Long-time readers of this blog are probably already aware that I do not hold so-called Jewish mysticism, AKA the “Kabbalah” in high regard. While living in Israel, I spent a lot of time and effort researching the origins of this malignant tumor upon Judaism. The more I researched, the more clear it became that most of the Kabbalah is based on forgeries, baseless fanciful thinking and thinly veiled ideas borrowed from the gnostics, Christians and various ancient pagan religions. I’m not saying that everything in authentic Judaism is true, only that the Kabbalah was a later, and foreign, graft.

The Kabbalah teaches, and stresses, such concepts as “we are all one”, “god is in everything” and “nothing is truly mundane”. One of the pivotal beliefs of the Kabbalah is that humans can affect the higher spiritual realms through our actions, and even through the words we speak – such as in prayer. According to the Kabbalah, a prayer is not simply a creature speaking to his creator. Rather, it is a creature acting as an engineer and manipulating the various relationships between the various lofty spheres (called “sephiroth”).

The belief in an ability to bring about change in remote entities, through seemingly minor actions (before the invention of remote control, mind you), is not unusual in primitive religions. In fact, the first such religion that pops into the minds of many people is Voodoo.

Some of you may be surprised to learn that there are Jews who practice Voodoo. But this does appear to be the case. According to Free Republic:

Voodoo Dialogue

by Jonathan Mark, Associate Editor

[…]There is Jewish-Christian dialogue; Jewish-Muslim dialogue; Jewish-Hindu dialogue; Jewish-Buddhist dialogue; rabbis have met with the pope, the Dalai Lama and imams, but Voodoo dialogue is the ecumenical stepchild. An informal round of phone calls to rabbis turned up nothing. Voodoo gets a laugh; to most Jews it’s a punchline.

Even Clal-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, an organization that, decades ago, was one of the pioneers in serious interfaith understanding, has yet to meet its first houngan, mambo or manbo (Voodoo priests).

And yet, out on the street, there is more of a Jewish-Voodoo intersection than one might think.

Up in the Bronx, on Webster Avenue, Jason Mizrahi, son of a Turkish Jew, sells around 100 Voodoo dolls each week at his Original Products Corp. The emporium, founded by his father in the 1950s, sells potions, amulets, herbs, oils and varied accessories for the occult, on the site of an old A&P supermarket.

“We sell books on kabbalah,” says Mizrahi. “In Spanish.”

We telephoned Martha Ward, professor of anthropology at the University of New Orleans. Are there Jews involved with Voodoo in America’s capital of Voodoo?

She laughs out loud. “The largest [Voodoo] congregation here in New Orleans, La Source Ancienne, is headed by a nice Jewish girl from Maine, Sallie Ann Glassman.”

Glassman, who also operates a New Orleans spiritual emporium, fittingly on Piety Street, didn’t return our calls, but her Web site says she was ordained as a manbo in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1995.

“She got into this out of the kabbalah,” says Ward. “Mysticism crosses all artificial boundaries. The Spirits choose whom they will, it is said, picking out people with special abilities and qualities and the Spirits contact them.”

But of course! It should be no surprise that the same people who are attracted to the hocus pocus of the Kabbalah would also be attracted to the hocus pocus of Voodoo.

Why do Jewish leftists so fear and loath “racism” – even when the “racist” is harming nobody? Perhaps because generations of their ancestors were conditioned to believe that mere words, spoken among friends, can harm others. They do not accept the old adage that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me.” If the words of prayer can affect the heavenly spheres (“sephiroth”) then the words of racists (even amongst themselves – such as at an American Renaissance conference) can also affect non-whites, even if they’re thousands of miles away and know nothing of these conversations.

But believers in the Kabbalah/Voodoo/Leftism don’t stop there. They attribute supernatural powers even to thought. Hence their embrace of the concept of “thought crime”.

It never occurred to me, years ago when I rejected the Kabbalah, that this same type of critical thinking would some day lead me to reject Leftism. If I am correct, in linking the spread of the Kabbalah to the ultimate spread of Leftism, then the former can be viewed as one of the greatest sources of evil the world has ever known. It first poisoned the minds of Jews, then those same Jews helped spread the disease to the entire Western world.

It’s ironic that the most conservative Jews, traditional religious ones, are now the most fervent believers in the Kabbalah. They cling to it because they consider it an integral part of Judaism – and Judaism defines their identity. Yet the remnant of authentic Judaism, which they still keep to some extent, protects their minds from the poisonous brew of the Kabbalah. At least to a certain degree.

But once the Jew discards his mantle of Judaism, his immunity vanishes and he has no defense against Kabbalistic thinking. The Kabbalistic demon, freed from its restraints, is now at liberty to assert itself over the minds of its Jewish hosts and, by extension, the minds of the entire Occident. I’m not saying that the Kabbalah was the only source of Voodoo-like thinking, only that it laid the groundwork for Jewish Leftism.

It’s not difficult to reveal the true origins of Kabbalistic works such as the Zohar. They are blatant forgeries. What is difficult is to wean people of the defective thought processes that came along with it.