We have just received official word that the American Renaissance conference has been cancelled due to lack of venue.  I hold out hope that some of us can meet in Charlotte informally since we already have tickets.  Perhaps we can meet to picket the City Council building and protest.  This would be our “conference”.  Either way, I am disappointed on several levels and, of course, angered at the same time.  Jared Taylor is a trusting and honest man who lives in a cruel and devious world.  This is the ongoing tragedy of the human experience.

Surely American Renaissance will think outside the box next time.  I do wonder, however, how many of those who have now been burned twice will give them a third chance and sign up in the future.

Time is short – so please, all those who plan on being in Charlotte anyway, let me know.  If we can get a few of us there together, perhaps Mr. Taylor and some of the other speakers will grace us with their presence and we can make our modest get together happen.  Then we can do other group activities, such as visiting historic sites of the War between the States.