I was with a friend in downtown Portland today when we noticed a large group of teenaged girls marching through the street with signs about slavery. We caught up with them at a park a few minutes later and I asked about the nature of their protest.

I spoke to one of the directors of the march, a young lady named Avital. She told me that sex slavery, especially of underage girls, is a huge problem in Portland. I wondered if she was familiar with the scandal in northern England, where authorities allowed native girls to be exploited, raped and murdered for years because they feared being called “racist.” She said she was familiar with it.

Then I asked her why all the protesters were white, with a smattering of Asians, and included not a single black girl. I had previously been informed that they were from St. Mary’s Catholic school for girls. According to their website, they are about 5% black and 5% Hispanic. What I was getting at was that, if this protest was against slavery, one would expect some participation from their black students. Apparently, this is not the right kind of slavery for black students to be overly concerned with; most of the victims are white.

Avital’s reply was disturbing:

Unfortunately, Portland is about 70% white so we just don’t have the diversity.

I told her that I don’t see that as a problem. I said that I’m glad to live in a white city. I pointed out that my Chinese friend (who was with me) doesn’t consider it a problem that his city, back in China, is almost exclusively Chinese, and that the blacks of Detroit don’t consider the fact that Detroit is almost completely black to be a problem.

At this point she turned pale and her jaw dropped. I doubt she’d ever heard any sort of pro-white sentiment before today. She then excused herself from my presence.

I think it would be a good idea to seek out groups of high school students and give them pro-white flyers that tell them there is nothing wrong with being white, that it is not a deficiency if a city is majority white, and that they have every reason to be proud of their heritage.

I went ahead and customized some t-shirts online. Yesterday I wore one around downtown Portland and the PSU campus. This sort of thing will get a lot more people thinking than some post on an obscure blog. Thanks to Countenance for coming up with the slogan “Question Diversity.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the entrance to the university

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the university office of colored people and perverts*

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ultimate goal of “diversity” on campus

Only one person confronted me about the t-shirt; most people are cowards. This particular individual implied that, since the U.S. was founded upon land stolen from Native Americans, we should let the Native Americans from the south flood over our borders. I pointed out to him that not all Native Americans are the same. That Central Americans are not indigenous to this land.

It’s also worth pointing out, if we take the European versus Native American narrative at face-value, that just as genocide was wrong then, so too is it wrong today.

About a week ago, a Christian group was protesting in Portland. They handed out flyers that stated:

RAPE AND ABORTION ARE WRONG FOR THE SAME REASON. They are both violent acts of aggression against other people’s bodies. Human beings who are conceived in rape should not be punished for their father’s crime…

Without getting into the abortion argument, I think most of us can agree that if we were to identify a specific individual adult as having been conceived through rape, that we shouldn’t go ahead and kill him.

Yet this is essentially the argument I encountered on campus yesterday. The man was saying that the United States, as a society, deserves to be murdered because it was conceived in rape generations ago. I think that even most Native Americans would agree that they’d rather live in our modern Western society than in the stone-age, as their ancestors did. I would venture to say that most Native Americans would not want the United States to be destroyed – and replaced by something like a cross between Brazil and Mexico, neither of whom have good track-records regarding their own treatment of their indigenous populations.

*Note that I have nothing against perverts; I’m one myself.

I’ve finally had a chance to settle in from my recent trip. Here are some photos from the conference. Better late than never!


John Derbyshire delivers his talk about Chinese culture versus Western culture.

I wish they’d get rid of that cardboard placard, and replace it with something more substantial and permanent-looking.







While waiting for my plane at Nashville airport, I happened to see one of the Amren speakers, John Morgan, wandering about. When I greeted him, he said he was confused as to which gate his departure flight was going to use. Glancing at his boarding pass, I informed him that we were on the same flight and that he was in the right place.

Our plane was a fairly large one, holding at least a couple hundred people, and it was full to capacity. But it so happened that my assigned seat was 12A, while John’s seat was 12B. What are the odds?

When I told him about my wireless network trick, he told me that he had noticed my network a while back – as he got online several hundred feet away. He figured, based on that, that one of us was lurking among the crowds. You might say that we had extended the conference for the duration of that flight.

