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Sons of Liberty join us for Back the Blue

Yesterday was a chilly, overcast and rainy day, so I didn’t expect much of a turnout at our Back the Blue rally. It soon became apparent that I was wrong; I would estimate that there were around 100 people there. … Continue reading

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What Shall we do in the Future?

Lately, I’ve been contemplating the future, what it holds for us and how we should adapt. Since I’ve got a pessimistic streak, let us assume that Joe Biden wins the presidential election, and that Portland’s mayoral election is won by … Continue reading

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Back to normal after the smoke

Thankfully, the smoke has finally cleared from our skies; it’s so nice to be able to breath again. Oxygen is important for bloggers. We need it in our brains to write effectively. Now that things are back to “normal,” I … Continue reading

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Weaponized Covid

I hope you’re not getting bored with my accounts of Back The Blue rallies; they’re fun, interesting and allow me to meet new people… … like the hysterical woman who almost ran us over, and then coughed in my direction … Continue reading

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The latest from Portland

A couple of days ago, I participated in another Back the Blue rally downtown. Greeting us were two or three psychotic people across the street. They cursed at us, threatened us and carried on with bizarre shenanigans. One man kept … Continue reading

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