American Renaissance conference cancelled

We have just received official word that the American Renaissance conference has been cancelled due to lack of venue.  I hold out hope that some of us can meet in Charlotte informally since we already have tickets.  Perhaps we can meet to picket the City Council building and protest.  This would be our “conference”.  Either way, I am disappointed on several levels and, of course, angered at the same time.  Jared Taylor is a trusting and honest man who lives in a cruel and devious world.  This is the ongoing tragedy of the human experience.

Surely American Renaissance will think outside the box next time.  I do wonder, however, how many of those who have now been burned twice will give them a third chance and sign up in the future.

Time is short – so please, all those who plan on being in Charlotte anyway, let me know.  If we can get a few of us there together, perhaps Mr. Taylor and some of the other speakers will grace us with their presence and we can make our modest get together happen.  Then we can do other group activities, such as visiting historic sites of the War between the States.

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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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18 Responses to American Renaissance conference cancelled

  1. croc-tears says:

    You should still issue a press release to all of the shill media outlets. Let the locals know that this was the end of one battle, not the war.

  2. Annoyed says:

    Why not hold it in a more politically friendly area?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Apparently, they thought Charlotte was such an area. In hindsight this proved to be naive. Now that everybody already has their tickets and the would-be conference is only two days away, the location cannot easily be changed.

      • Annoyed says:

        heh, to be blunt a town with a black mayor and 40%? nonwhite will never be friendly to us.

        It will either need to be held on private property or in town with a strong conservative or libertarian slant.

        Even if the “conservatives” say they don’t like us, they will still likely not cooperate with “anti-racists” on general principle of noninterference in others affairs.

      • Chris says:

        Quote: “In hindsight this proved to be naive.”

        Are you kidding me? Mid-market cities like Charlotte are brilliant choices because you get so much local media coverage in the lead up to the would be conference as well as the efforts to tear it down–newspapers (print and online) and local TV news. Thousands of people who never even heard of AmRen before are now supporters. Last year, in big-media-market Wash DC, during the multiple hotel cancellations, AmRen got zero coverage from the local media. AmRen should stick with the mid-markets–it’s win/win, you either get the conference or have broadcast AmRen’s case to thousands of new people.

  3. Kan-Wil-Sal says:

    Hallo from South-Africa, Is there no small towns within reasonable distance to this city where AmRen could still have a proper conference?

  4. Fanny says:

    When they get rid of the David Duke type speakers then I’ll care about them being oppressed or whatever.

    • Kan-Wil-Sal says:

      Fanny, There is no David Duke type speakers. But I think a lot of the anti-Semitism is fueled by people forever seeing Jewish people in the frontline of the opposition, there comes a time when it is hard to blame them. I think a Jewish only race realist organization should be the first step like I said earlier a Jewish-CofCC and then AmRen as the mother ship. If you are going to hold your attitude you will miss the real enemy and beter/open Jewish participation would refute the anti-Semitic claims and soften the rest to equal partnership. Would a Muslim Europe be good for Israel? – No! Would a non-white America be good for Jews? – No. Then it is time to fight the good fight. There will always be a few nutcases, but it is possible to build an inclusive (in the good sense of the word) White nationalist movement. I think Jewish people might be pleasantly surprised at the amount of goodwill that will follow a such a partnership, it takes two sides to build a bridge and with Jews it is possible, whereas with non-white groups it will always be only one side building and once your done you will probably have to pack your bags and run for your life.

  5. Kan-Wil-Sal says:

    Then it is time to completely revamp the idea and do the conference from private property and not wait a year. I think AmRen must declare it postponed for 2 months (max) quickly pick a date and find a private estate and guesthouse in rural settings. Richard Spencer got the TV live streaming organized and Jarred must get Paul Gottfried more involved and also organize a Jewish equivalent of the CofCC and make it a 3 sister organization with CofCC, JCofCC and AmRen from there you can only get stronger.

  6. Gerald Martin says:

    I was driving from Dallas and need two days travel time. I’d prefer a cheaper hotel, like Super8 or Days Inn, but I’ll go more expensive if we can all stay at same place.

    • Gerald Martin says:

      Re: press release. Once we’re in Charlotte I propose we email the reporters whose email by-lines are on the stories about the conference in the Charlotte Observer. Invite them to come have a look at the evil racists. At Starbucks! Not as the main event of our conference, which is for and amongst ourselves only, but ancillary to it.

  7. Charles says:

    Frankly I am surprised anyone is surprised that a hotel was again pressured out of hosting the conference. AR needs to stop meeting at hotels and to find alternative venues that cannot be canceled. Or at least have a back up plan if a hotel falls through.

    I for one was expecting this, I don’t know why anyone else wasn’t. I’m sorry but AR has to accept responsibility this time they should have expected this as well, after their last canceled conference.

    Many of us urged AR to find an alternative venue but they seem to think unless they are a meeting at a hotel they can’t have a conference. I disagree, I’d rather meet in an open field and wear a hat and sun glasses than not have a conference at all.

    Some people were going to travel from overseas to attend, many people spent a great deal of time and money already just on preparations. I don’t think anyone could be blamed for not wanting to get burned a third time.

  8. portland1realist says:

    I am new to this movement and totally new to the idea of holding a convention. My feeling is that Charles makes a great point.

    Also, I am really pissed off. More than usual. We should all be enraged. Do not push the anger down in the interest of rationality. Cultivate it, let it drive you. This is what the blacks have used (under the motivation of white cultural Marxists and the like.) Anger has motivated a great success to a feeble minded people. I am not encouraging violence, just seething, lasting, longing, calculating, vindictive rage against the machine. The real machine we know is trying to destroy us, our children and our way of life. It is not hopeless, not as long as we have the courage and confidence to be outraged.

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