We just concluded the 2014 American Renaissance conference and, in my opinion, it was a smashing success. It was a success for me because I had a lot of fun, met a lot of wonderful people, made new friends learned new things and got to spend quality time with people I respect. The accommodations were excellent, the hotel room being clean, having a great view of the lake and included all the amenities I required. The staff, as always, was friendly, helpful and smiling. The speakers were skilled, entertaining and knowledgeable.

Since I’m sitting at the airport right now (with my wireless access point “say NO to white guilt,” visible to hundreds of people), I won’t go into the details of each speech. I’d have to rummage through my luggage to find my notes. But everything went as smoothly as could be. There were about ten protesters yesterday. After I get home and upload the photos/video, you can count them for yourself. They arrived, stood behind the security forces, and did their thing for a couple of hours – then took off either to drive home or take part in their other protest, which was against another group. It didn’t look like the press ever showed up, so the only functions they served were to give the park rangers some overtime and to provide us some mild entertainment. I heard, and captured on video, one protester stating that the lunatic who recently murdered three people in Kansas is affiliated with American Renaissance (!!) This shows how  delusional these people are. They accused us of being hate-filled Nazis – and yet I never heard even a single hateful word the entire conference. There was obviously a lot more hatred among the protesters than among us.

I did meet one park ranger who clearly expressed solidarity with our cause. Since he couldn’t be sure who we (I was with one other attendee) were, he was risking his job in telling us so. Yet, he felt it was important to lend his moral support to our cause. He said that the protesters’ wish to “keep it real” might come back to slap them in the face one day.

After the conclusion of the conference, a bunch of us got together and had a nice Southern lunch at a small restaurant in nearby Dickson. Good food and good company! Then a young lady I’d met the previous day drove me back to Nashville airport.

Stay tuned for more, but it might be a few days of a couple of weeks; my vacation is not yet over.

I’ve just wrapped up my first evening of the conference. From the moment I entered the door, a couple of hours before the official commencement at 5:00, warm greetings and familiar faces abounded.

Circulating through the growing crowd, it quickly became apparent to me that this is going to be a successful and uplifting conference. Quite a few people I chatted with were attending an Amren conference for their very first time. There are a lot of young people here, and the attendees are from all over the world. I met a man from Switzerland, another from Sweden and another from Australia. I met a lovely family from Mississippi and one man from Washington state, not far from where I live (in the scheme of things).

Jared Taylor delivered a commencement speech, in which he reminded us of the rules, introduced some of the speakers and outlined our schedule. A representative of CoCC spoke briefly. His name escapes me at the moment. Taylor told us of two would-be speakers who didn’t make it. Both were from Europe. One was so humiliated by his mistreatment at the border that he chose to forego his visit to the United States. The other was outright denied entry into the U.S. by the Department of State. How’s that for the “Land of the Free?” Our government will not allow politically incorrect speakers into the country to exercise their freedom of speech. Is it even possible to hold the Department of State accountable? Is it possible to sue them? If so, who has the means to do so?

I met Ramzpaul, of YouTube fame and, finally, John Derbyshire. Both appeared well and robust. Ramzpaul is taller than I expected. I took a nice stroll with Philip Craik, who is scheduled to speak about Orania tomorrow. I was impressed with him and I very much look forward to his talk.

There are security guards/ park rangers everywhere. I asked if I could have my photo taken with some of them (I like their hats) and was gruffly told “no.” They were probably told to refrain from fraternizing with us, or perhaps they’re bitter over overtime they’re required to work because of us.


If you own a mobile phone with a data plan, chances are you can turn it into a wireless router. This video shows you how:

I could figure it out. If I can do it, so can you!

Once you’ve created your mobile wireless network,  you can tap on “Configure Wi-Fi hotspot” and change its default name to whatever you want.

I named my wireless network “say NO to white guilt.” Next time I’m in a public place, lots of people will see this message. I’ll be sure to have it on as I wait for my flights to and from the upcoming American Renaissance conference. I’m sure a lot of people will use the “Mantra” for their network name: “Anti racism is code for anti white.” I don’t think hyphens, or other special characters are allowed.

So far, there are no laws limiting what we may, or may not, name our wireless networks. This is an easy way to get the message out.

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