and longevity. It also includes differences in overall temperament and IQ. Racial distinctions do not necessarily apply to individuals; they’re a conglomerate of averages across regional populations – and, like so many other things in nature, they don’t need exact boundaries in order to exist. Visit a sandy beach; can you pinpoint the borderline between ocean and land?

The Butterfly Effect is about tiny differences – and no serious scientist would argue that, genetically speaking, human IQ is EXACTLY the same all ever the world. Instead, they argue that other factors explain the bulk of the IQ disparities we now observe. From Scientific American:

So far, the evidence suggests that infectious disease is a primary cause of the global variation in human intelligence. Since this is a developmental cause, rather than a genetic one, it’s good news for anyone who is interested in reducing global inequality associated with IQ. If the primary factors were genetic, as some have suggested, IQ would be very difficult to change.

Will a minuscule difference in average IQ cause tangible differences between human societies? The Butterfly Effect says: Yes!

But, as stated, average IQ is not the only biological difference between races. Hormone levels, or the frequency of psychopathy also vary, and it should be obvious that this will bring about societal differences. Any difference, no matter how small it is, when multiplied millions of times, will have consequences.

Of course there’s a flip side to this. Although many of us like to ridicule the concept of “The Legacy of Slavery,” the Butterfly Effect says differently. Even after 150 years, such a legacy will have an effect upon a large population.

But a large human society, such as American blacks (for example) is so complex that nobody can point to any one factor (such as the Legacy of Slavery, for example) and reasonably claim that it’s the cause of poverty or high crime rates. This would be akin to a weatherman claiming he knows the root cause of a hurricane.

I started with a video from DNews. Interestingly enough, the same fellow, in a different video, claims that race is only a “social construct.” In that video, we can clearly see how otherwise intelligent people lose their objectivity when it comes to race. He calls race “genetic adaptations,” but he also claims that they’re not real. It’s weird to see a scientist make the claim that genetic adaptations aren’t real. Then what are they? Figments of our imagination?

Am I misunderstanding the Butterfly Effect? Let me know in comments.

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