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Washington County pushing more Diversity

Residents of Washington County, Oregon have received emails including a draft resolution from the county, and a survey. Here is the first part of the resolution: Whereas, the government of Washington County is of and for all the people of … Continue reading

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Interesting Quora discussion

Here’s an interesting conversation I participated in on Quora. I hope y’all enjoy it: Scott Wallace  “There is nothing American about immigration”. Are you frikkin kidding. If there was no immigration there would be no white people here. Zip. Nada. … Continue reading

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I need your help!

No, I’m not asking for money. What I’m asking for is time-donation. Aside from writing this blog, I’m also active on (username Reuben Hayat). I’ll be active there until (inevitably) I’m banned for good. At that point, maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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The use of force

I love it when fellow Jews visit this blog, and show their support for the beleaguered white race. On that note, I suppose this is a good time to share a video (sent to me by my friend Diversity Chronicle) … Continue reading

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Ratcheting up sensitivity

Over the past couple of centuries, Christianity has come to terms with its lower status. It has adapted, and become more tolerant of alternative views. Few Christians today condone the burning of heretics at the stake, or forced conversions. Most … Continue reading

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Hand in hand with progressives

It wasn’t long ago that we learned of Amazon‘s decision to remove all of Jared Taylor’s books from their platform. It was at that point that I decided to boycott Amazon to the best of my ability. It turns out … Continue reading

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The Northwest Forum in Seattle

I had the privilege of attending the 14th Northwest Forum in Seattle yesterday. It was the first white-advocacy conference I’ve been able to attend without flying across the country. The conference was well-attended, with a good generational mix and a … Continue reading

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