More murky reasoning from the Portland Mercury

I recently posted about the Portland government’s efforts to find discrimination against blacks and Hispanics.  Now housing commissioner Nick Fish has released the names of some of the “suspects”.  It should be no surprise that the MSM is not bothered by the fact that such witch-hunts inevitably lead to anti-white discrimination.  For the benefit of those less informed, I’ll explain it:  If you are unkind to a white person, you won’t get his business.  If you are unkind to a “person of color”, you might get busted for “discrimination” and have your life ruined.  These are the two types of citizens in today’s America, white and “people of color” and you’d better treat the latter with great deference.  It does not take a university degree to figure out that this policy will lead to worse treatment toward whites overall.

In a recent issue, The Portland Mercury berated the hopelessly anti-white media, including itself,  for taking too long to report the details of this investigation:

The paper patted itself on the back by noting Fish’s letter “came four days after an article in the Oregonian detailed how the city had no concrete plans to enforce the law against the landlords and hadn’t even notified them they’d been tested.” A column by Anna Griffin complained that Fish had “screwed up” by also asking a committee, already exploring housing discrimination in Portland as part of the renewal process for federal housing grants, to review the findings.

Advocates and other housing insiders, interestingly, all noticed what the paper didn’t mention in its cries for action: That it had been asleep at the wheel—along with every other news outlet in town, including the Mercury. The Oregonian‘s first story on the audit didn’t hit print until nearly three weeks after Fish’s office announced the results, way back on April 20.

It seems that being anti-white is not good enough; the newspapers must be quicker and more vicious in their condemnation of whites.  Perhaps daily calls for internment camps and mass shootings of whites would make the Mercury happy.

I found it interesting that, according to the Mercury, a majority of housing discrimination cases do not even relate to race at all:

Of all the statewide complaints, more than half (164) involve someone with a disability. That’s almost twice the combined total of cases involving race (48) and ethnicity (37).

This being the case, why is all the focus on racial discrimination?  A search of the Oregonian’s website yields practically no stories about housing discrimination based on disability; all of the stories revolve around blacks and Hispanics.  The Mercury also seems to lack any stories about disability discrimination in housing.  The answer, of course, is that race overrides all other priorities among leftists.  More specifically, the promotion of blacks.  The editors of the Mercury, being typical leftists, reveal this priority both explicitly and subliminally.  Here is a screenshot of the page I quoted above:

It is no coincidence that all the “real guys” are black and that the woman is white.  In the mind of liberals, blacks are still slaves and white women are still the daughters of slave owners.  They believe that by showing them together, thus encouraging the mating of the two, they are courageous revolutionaries who seek to overthrow an oppressive status-quo.

But we come full circle here, for the ultimate goal in the establishment, and enforcement of, housing discrimination laws is to ensure that white women will breed with black men.  This is why so little attention is paid to disability discrimination.  If able-bodied whites mate with disabled whites, the offspring are still white – and nothing is accomplished.  We can now also understand why the MSM is not bothered by the ramifications of the caste system they promote; they actively seek second-class status for whites.  Since, according to the Left, whites are racist and evil, and have been so since time immemorial, it believes there is only one solution – The Final Solution.

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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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6 Responses to More murky reasoning from the Portland Mercury

  1. seedofjapheth says:

    I went to the main page of the Portland Mercury website and I saw another article they wrote having to do with racial diversity.

    The author is complaining about the Portland Police winning a diversity award. Basically the Police won a diversity award from the city for recently making some efforts to hire latinos but the author is complaining that there is still too many white guys on the police so they didn’t deserve a diversity award.

    Why are white liberals so obsessed with race? The left used t o be concerned with social class but now issues of race trump all else, at least among the leftists in America.

    • (un)concerned says:

      “Why are white liberals so obsessed with race?”

      You got me, pal. They seem to be evasive when it comes to revealing their motivations, and I can’t see any logic to it.

      At one point, I entertained the idea that some subgroup of whites (for example, maybe Jews and their gentile remoras) aimed to eliminate other whites by encouraging the competition’s children to interbreed with blacks. After a long period of miscegenation, I reasoned, this nasty elite would be free to rule a population of uneducated brown stoop labor.

      But that idea doesn’t hold water. There’s too much contradictory evidence. For instance, if Jews have a master plan, self-preservation doesn’t appear to be a part of it. Even the really evil ones like Paul Krugman and David Gelbaum are married to gentile women.

      One fascinating phenomenon I’ve noticed is that liberals don’t actually talk about race OR racism in any substantive way – not even among each other. You’ll hear them use murky abstractions such as racism (never really defined) and white privilege, but they never voice their own personal feelings or elaborate on what they consider to be racist beliefs.

      • seedofjapheth says:

        LIberals tend to gravitate towards things mentioned in the “stuff white people like” blog. Explaining that blog would take awhile so I won’t explain the nature of the blog. But what I am getting at is the following.

        White liberals seems to be motivated ultimately by a desire to demonstrate their superiority over other white people. And so liberals seem to adopt all this concern for minorities so they can feel a sense of superiority to other whites.

        And this sense of superiority is felt during the following occasions: when white people complain about there not being jobs, when white people complain about being discriminated against in jobs or school, or when white people complain about people saying racist things about them.

  2. says:

    To successfully compete for federal dollars, municipalities must prove themselves to be tolerant.

    Or, more accurately, the federal government rewards cities for anti-White discrimination.

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